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    WarFX : Blastcore

    Yes would really like to see more particles and shit in a HEAVY version for those of use that are stuck on the old WarFX because we love the sparks and particles so much :(( really like the smoke as it is great for signaling helos etc. really wish sparks were added into the blastcore shit as heavily as they were in particles because that GBU plume with some very sexy sparks would make it such a sexy picture.... anyway you could incorp kind of what JTD fire and smoke is doing with making the smoke plums go higher and last longer nothing like owning some tanks in a city and ur squad rolls up to see your destruction from a mountin away :) lets em know shits going down to and looks really cool overall good work man just would love to see them sexy sparks come back..
  2. austucker

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Ok i got COMBINED OPS off of the website when it was on sale everything runs great only problem is i payed for COMBINED OPS and Sprocket installs it as 2 seperate games.... EPIC FAIL>>>??? anyone help me out on this one?
  3. Helo, The new Arma Branch of the United Nations Special Task Force is now recruiting some of you may have seen our server and been on during one of our sessions. Recruitment is free Teamspeak and a clan server included we just ask that you can attend practices and be seen on fourms and in game regularly. www.unstf.org hope to see you all on the battlefield!