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  1. Sorry, guys, I'm currently taking break from Arma, this project is frozen for now. I'll let you know when I get back to it.
  2. Hello, first I would like to congratulate you on your b2 ravage malden mission, here in Brazil we are playing it a lot, several hours a day and there is still a lot to explore. I would like to know some details, if you can help me. I have a dedicated server with its mission, but every time I restart it it loses the game development the bases we already got, the tents set up etc, is there any way to save the game's progress? I would like to reduce the time to resurface in the base that is in 60 sec, how can I do it? thank you

  3. bl2ck dog


    @EO I've tested Zed Detector in my mission, works fine, just not sure if it's really necessary to detect zombies at all )))) Found two minor issues: script adds demo charge even if player doesn't have a detector (which is kinda waste of resources - player won't be able to detect them anyway) character reports spotted explosive - which is basic BIS feature, I guess, not sure if anything could be done with it
  4. bl2ck dog


    @haleksCouple of players reporting and I can confirm it myself - radiation safezone module seems to be not working. Sometimes invisible radiation zone cover starting survivor hub and it makes game much more difficult for new players, not familiar with gamemode mechanics.
  5. bl2ck dog


    @haleks maybe I've missed the answer, but is there a fix? Right now I'm using a delay, but it depends on PC quality: 1) on my PC it sometimes still spawn units without uniforms (even after 2 minute delay) 2) on Dedicated Server it seems to be way too long - enemies manage to start attacking the base, while all the defenders still waiting to get their gear. Is there another way to resolve it?
  6. Spent some time optimizing code, FPS should be better now. Cleared bandit camps is now re-activated after server restart and could be cleared again. Actual bandits will spawn only after players gets close to the marker. New players will now start with basic kit (M590 Shotgun). Thanks to @tourist, some new features added: 1) Weapon Jamming (dzn Extended Jamming) - harsh conditions and lack of maintenance made all weapons prone to jamming. Different types of weapons more likely to experience certain kind of problems: AKs are more likely to have feed failures due to old magazine springs and dud rounds due to their age, while M4/M16 are generally more prone to jamming and more likely to have chamber, ejection or extraction failures due to gas-operated mechanism. Generally newer weapons are less likely to jam then the older ones. Default key to open Inspect Weapon Menu is CTRL+R. 2) Headlamps (MrSanchez's Headlamps) - just small two headlamps, very useful to navigate in the darkness, search bodies, etc. Added to drop from enemies, shops, so you could actually buy and sell them. Default headlamp key is SHIFT+N.
  7. bl2ck dog


    Yes, thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for. @Vandeanson That's not what I meant, but thank you anyway, this actually might have another application.
  8. bl2ck dog


    @haleks What is the name of a missile launchers list? I'd like to restrict RPG-7 in my mission.
  9. You're right, it's very heavy on the load, but somehow works pretty fine after init. There are some pretty big delays added to "play it safe" and get everything to load correctly I.e. preplaced survivors init 2 minutes after mission launch. Plus there are 80 "anomaly fields", each spawns 50 anomalies - THB, I'm shocked that mission even works at all ))) Last time I've checked server had more then 10.000 objects, yet was still running at 35-40 fps.
  10. bl2ck dog


    That would be absolutely awesome. This issue @Vandeanson mentioned suddenly became "party crasher" after I've added anomaly and persistence scripts (which increased server load a bit, I guess) I've been trying to set mission on the dedicated server for quite some time, but everyone spawning naked and with BIS weapons. And that's with 0 = [this] spawn {waitUntil {!isNil ""rvg_gearlist""}; UIsleep 30; before calling gear. Increased delay for 120 seconds, going to try that for now.
  11. Big news today. 1) ANOMALY FIELDS From now on, they are not just minor obstacles, but significant "game-changers". This fields spread all around the map, sometimes covering major parts of towns and present extreme threat to any explorers. To map anomaly field for other players you'll need to find it's middle, just remember to keep you gas mask on all the time - otherwise you won't last five minutes. 2) PERSISTENCE Since version 1.41 overall exploration progress is now also persistent. It means that not only your loadout, vehicle and experience saved, but also any explored and cleared bandit camps, exploration locations, harbors, mapped anomaly fields and survivor hubs will keep it's status after mission restart! This works both for local and dedicated server. If you ever need to restart the mission from scratch, change "#define RESET false" to "true" in scripts\LAR_persistentTriggers.sqf, launch the mission and then set it back to "false" to keep progress recorded. Plus there are few minor scripts added: Fuel Script (will greatly increase fuel consumption and makes fuel matter again, driving carefully will reduce the consumption + "ravaged" look to the vehicles ) Dust Sickness Script (player character must wear dust protection mask all the time, otherwise he will be coughing badly) Mag Replacement Script (swaps RHS mags to a single variant, so you won't have 10 incompatible mags all the time) And some bad news: current player progress was wiped from the server to implement new persistence system. Sorry about that, but that was necessary. It might be good opportunity to jump in and start over, while biggest part of the island is yet to be explored.
  12. Yay! Everything works. Thank you.
  13. Appreciate the help, Larrow. For some reason code that you've posted doesn't work for me. Triggers are activating (there's a audio beep for that), but Activated triggers still shows [] I've added [ thisTrigger ] call TAG_fnc_updateActiveTriggers; to each trigger on Activation statement. Anything else I need for this to work?
  14. Hello again, community. I'm trying to make persistent triggers using profileNamespace, so their state would be saved upon mission restart. Here's what I've got to this minute: private ["_debug","_resetTriggers","_persTriggers","_actTriggers","_triggersLoaded"]; _persTriggers = [trigger_01,trigger_02]; _resetTriggers = false; _debug = true; //Define variable if launched for the first time or reset if ((isNil "triggers_var") || (_resetTriggers)) then { _actTriggers = []; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",[]]; saveProfileNamespace; }; //Loading activated triggers and activates them again _actTriggers = profileNamespace getVariable "triggers_var"; {_x setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER","NOT PRESENT",false]} forEach _actTriggers; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var];}; //Checking in any of the persitent triggers was activated while {true} do { UIsleep 2; { if (triggerActivated _x && !(_x in _actTriggers)) then { _actTriggers pushBackUnique _x; profileNamespace setVariable ["triggers_var",_actTriggers]; saveProfileNamespace; if (_debug) then {hint format ["Persistent triggers:\n%1\n\nActivated triggers:\n%2\n\ntriggers_var:\n%3\n\nLast activated:\n%4",_persTriggers,_actTriggers,triggers_var,_x];}; }; } forEach _persTriggers; }; No matter what I do It returns undefined expression in "triggers_var". If I change profileNamespace to missionNamespace - it works fine, so my guess is that I somehow cannot write to profileNamespace. filePatching is on, BattleEye disabled - no changes. Any help or ideas appreciated, I'm really stuck here.