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  1. Looking for voice actor for this project: ArmA II: Peackeepere 2 A mission series by Rytuklis. Story: 2010. Chernarus is under control of Russian federation. However, people slowly starts reaching for independence. Some political people from Chernarus creates a political party called Peoples Liberation Party of Chernarus [PLPC] , which goal is to seek indenpendence from Russian Federation. PLPC creates some peacefull protests, campaigns in order to make Russian Federation to flee the island of Chernarus. Few months later, Russian Federation outlaws PLPC, declaring it terrorist organisation and starts to massively arrest their members and supporters. In order to prevent being arrested, PLPC's remainder creates an armed force called 'Red Fist' and begins a guerilla war. After few months of battle, Red Fist seizes most of Chernarus, and Russian government leaves the island, PLPC declares Chernarus as an 'Independent Socialist Republic of Chernarus', with Chernarus Defence Force and Red Fist as their official military force. 2011, December 5th. Political crisis in Chernarus. Red Fist starts arguing with PLPC leaders. They fail negotiations with each other. Red Fist Colonel seeks more power, and PLPC calls these seeks stupid and idiotic. Red Fist parts away from PLPC and Civil War in Chernarus rises again. Chernarus Defence Forces joins Red Fist in fight against the government, PLPC is not able to maintain stable position in Chernarus, war begins.. Citizens, suffered by Civil War and by economical lack begs Russian Government to come back to Chernarus and to get order back. Russian Federations waits.. 2011, December 15th. Red Fist performs a terrorist attack on Russian Embassy in Chernarus 2011, December 16th. Russian Federation sends multiple peacekeeper squads to Chernarus, and starts to take over government. You play as Nikolai Ivanovich, one of Fireteam leaders of Russian Peace Keeping Forces in Chernarus (RPKFC) Help is appreciated and wanted, anyone willing to assist with this modification are welcome ;). Progress: Invasion of Chernarus [ In progress ] PM Me in here or in ofpec.com!
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    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Indeed. There are only 3 servers with 1.99, and mostly empty!!!
  3. Hey there. I have recently installed patch 1.99 However, i have noticed much bugs and that 1.96 servers are not compactible with 1.99 versions, which is very bad ;s. Most of servers are 1.96 and there are very few 1.99 and mostly empty, can you please make 1.99 compactible to play in 1.96 servers? Thanks
  4. I still do play it Online, make missions!