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    Hidden DLC Plans?

    So I was checking out the IDAP showcase when I found something interesting. When you walk into the showcase area and go left to the tent that has information about IDAP and UXOs, there's about four stands with "Survivor Stories". At the back right of the tent one of the stories talks about a man who had an encountered UXOs from a civil war in the fictional African Nation of Lombakka. I tried to look up anything on it and there's not even a region in Africa my that name. Link to a screenshot i took: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1109824068
  2. Awesome, also I've noticed an issue when the afghani forces call in reinforcements. usually about 3 Mi-17s fly in troops but the all try to use the helipads at the larger FOB in the Northern Valley. They do that little dance the AI do when they are all using one LZ until they crash into each other.
  3. I'm loving the mission, only issues im having is with Spyder addons not working and the A-10 not taking off. With Spyder addons i'm not able to interact with any of the civilians and havent encountered a call to prayer. The A-10 starts to taxi and then gets clipped on the buildings about halfway down the strip.
  4. cu3b4ll

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    You guys would have a great career as strippers. Never before have I seen someone so good at teasing it's audience. I suppose it wouldn't be that bad if you guys didn't make such amazing content. I have been checking this topic religiously every day since the release of Escalation. I swear you guys are gonna be the reason I snap.
  5. cu3b4ll

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    disregard my request, finally stumbled onto the Antistasi forums and saw the same request there.
  6. cu3b4ll

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Here's a suggestion. How about using RHS GREF and have the Chernorussians represent AAF. National Guard troops would be found in towns and resources/power plants and regular military guarding bases/outposts/check points. Airborne troops could represent Special Forces. Russian VDV could represent CSAT.
  7. cu3b4ll

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Fantastic work, now my just waiting on the faction classnames for Alive
  8. cu3b4ll

    User mission requests!

    Are there any SP Fallout style missions? If not it'd be awesome if someone made one, preferably on the Jade Grove map.