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  1. Hey guys, Basically I just want the game to end when all enemies are dead. Remember the way RVS3 had the old school 'terrorist hunt' where you say hey I want to kill 30 enimies on this level of difficulty...ect. Thanks all.....and my first model should be posted very soon for my MOD (AddOn).
  2. spektre76

    Ai thread

    Stop the AI from running through the walls. And realistic bullet penatration. A built in voice recognition system like in SOCOM I, II, II ect.....I'd love to able to control my team like that!
  3. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    I have that game too, LOL. I have a Magpul MASADA addon for it as well.
  4. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Yep I got them. They will be in-valueable to me. With all the info you sent me, it may be the most detailed HK45 ever! and the first one in this game too I think!
  5. spektre76

    HMMWV pack (WIP)

    I have an ArmA chubby now! I'm really digg'n the GMG version!
  6. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Yeah, that would be great. Almost done with the supressor model of the Gemtech 'Blackslide'. I'm making the texture now.
  7. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Sure I'll have them for you tonight. ---------- Post added at 04:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:52 PM ---------- YES Please! send to: spektre76@gmail.com I need left, right, top, front, back and close ups of all markings if you can swing that.
  8. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Yeah I saw that. I went back and checked. I love it to death. Here is one that I made about 4 years ago. Funny how these asshats are trying to say they made this. They couldn't even credit me....you know, the actual modeller. 'MY' Kriss V My orginating post of this model.
  9. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    UMP and KRISS where? Oh I edited post #34. I forgot that the PX4-SD was a .45Cal pistol.
  10. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    Yes I model......=o) Gemtech 'Blackslide 45' = HK45 & PX4-SD Gemtech 'Tundra' 9mm = Glock's, M9's any other nines. Gemtech 'SFN-57' = FN Five-Seven
  11. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    +1 RH I like the FNP .45 very much. I think it would compliment the MK16/17 very well. Hey If I can get a model this weekend can you play with it? I'll make the HK45. I use 3DS Max 2009, what is your version?
  12. spektre76

    RH Pistol Pack Remake for OA/CO

    May I request the Sig Sauer 'P226 X5 Tactical', Beretta Px4 STORM SD (Special Duty .45Cal)and the Heckler & Koch 'HK45' available in supressed anf un-suppressed? P226 X5 = SEAL's HK45 = BLUFOR (US, USMC, USN, USAF) PX4 SD = Rangers
  13. Downloaded, can't wait to try!
  14. spektre76

    I am a boob

    Just get Combined Operations. The patch v1.57 includes BAF lite and PMC. I wish I knew that before I paid for the PMC DLC but it was only $10 bucks. It's a great game man and it will humble you quickly when trying to create a mission.
  15. Oka so this is what I did and still 'no worky'. I named one of the OPFOR to 'enm_1' (enemy one). Then I added more gys with lower rank attached to him. Made a trigger and my script was this: !alive enm_1 in the first block ForceEnd in the second block I even gave each soldier invidual names and tried it this way: enm_1 && enm_2 && enm_3......ect Can someone point me to a good tutorial?
  16. spektre76

    Jackal Mission

    Yeah that guy all the way in the back close to town right? That's the guy I took out.
  17. spektre76

    RH Hk416 pack 1.2 for OA / CO

    Bueatiful MOD and weaponry. You even animated the bullets being used inside the magazine too! I really enjoyed sniping with the Scoped HK417SD. I also thorughly enjoyed your SMG weapon pack as well. Those MP7A1's are top notch models. Okay off to try out the P90's.
  18. I hope this is the right spot for this. Issue: Installed this addon via the 'Mod' folder option (@). It shows up on my menu screen as being active along with CBA (yeah I finally fihured it out, lol). When I go to make a mission in the editor, I do not see the SEAL's in the drop down list? I went through all of them even the sub-selections. :confused:
  19. spektre76

    TF86 SEAL's issue

    This is why I dont buy Steam versions, lol. *fixed spelling of 'AddOn'.
  20. spektre76

    TF86 SEAL's issue

    Hey thanks man. I looked but not hard enough I guess. Anyways I solved it. I needed to add the 'AddOns' folder within the '@' folder. I'm bookmarking the correct section now. Sorry guys (mates) :)
  21. spektre76

    Socom: Navy Seals [Ideas]

    Hey I successfully completed that mission when I was 15. Who wants ketchup!?
  22. spektre76

    Jackal Mission

    I don't know how he could have done that? I threw a grenade far off in the distance and th alarms still went off and I was chased down by an APC.
  23. I'd like to see the Mission editor be made into a 3D environment where we can 'fly through' the map. This way we can place units where ever we want. For example I have been trying to place a sentry on the 'catwalk' of a control tower at an airfield but the bot just gets trapped inside the building even when the 'house position' is highlighted for the correct area. I feel having this would eliminate any problems. Additionally, we need a load out selector that has ALL weaponry available in it. It needs to be in the same style as the 'gear' menu. This way the coding that needs to be done is with scripting waypoints or triggers. The controls in the editor also feel kind of clunky. It would be nice to customize your character as well from the boots to the helmet. Anything else like additional gear or weapons can be made by us the community. :)
  24. My PC does too, LOL. Poor thing...it's going out to pasture in a month and a half. :)