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  1. Very, very cool.

    I've been trying to implement this in Pogoman's Insurgency mission, to no avail. I'm new to the scripting. Although I can make sense of some of it, I can't seem to find and manipulate the OPFOR ai spawning options. Only the player ones in mission.sqm but that's not what has to be edited (I presume since the player selects an already spawned ai from the map to control).

    Can someone shed some light on this issue (which could elevate Insurgency to be really interesting at night).

    Thanks in advance.

  2. My son and I made the mistake of starting up a BE session on Lingor 2 nights ago.

    We got about half way up the map and had an excellent firefight to take this town (the name escapes me now - its the one just north of piedros outpost.

    While we were taking it from the resistance we noticed a bit of a fight going on across the river, which surrounds the town we took on 3 sides. The whole thing was quite a spectacle, and we realized that the fight over there was against the russians.

    I rearmed my (12 man) AI squad, and he got his sniper rifle and we got ready to defend from the rooftops, and using the buildings as cover. Sure enough, the russians started coming at us on our front and right flank.

    The battle lasted a good 3 hours, and was quite epic. It had a couple of lulls in the action, where I could throw out some MG ammo for my 3 MG-ers, and heal everyone up while my son (and the rest of my squad) held vigil from a roof top and the buildings on the river front. It was the perfect defensive struggle. When things finally got quiet I wanted to build fixed defensive emplacements (TOW, M2, etc), cuz I knew this wasnt the last of it.

    BUT (and this is why I said we made the mistake of starting late), it was 5am, and we were both worn out from the activities of the night.

    We got some sleep - my squad laying defensively on the line, me in the central depot and he in a house. When we got up yesterday morning, sure enough my squad was gone (except for 1 ammoless MG), and the Russians were rolling us with Tunguskas and BMPs. I hid in buildings and lured some APCs into traps for my MAAWS (couldnt use the site at night, so had to get em close and whack em), while I was getting some Abrams and Bradleys up from the south. I did survive until then, and actually kept the town until my reinforcements arrived (also got a squad of infantry up) -- but alas, my armor (for some reason) was only targets for the enemy, and quickly got dispatched - I dont know why they wouldnt fire on the enemy. When I finally got my infantry into the AO, they streamed in, out of formation and not ready for a fight with armor.

    Through the (game-time) night, there were illumination flares going off across the river, and it was intense and immersive. Once my armor and infantry were down, my fate was sealed. I was killed trying to withdraw, as the enemy infantry had completely cut off the only escape south.

    We lost the town after hours of epic fight and more hours of tense struggle to survive.

    Truly epic.

    In BE warfare you tend to have times like that when you hit the sweet spot of the opfor advance - they will keep coming. All you can do is secure the area, set up fixed defensive positions (if you have time), reinforce by helicopter (this was very hard on lingor as AI chopper pilots have a hard time landing in the terrain, so I was reinforcing by truck), and keeping your guys rearmed and healed.

    Another squad of human-led AI flanking the OPFOR to cut off the attack lines would have saved us - or perhaps if I had been able to get fixed emplacements set up with another squad of infantry in the AO.

    I will go back there again.

    Other epic BE experiences happen in Montignac, Everon and many times in Gorka on Chernarus.

    Good times.

    Great AAR! Thanks for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed the read. :)

  3. Most likely it can run it just fine. CPU is brand new and not 'very slow'. I get 30+ fps in the benchmark with identical cpu, Dell 1749. The nvidia card is high end of the mid range but stacked with ddr3 ram and my bet is it will do fine. Shees, be a little positive :p

    Try a demo first, see what happens and let us know :)

    --- edit:

    I run ArmA smooth with maximum view distance but grass off. I'd rather turn down some other things, but to each his own.