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  1. You haven't flown the Flaming Cliffs SU-25 then.

    Obviously there needs to be balance between realism and playability but the majority of Arma (and LockOn, DCS) fans prefer realism to accessibility, that's why they are still here.

    We must realise that BI is losing out on big bucks and have some altruism going for them, doing things on the realism side of things.

    I for one would not piss on Bohemia and the respect they show us by them asking them to dumb things down.

    On the contrary, I would ask them to show off more of their ability in making realistic games and to continue having faith in our ability, intelligence and loyalty.

  2. This thread entices me to go on with another bible-sized rant about how Vegas and Lockdown were the death of Rainbow Six, and how Advanced Warfighter fucked up Ghost Recon.

    It's my Pandora's Box. To me, Vegas symbolises everything that is wrong about gaming today and i'd rather cut off my mouse-hand than play it, just for the principle of it.

    Touching it is defiling my body.

    But long story short, looking how things turned out for old R6 and GR, and with Dragon Rising too, i can only be damn glad those corporate cocksuckers dont try to restart the Hidden and Dangerous or SWAT franchises because that would be more than i could handle.

    Mainstream gaming has destroyed the games i have loved most, and Vegas, Lockdown and GRAW1/2 are still casting a shadow on my enjoyment of gaming.

    I'm up to the point of quitting, if it wasnt for ArmA 2.

    EDIT: Since ArmA 2 and OA are already out, the only game that adresses our niche and has great potential of fulfilling our needs is Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad.

    This and ArmA 2 will be my top two games. It's a shame our market is this small, that we only have two choices to play.

    Other than that, we can only fall back on the golden oldies, but as years go by that gets more and more problematic. Like now, Rogue Spear is dying on me. I still love playing it from time to time, but now i'm getting problems and it just isnt playable any more with no hopes of improvement :(

    I am 100% with you all the way, mate.

    Let me know if you're interested in some SWAT 4 multiplayer.

    ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:48 PM ----------

    After reading this, I'm starting to understand the situation.

    People in this day and age would rather just play a game that requires no tactical thinking and just have their characters run all over the place shooting at other players. As result, we are left with a brand that's getting old and stale. I'm currently a console gamer and I never played TRUE tactical shooters. Because, I played Rainbow Six Vegas and GRAW.

    However, if a developer can develop an TRUE tactical shooter that can work for ALL platforms without unnecessary dumbing-down, It would bring innovation back the shooter genre.

    Now I know most people here are PC gamers, but before you criticize me for mentioning consoles when I say ALL platforms, you guys remember Ghost Recon 1. If you also remember, Ghost Recon was ported to the original Xbox. Believe it or not, the Xbox port of Ghost Recon 1 was VERY popular among console gamers, so much that people stilled played it before original Xbox games lost Xbox Live support in April. It had a lot of the features that PC version had (except mods and mouse and keyboard).

    So in my view, TRUE tactical shooters can work on consoles. It's just that people would rather play run n' gun titles like COD. As I said, If a developer can an actual tactical shooter for consoles, than it could be popular and bring a back originality for the genre. But for now, that won't happen as long as developers keep bringing out the same old stuff.

    I simply can't see that working at all.

  3. Ah, sure thing. I'm new at the scripting so I'm not able to debug yet.

    I added ALICE civvies and I am able to kill them too, I just don't see a counter or get an end mission when x civs killed. On the other hand when bullets hit civ vehicles they magically disappear so something might be off in a big way.

    EDIT: did manage to make your script work from empty mission in the editor. Thanks for your hard work, mate :)