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  1. Sweet thanks zeno! Experimenting with different opts for using zen_cache and patrols with multi markers recently. Ordermultipatrol and subdividemarker will help alot Glad I came to check for a new version. Thanks for preview on multi patrols too, hope it makes it into the framework
  2. Lovin that changelog. Looks like some good stuff was added in! Impressed with the imported A2 maps, didnt expect em DLing now. Awesome work gents
  3. Hey fellas, Pubbed a SP/CO-6 mission for Doung here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=807961664 Kind of a sandbox for battles with a few buds. Will probably do more ports when D arrives (mmm legacy unsung maps B) ) Having a blast with the mod. Lookin forward to good times with Delta (choo choo!) Killer work gents.
  4. c0nse-0n3r

    Immersion Cigs

    I 2nd this for what it's worth. Still possible to use with EWK glasses/shemag but the whole item gets removed after. Or even a special brand of cigpack like -- Cigs (glasses) with the glasses attached. Not a big deal but only thing I miss from EWK. Killer stuff either way rebel! Loving your mod alot. Perfomance is smooth and ACE interact is a great idea. So easy to tactically light up in battle. Good for AFK players in multi. The cherry tip is a nice touch especially at night B) Used to use EWK in alot of missions. Plan to switch em over to Mursh now. Keep up the great work!
  5. Welp figured I finally should stop in and sincerely thank you guys for all the hard work over the years. I'll bet most of the reports are good intentions to keep improving the mod. I'm sure hearing all the reports get old though, especially since Arma has so many bugs/addons and stuff you're already working out yourselves. Hope ya'll don't get too discouraged by it B) Really enjoy this mod. There's few staple mods that make Arma what it is and UNS is definately 1 of them. Been an avid Unsung player since the A2 days, what you guys have done is amazing. The mass and quality of nam gear and vehicles is unrivaled for sure. All the little things like pinups in the bunk hooches to the propoganda loud speakers to blare from the treetops and freak the ish out of your enemies as you fly over. Really has that vietnam feel down pat. I've been making a pretty fun dynamic COOP/SP mission for Doung that me and a few friends play. Hoping to workshop it in a couple weeks to add to the party. My only wish right now is that more servers hosted this mod so people could experience it. Always have a tough time finding pub ones at least. To be honest, i'm just happy to have Unsung in A3. Long story shot, Charlie is great and really enjoying it with the tanoa life in. Still look forward to every release fellas :D i'll be riding the hype train until ticket runs it
  6. Popped in to say my many thanks to Zen for this framework. Been having a blast making missions with this lately, oh the possibilities :D Keep up the great work man and enjoy the new digs!
  7. Holy dancing bananas.. you're a hero! :notworthy: thanks code Will def be playing some WIC tonight! :cool:
  8. Awesome job code. Been off of user missions for a bit, so getting back to them lately and WIT is now one of my faves. Shame more pub servers aren't pushing this... can never find an active MP game? Enjoying it plenty on SP or hosted game with a few buds. Any chance we'll see a War in Chernarus or Zarg?
  9. Woohoo! can always count on an xmas gift from BIS Merry xmas and thanks for all the hard work from devs and community Lookin forward to another year with this awesome sim :cool: cheers
  10. c0nse-0n3r

    Controller deadzone [question]

    Wow, thats dedication... I didn't think there's enough options on a controller for all the commands :D whatever works Try your your hardware calibration settings under control panel--> hardware manager--> gamepads See if the controller manufacturer website has drivers or calib software to use.. or use Xpadder or something similar.... it simulates keyboard presses to the controller... there's great analog deadzone settings in there Xpadder works great for some pc games i play with a ps3 controller
  11. c0nse-0n3r

    ARMA 2: OA beta Build_85330

    Well said. Alot of the larger developers have let me down (especially PC) and leave their games to rot on the shelf. There's few dev companys left that will support their games like BIS, and its mostly the indy guys. I've been playing ARMA for about a year and i've seen some great fixes... 1.60 beta work is a game changer for me, MP works great, next to no crashes and my screen stopped randomly blacking out. Will be testing this one tonight. Thanks once again BIS and community
  12. c0nse-0n3r

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 85015

    Confirmed. Domination and Warfare interpolation is working great for me. All aircraft and towed vehicles look smoother.. no more jitter! :D The tracks of a towed vehicle move like its driving when you airlift.. im pretty sure that's known? Still see the odd slide in some MP servers(probably due to their config) the interpol is way better regardless
  13. c0nse-0n3r

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 85015

    I'm having a blast (pun intended) with MP thanks to build 84984! Less desyncs and next to no warping even at long distances... Both air and land vehicles are driving smooth These last few fixes have been amazing :cool: .. never thought i'd see the day I'll be testing this build tonight for sure..i've had little problems with the last few builds though.. Thanks once again BIS! you guys rock
  14. c0nse-0n3r

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 84554

    :butbut: i'll test too but I hope not...the warping was hugely reduced for me w/ 84467 it wasnt perfect & certain fixed wings seem to warp more than others.. but i noticed a huge difference on plyr/AI infantry and most vehicles
  15. c0nse-0n3r

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 84467

    :cool: Never thought i would hear this.. at least for A2 i'm going to test this once I can get my jaw up off the keyboard if its true, i'll probably get back into the MP scene again! Thanks again to BIS for all this work on the new interpol.. you guys live up to the hype