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  1. That model is pretty good :)

    btw you can create those newest Gemtech silencers too - if you wanted ;)

    Sure I'll have them for you tonight.

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    I have a hk45 if you guys need any detailed pics of the pistol.

    YES Please!

    send to: spektre76@gmail.com

    I need left, right, top, front, back and close ups of all markings if you can swing that.


  2. Just get Combined Operations. The patch v1.57 includes BAF lite and PMC. I wish I knew that before I paid for the PMC DLC but it was only $10 bucks.

    It's a great game man and it will humble you quickly when trying to create a mission.

  3. I hope this is the right spot for this.

    Issue: Installed this addon via the 'Mod' folder option (@).

    It shows up on my menu screen as being active along with CBA (yeah I finally fihured it out, lol).

    When I go to make a mission in the editor, I do not see the SEAL's in the drop down list? I went through all of them even the sub-selections.


  4. FPDR for not reading my post properly :)

    The 3d editor isn't the most intuitive thing in the world, in fact the only thing around that is any less intuitive is Visitor3 imho.

    LOL, I'm a tard. I have the problem on not RTFP of RTFQ, lol. Thanks man I will try it out. I know you say it isn't intuitive but will it let me at least place the unlucky 'crewman #6" on the cat walk, lol?