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  1. Thanks Guys ! There is a MP group respawn in the mission i made ( this is for enjoy the gameplay for the entire group player, il any playable AI slot is free. ), but no revive. I am going to see for helping to translate briefing. ---------- Post added at 12:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:46 PM ---------- I would appreciate some more informations about the ammunition, used in the Panzer or AT Pak 40. What are the caracteristic of each one, and what for use them ( what are the Frag and/or AP ) : - Tigre 88 Kwk 88mm Pzgr. 88mm Gr. 39 HI 88 mm Sprgr L/4.5 - Panther 75 KwK 75 mm Sprgr. 42 (just one, i suppose this is AT or armor piercing ) - Pak 40 75 mm 75 mm Gr. 38 HI/C 75 mm Gr. 38 HI/B ( difference between B or C. What's mean HI, High Explosive ? ) 75 mm Pzgr.39 Generally, the Panzergrenate ammunition is use for Armor Piercing. But i'm just a bit lost with game abreviation. Thanks for information, and sorry if already explain, but i haven't found anything with research fonction.
  2. Don't think possible, due to my poor english writing. I need for a translator to do for that ;-) Any I44 mission from the CIA Team to share ? I've used some of your background image web site for my loading screen mission, thy are fine ;-)
  3. Hi all Thanks a lot for this amazing mod. This is another game, another gameplay, the German Panzer are absolutely so pretty... We really enjoy it, so you can find three MP mission here, at home : http://www.force27.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1616 Just for honoring this great mod. Thanks for the authors Sorry, briefing and game message are in French
  4. Hi all Thanks for this great mod, il't really an amazing Mp gameplay. You have made a marvellous work on it. Meanwhile, i cannot find the classlist.txt in the documentation. Where can i find it ? is the class list contains the cfg groups ? edit : ok find this in a few back page, before the official class list Thanks
  5. hi, I ve done the requirements in the intro.sqf, but i have a black screen in the editor preview. i can hear the sound, vehicle engine on, music, but always a black screen. Any idea ?
  6. zeufman

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    just genius !!! thx for the release
  7. Here you can find some coop with ACE ( sorry they are in french ) www.force27.com Amazing map, just waiting the release ( with grid map fixed ) thanks to the author
  8. found by editing the sqm mission file, and deleting the wrong add-on entry, so i ve could editing the mission in the 2d editor, and modifying it for single player and ACE2. I made this for all your Isla Duala mission, and i enjoy to play them.
  9. hello I can not load this mission, i have on error "content that has been deleted. acex_men_usarmy" Meanwhile, i have ACE2 installed. i ve tried this http://dev-heaven.net/issues/9279 but have not fixed the problem This is Same for all your Isla Duala mission,and i'd would like please to play them. Have you got an issue please ?