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  1. zeufman

    Favslev 2.0 Alpha

    Really nice map. Discover just for now I enjoy for editing on it. Awesome airport !
  2. good mission simply, effective, good playable. thanks
  3. One of the most important tool, we need a tool to unpack and pack for mission editor. Mission designer need one to make some new custom mission, with briefing and debrief, and perhaps script files. Any one is working on ?
  4. That's the good way :) I can use CPBO Thanks a lot
  5. zeufman

    Western/Pacific Front Mod?

    I prefer to see more units, or an other period for the east front ( 1943 or 1942 ), more maps, that to see a western or pacific front ( there is some good mod for that ). I enjoy too to see the Eastern Front on the focus
  6. Hello, Here you can find some recently coop for the I44 Mod 2.6 I44 Force27 Coop NB : Briefing are in French, and should be translate later. Thanks for feedback or any report issue
  7. zeufman

    I44 Force27 Coop Pack

    Thanks Have you tried this one Kasserine 1943
  8. As we can see it in this video at 0.40 the superhind can use a screen aiming panel. But how to activate, and how it works ? ( need a player as gunner ? or works with Ai ? )
  9. zeufman

    Hind Training

    i have the same version 1.05 + hinds + add-on jedra. i've noticed too there is problem with insurgent group in the editor : impossible to create an opfor insurgent group tank and insurgent infantry group, the editor do it ( no message ) but there is an empty unit (?). at home, i've a message with error init.sqf, but the mission run. For the dark, may be the weather is not correct, it is an arma2 script import, and may be doesn't work correctly, but the daytime is coorect. I'am going to check this. thks for the report ---------- Post added at 04:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:10 PM ---------- ok, you could find an updated version with correction on the link primary post: - another mp parameter for the weather - corrected T72INS found nothing about marker ?
  10. i haven't yet used all the new WP in TOH, and the unload_transport wp sould be nice. I am going to try it. When we are going to have all arma2 object in TOH, it would be better to edit complex mission, and i enjoy that. ;-)
  11. As Jedra said, this is the best way to make an heli to land. Meanwhile, you can only use this command in the act field of a waypoint : nameofheli land"land" and it should be land anywhere ( on the best area it could be find if you have not set an helipad object ). http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/land To make the crew get out of the heli, you should set a waypoint as getout ( not move ), and the crew will leave the heli http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setWaypointType To make an heli fly on auto-hoover in an altitude, set this in the act field WP this ( or nameohheli ) flyinheight 3 ( 3 = altitude meter ); Any group unit will be able to inboard in the heli With the trigger radio, you can command the AI heli to do what you want : a radio trigger to make it land a radio to make it fly in height a radio trigger to make move or regroup on the leader Meanwhile, you should test all what you set, because AI is a little stupid, and it is difficult to do it exactly what you want. example : you can put an heli pad on the roof of one build, and make it land on it
  12. That's correct ! work perfectly. I've turned off this option because it seems to "eat" many video ressources. Go to a very light activate and the aiming panel work Thanks !
  13. i make an up. I'd like pre-built FARP too. I can scratch one, but as say Jedra, it is not a pleasent thing to do.
  14. Fisrt MP mission editing on TOH You should escort Marine One on a tour of duty. Take care and safe the official politician in board on Marine One. http://www.force27.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1649 ( sorry briefing in french )
  15. zeufman

    "Le Colis"

    just sharing :)
  16. zeufman

    "Le Colis"

    Hi all Update, you can find an english version on the link below Thanks to Jedra for the translate :)
  17. Try to edit with LEA http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=15766 Very easy to use, and usefull for specific load out In another subject, here you can find two more historical coop mission I44 (briefing in French) http://www.force27.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=16
  18. zeufman

    I44 Force27 Coop Pack

    At the bottom of the first post and just check for size file. or take this link with right clic > save file http://zeufman.free.fr/Arma2/12sspzrgt/_%5bI44%5d_%5bF27%5d_CO-xx_3%252fSS-Pz%252eRgt.Chernarus.pbo
  19. zeufman

    I44 Force27 Coop Pack

    Hi An another one, about a new historical battle series The 12 SS PzRgt http://www.force27.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1628 would appreciate any report
  20. Thanks for the answer. It is just any question we have about it, and how it works ;-) That's an amazing improve to the gameplay.
  21. Thanks for these information. PS : me too, i've noticed some difficulty by testing the Armor Piercing capabilities on Sherman, with different ammo. Just hit on the boogies, on the rear, one shot is needed. On the front, need two, or three for explose, but generally the crew is stunned with the first. Is the angle penetration is calculated by the hit damage ?
  22. ho thanks Yes, the first objective is to destroy 4 Flak 20 mm, and the third is for Flak 88 mm. Yeah that's fine, i m gonna made an english version now ( but in separate pbo, cannot use multiple language briefing usefull ) I must translate all the in game message, but i will survive ... ;-)
  23. Thanks, check for it with the briefing mission and an another one If you want to translate, i will make an english version ---------- Post added at 01:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:20 PM ---------- I took 2 missions on the CIA forum armored recon and Valkyrie We are going to test them, and feedback them to the author.
  24. That's some good ideas for use. I am going to see with Mediteranean or greek operation, maps are made for. I think about Crete with FallSchirmjager ( ope Merkur ) French resistance operation is a little bit poweruseful for gameplaying, don't know about that... :-( ( may be with human player on the both side ). Anyway, there so many map and historical situation, that the ideas are up .... ;-)