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  1. Hello Here an other one : Hind Training Coop 1 - 8 player - Map South Asia Time and weather parameter ( MP only ) Try various Hind and other helicopter, and go to the different search and destroy objective http://www.force27.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=1656&p=13378#p13378
  2. It is not avalaible in the game menu, you should be in game
  3. Hi In past version for Arma2, we have a sth menu with alt+H, and it would be possible to deactivate the name in the hud, or choose more parameters to the hud display ( compass or not, names or not, color ). It was a good option. Anyway to find these options in this addons updated for Arma3 ? Have the hud and the compass is very useful in MP mission thxs ;-)
  4. hello, I haven't any button to launch the new campaign form the menu I have the campaign, but unable to launch because there's no button to play or launch Is i missed something ??
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    no button for launch the campaign

    oups !!! it should to know that ! thanks
  6. hi all, I am currently unable to read my briefing.sqf in the editor mode, and in the single player mode. I am directly in the mission, not in the map. ( but if i press the map screen, i can see all my objective and diary entries ). Basically, the mission in editor and single mode begin directly in game, not on the map screen. But all works fine in MP mode. In arma2, i did the preview by pressing MAJ + preview in the editor mode, but it seems doesn't work in Arma 3. Am i the only ?
  7. Correct I've done a mission like that on the alpha, but the blufor couldn't take opfor uniform ( Geneve Convention, BIS has blocked this option ) So i have should script a trigger with this : condition : this ( blufor activate ) and dissimulation ( dissimulation = a trigger where the opfor sentinel was shot, simulate that we can take uniform) in activate : j1 setcaptive true; j1 adduniform "U_OI_CombatUniform_ocamo"; j2 setcaptive true; j2 adduniform "U_OI_CombatUniform_ocamo"; etc etc You should may be remove the blufor uniform before. And you can inverse the uniform and the setcaptive = false, when you want the blufor will become blufor unit It works fine with the opfor unit ;-), you are really see as an opfor unit
  8. Here the answer http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164878-Briefing-Screen&highlight=overview
  9. mission folder are pack with CPBO ( as usual for Arma2), et we play on dedicated server With overview picture and loading screen on the same picture, i got no error in the menu ( ex : xxx.jpg picture not found ) with overview at the MP screen on dedi server, but picture isn't visible. Overview visible otherwise
  10. I think overview picture and loading screen must be the same No errors in the menu, but the overview picture is no visible in MP ( yes in SP ), and the loading screen yes for MP and SP
  11. Works ! with we can see the ammo fall at the man position thanks
  12. I couldn't run it, nothing happen but the command line was where man1 was a civilian unit What is your _px1 and _py1 position ?
  13. Sure, and recently ( A2OA and Arma3 ), i use dynamic task, as Kylania explain here ( thanks for this ! :notworthy: ) http://www.kylania.com/ex/?p=65 It is more fun for coop a mix of task with briefing.sqf, module task, and scripting trigger Just the taskhint doesn't exist in Arma3, and is replacing by BIS fn notification https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_showNotification
  14. Or you can use variable in the editor With on act field of trigger1, set example = true, so when it will be activated, it will send example1 = true Then in the second trigger, trigger2, set in act field example2, and set in condition example1, so it will be activated when trigger1 would activated. So in another trigger, you can set 3 condition or more : example and example2 and whatyouwant and .....
  15. May be here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?151983-Spawning-enemy-units/page2&highlight=cfgGroups
  16. All ammo don't work with this command createvehicle Try these one "M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG" "M_Mo_120mm_AT_LG" "Bo_Mk82" "Bo_GBU12_LGB" "R_60mm_HE"
  17. ha ha you're right, i didn't know about that. Thanks I always done with maj + preview in the editor in past Arma2 OA
  18. Check if each created task with module task have an unique ID task, and each task module need to be synchronise with the group player
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    Development Blog & Reveals

    you're wrong, community it's only player who playing the game until the first opus, and player belong on team, support and play the game each day. If this community say that they are not agree with the latest information, is a negative minority ? read again
  20. hi, I've noticed some loading error with using the UPS script. Without UPS script i have no error, with UPS error on line 306 on KRON_Strings.sqf
  21. Can't run the mod even with the fix explain on the top, i've an error. Any possible to see an update of this awesome addon ? i has edited a mission with it, and can't finish it ! Thanks for us
  22. Armaholic download link > files corrupted unable to find any correct links to dld the mod
  23. is the ASR_AI addon for arma2 can be running for an Arma3 server ? it runs on our Arma2 server, and so, if it would for Arma3, il will be amazing. Meanwhile i have not tested, only because i thought the set of units were too different with Arma3 units.
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    Thanks for this new update ! love the sound fx for the AK suppressor
  25. zeufman


    nice work from a french Arma team. Meanwhile, any sound suppressor are in wip. We need one for complete the AK series ;-) Thank for this addon