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  1. Kingdom of Sahrani Military History: 1st Infantry Division

    The harsh lesson learned by the 2006 Conflict taught the Kingdom of Sahrani that having a standing professional fighting force was necessary for their nation’s survival. Up until that point, the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani was little more than a small National Guard force and continued to perform that way despite the equipment and training received from the United States in the year prior to the 2006 Conflict. In the first year of the occupation of North Sahrani, the RACS used captured equipment to supplement their forces forming the Red Brigade as a temporary means of bolstering their forces. The rest of the RACS troops however continued to use Interceptor vests, PASGT helmets, and M16A2s given to them by the US. They also used 6 Color Desert Camouflage as their standard pattern. Their vehicle fleet consisted of Land rovers and M113 APC. The Royal Army Corps Sahrani Aviation detachment used MH-9 and AH-9 helicopters and for a very short time had a small fleet of UH-60Ms. After the heavy losses to equipment and life inflicted upon RACS, it was clear that the defenders of the Kingdom needed to replenish, reorganize, and rearm if they hoped to continue their mission. Massive amounts of military hardware began pouring in from economic partners such as the US, Spain, and Israel to bolster Sahrani forces in short order. RACS high command issued the order to reform the remaining forces into the 1st Infantry Division. Despite being called a division, the unit in all actuality was the size of a regiment and the choice to call it a division was intended to cause confusion among the DRS. The composition of the 1stID originally included a mechanized battalion but as RACS began to acquire heavier equipment to counter the SLA armor threat, all heavy vehicles were moved out of the 1stID to form a the 4th Armored Division in 2009. The 1stID as it stands now if purely an infantry force using trucks to move across the battlefield. For a short period RACS acquired and issued CETME Type 58 rifles to replace the aging M16A2, meanwhile Sahrani Military Industries were in negotiations to acquire industrial equipment from Heckler & Koch to begin producing H&K G3 rifles which were then issued to all RACS forces. SMI then worked with Eagle Industries to begin local production of the CIRAS vest, called the CIRAS-S, to replace the older Interceptor vests. Though the 1stID and the rest of RACS still use the 6 Color Desert Pattern, there was a short period where SMI began experimenting with SDPM, Sahrani Disruptive Pattern Material. From 2017 to 2018, RACS and the 1stID conducted trials of an arid variant of the pattern, ASDPM. Ultimately it was chosen to revert back to the already in stock 6 Color Desert. Infantry equipment was not all that was upgraded or replaced. The aging land rovers were replaced with US Surplus M966, M998, and M1025 HMMWVs. IVECO M250 trucks were also acquired to assist with logistics operations. The aging M113 is still in use and has been moved the 4th AD.


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  2. Kingdom of Sahrani Military History: Sahrani National Police

    One of the longest standing institutions, the Sahrani National Police is one of the smallest and least seen of the Kingdoms defenders. Although not an actual military force, the SNP was instrumental in helping evacuate civilians and slowing the advance of the SLA during the 2006 conflict. Despite losing close to 80% of its numbers the SNP has made a strong recovery. The SNP is comprised of independently ran departments localized to each village in the Kingdom. The size of these departments varies based on the size of its area of responsibility, with some departments consisting a mere two officers. The largest department is in Corazol due to the border between the Kingdom and the DRS. Here the SNP assists with border control operations searching and screening everything coming and going through the border. Despite the individualistic nature of the departments, the SNP does have an overarching command structure under the Ministry of the Interior. This command element acts to cooperate with other branches of service and to enforce standardized training and equipment. The SNP works closely with the SNG, of which many officers are members. In the event of a crisis, SNP officers act as a liaison between the SNG and the populace and take defensive positions with the SNG on the border. Lightly equipped, the SNP uniform consists of a white polo shirt, blue slacks, and a SNP Service Cap. SNP officers are issued a Colt M1911 Service Pistol. At time, officers can been seen wearing blue ballistic armor, and carrying either an IMI Uzi, or FN FNC rifle.


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  3. Kingdom of Sahrani Military History: Sahrani National Guard

    Looking back on the mistakes of poor readiness during the 2006 conflict, the Kingdom of Sahrani has formed the Sahrani National Guard in 2010. Along with the formation of the SNG, a new law was enacted enforcing a minimum 10 year compulsory service in the armed forces for all adult males in the Kingdom. At minimum an able bodied adult male must serve 2 years of active service in the SNG, followed by 8 years on a reserve status. Those who volunteer with any active duty branch such as the RACS or RSMC may serve a minimum of 4 years active duty and 6 years reserve duty in the SNG. This ensures the Kingdom has a sizable on call force in the event of an emergency. Recently the SNG has received new uniforms in the M10 uniform style with the traditional 6 Color Desert Pattern given to the RACS by the US. However, the remainder of SNG equipment are hand me downs from RACS stockpiles. These include CETME Model 58 Rifles that were originally acquired by RACS until acquisition of the more modern HK G3 rifle was made available. Lacking armored vests, the SNG utilize older US Surplus ALICE Webbing Harnesses and black leather boots. Although under funded and under equipped, the amount of experienced soldiers rotating into the SNG from Active Duty units ensure the Reserve force is still a contender on the battlefield. Recent rumors and sightings of US ODA teams in the Kingdom during major training events suggests a new mission for the SNG however, guerrilla warfare.


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  4. Rumors of SIS Agents working abroad are confirmed following photos taken after a joint US/Afghan SF raid against known weapons traffickers. Two unknown men wearing uniforms and insignias belonging to RACS Special Forces may confirm rumors that weapons being smuggled into Afghanistan come from stockpiles of seized DRS weaponry from the 2008 conflict.


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  5. 23 minutes ago, cry me a river said:

    how do I change the loaded magazine?

    jaaxxxxon seems be assuming youre running ace, as the ace arsenal allows you to change what mag is in the weapons. You'll have to get the load out you want, try it in the arsenal, swap your mags and then drop the stanag on the ground, back out to the arsenal and then save the loadout

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  6. So I've got a new series I'm going to be putting out. Back when wld427 first began speaking about a RSAF CSAR team and the RSMC I had planned on doing a series of scenes meant to represent the Kingdoms involvement in RIMPAC in 2020. Time went on and I began playing with scenes set on the amazing Hebontes training map depicting different RACS units training with their American counter parts. It was at this point I decided that the Armaverse needed its own International Joint Training exercise featuring Armaverse nations. So now I present to you HEBEX(Hebontes Exercise). The first being set in 2019 making the first iteration HEBEX19. Currently HEBEX consists of six nations with the Republic of Altis and Stratis as the host. The United States, United Kingdom, and Spain are the much more advanced and experienced participants and provide materials and training. The Kingdom and Sahrani and Chernarus are also participants.


    The idea behind this series is to place the brave soldiers of the Kingdom beside other real world nations and other fictional nations to get a feel for the capabilities this faction mod provides.


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