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  1. The "pink mist" when shooting someone in the head while sniping. And how about some limb tear offs and body flying when using the "Fist of Death" (M107A1). Oh and we need "trace" added in besides splash. 3nUZaAESv6k
  2. spektre76

    Help with signature design

    Got some help from antonio flemming. Thanks for the suggestion brother!!!
  3. spektre76

    Help with signature design

    Hey guys you think I should get rid of the "AD" in my sig and replace it with something else or just entirely? I also put a canvas texture on it too. Is it even noticable to any of you? I wanted this to look like a simple military patch and not like a trendy logo. Yes I can do much better designs, LOL. It was concieved in the Black Ops icon designer for your clan logo. sample:http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/1718/zombie001bg.jpg
  4. They should make a small map of Osama's compound. That way you and your TF86 Seal team can re-live the moment!
  5. spektre76

    Want a T-Shirt? Yes, please!

    Hey Mods why don't we make a sticky thread for a T-shirt design contest. The top 5 would be submitted to BIS for review. Of course you'd have to see if they would even entertain the idea. There are some pretty talented artists on here. :bounce3:
  6. +1 I think they should make it like "Pimp My Gun". That way we can pick a VLTOR MUR reciever, Magpul parts ect. And get dual optics like the EOTech 3X FTS and EOTech XPS3 combo on the top rail of the M4. And how about some custom shotty's like this one: (I know it's airsoft)
  7. spektre76

    Tax the 1%ers and banks to pay for austerity?

    +10000000 I think taxes should be scaled to your income. So, since I am literally paying 27% to Uncle Sam from the jump, so should Ritchie Rich. And on top of other things guys we are taxed several times more on things we buy. So, they are double and triple dipping us.
  8. Dude I literally saw this gun in my mind almost 6 years ago. Talk about Deja Vu! Nice work man, hope to see it in game soon!
  9. 2012 Ford Gurkha http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0SScfCRYajM/TcUfeV9xpoI/AAAAAAAAAO4/EuqvI82CKZM/s1600/Gurkha-LAPV.02.jpg
  10. I updated my ATi HD4890 drivers to v11.11 up from v11.6 and now I have choppy, laggy frame rates!!!!!
  11. A library of accessories for some weapons at release and then with DLC eventually covering them all so we can do this: Magpul: CTR stock, MOE grip, angled foregrip and PMAG + MBUS front/rear sights. EOTech: 3X FTS scope and XPS3 holosight Noveske: KX3 flash hider. VLTOR: MUR upper Daniel Defense: R.I.S. kind of like how pimpmygun works! =====================edit=========================== This way if you release MOD Tools we can start making new accessories as they come out in real life. You know like someone making a 'La Rue Tactical' set or something.
  12. spektre76

    Military Humor

    US Navy term: "Seadonkey" - A woman you wouldn't otherwise copulate with on a normal basis however after some "time" away at sea ends up looking like Jordana Brewster.
  13. (I am using ACE, ACEX, ACE_SM, ACE_RU, ACE_US NAVY, CBA and ACRE and my game is A2:CO) Okay what I am referring to is the green overlay icons you get when you want to climb a ladder or enter a vehicle, things like that. And no data on how many magazines I have left (upper right screen). I also cannot sight my scope for sniper missions either with 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' keys because no numerical overlay shows up. And the Vector binoculars don't show me distance anymore. Is this something I did or ACE or a patch? I am patched to v1.59. Thanks guys!
  14. Finishing my Ultra AP I made 3 years ago, can't belive I found it! I need to refine it and actually make an interiorfor it. It has a mini self protect or offensive rocket pod, 25mm chain gun that can have a LRSS rifle mounted on it, FLIR and Thermal optics. It also has generator hook ups to power varios mobile communications and electronics systems. A 600hp 4.0L Hybrid Trubo Diesel AWD system powers this vehicle and has four 200hp/500lb-ft MotoCzysz electric motors so the operators can go stealth. Vehicle weighs 3 metric tons and has a top speed of 100mph. Seats four operators internaly and two externaly in the back.
  15. Finishing my Ultra AP I made 3 years ago. I need to refine it and actually make an interior.
  16. spektre76

    How many people still play this?

    I've seen some people but you always have to have thier MOD's or take some of your's you have installed off. It's pretty frustrating to say the least.
  17. Ex-Navy Air Traffic Controller will be Air Operations Controller online! Hey guys just offering my skills as an ex-Air Traffic Controller. I was also a prior Electronic Warfare Operator on P-3C Orions. I did ESM, FLIR, and "other" tactical operations. So, if you need a guy on the team, PM me. I have: CBA ACE ACEX ACE_SM ACE_US NAVY ACE_RUSSIA ACRE JAYARMA2LIB RSYNC TF86 SEALS RH_(all weapons packs) Six Updater (ran yesterday). :bounce3: and others.....
  18. I am too, I just need a Dev to make it work. I can model, not code. I used to make vehicles and weapons for BF2.
  19. Removed as a gesture of good faith.
  20. Done with the lower reciever. Now it's on to the buttstock, grip and magazine. (Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design ) in .338 Lapua Magnum, 7.62 NATO, .300 WinMag).
  21. Oh yeah I know brother. I always use 'STL Check' when I finish a model. :bounce3:
  22. No what you see is all one single piece. I like to model like that ;). I will doing the lower reciever as all one piece as well. 'ProBoolenes' in 3DS Max '10 x64 makes lfe really, really easy now. I use to have to cap every hole by hand, took lot's of hours. This reciever only took me 45min to make. I truly hope a MOD developer takes notice and wants to use my model. I have no idea on how to get it in the game. Maybe Robert Hammer will grace me with his expertise!
  23. Hey man looking good. Maybe I can send you my Barrett MRAD sniper rifle so you can add it in to your MOD.
  24. I'm working on making the Barrett MRAD sniper rifle. Here's the upper reciever so far.
  25. I'd rather see them with the new Carbon Nanotube Cloaking technology. N6SnvRzNCpo