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    Problems with Digital version.

    Thanks Dwarden, and Vohk. I contact steam support many times about the problems. Im always start Arma 2 or AO (CO) with the directly game .exe, i get the same message. Im going to reinstall my pc and hopefully the problem stays away. Thx for the help guys! I like this game very mutch and hated when it doens't work. But keep up the good work, can't wait for the new patch or DLC. Hopefully the problem stays away!
  2. Hey guys, I have alot of problems with the digital version. I bought Arma 2 + OA and DLC on steam. But i have alot of problems with this versions. 1 of the problem is that some updates are later on steam then the retail version. Almost 2 weeks later then the retail version. I have alot of problems with the start up, and many times Arma 2 won't start. I have try with an retail version and i had now problems. Now my qeustion is, i have already buy for Arma 2 and AO with DLC. I can show it to Bohemia Interactive, and don't need a new CD-key. But can i use the retail version with the steam CD-key that i bought on Steam, and where can i get the cd's without paying again! I don't have any problems on steam with other games except Arma 2. I did alot of hard ressets because of this problemen. Or must i contact BI support with this? I hate the steam version, now i can't play it anymore and need again an hard reset. All of my games working perfect except Arma 2 and AO. The retail version working perfect, but the guy is playing Arma 2 also, sow i can't use his cd! I have try alot of fixes and they work, but a few day later or with an new update on steam problems are coming back. I need to do alot of stuff with fixes. I just want to install and play!
  3. Toonen1988

    Problems with Digital version.

    I also install the manual patch, but after 2 weeks the patch from steam rolls out. If my friends didn't tell me there was an new patch, then i was playing for 2 weeks long on version 2.57. Because steam always keep my games up to date, but except Arma 2. And thats strange. And at this time, Arma 2 won't start, and get a message *Has stopped working*. I never had problems with ingame freezes or something like that. I had always problems when i start the game. The strange thing is that the problems always coming back, except for the retail version. I can't play the digital version 1 week without any problems. All my games works perfect on Steam, except Arma 2. And the strange thing is, when i borrow the cd from an friend and install the retail version, it works perfect! But he want to play this game also, so i can't borrow it all the time.
  4. Toonen1988

    New idea. Drugs wars.

    75% of heroine comes from Afghanistan. Many groups are fighting on the border with Iran. From Iran the heroine goes to Turkey and from there it goes to the Netherlands because The Netherlands has te biggest shipyard in Europe and from there it goes over the world. Many people killed everyday in those drugswars, and if you look at the pictures and videos. It is a large war, and groups are earning a lot of money with it. And if you look at the picture's in Mexico, they buy a lot of big guns with the money they earn. Like AT weapons, and big automatic rifles. If people say, it isn't worth for Arma 2, well i think that's worng. It's 1 of the biggest wars on the planet, and many groups like the Taliban is earning a lot of money with drugs. Sorry for bad language, im from The Netherlands. And i think drugs is 1 big part of a large war thats going on. Groups earn a lot of money with it, and that's a problem. More money, bigger groups and weapons! And with a big group and big weapons, means more power. And with a lot of power, they fight against the goverment. Drugs is 1 of the things in the world that earn a lot of money. And if you has no money, then you can't fight back. And if you can't fight back, then there is no war.