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  1. Is it unwrapped & how many sections is it in?

    Not unwrapped and about 5k polygons, obviously rivets etc have to mapped. Send me your email address if you want a go at it :)

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    Hey thanks for the Model i recieved it this evening and manage a few hour on it :).

    wow its nice detail some things like tyre tread and rivets should be baked to texture for Arma2 probably , for TOH we lucky we have not so much goingon so High poly model are ok .

    anyway here is quick first video i try it out Apologies for engine , i think i remeniss my old days of Suzuki RM 125 Lc haha .

    thanks again mate i keep you informed via Thread in TOH from now .

    Do not quote embedded videos!

    Lovely, really good progress!

  2. I don't have time to finish the damage geometry etc so I am donating this model to whoever wants it:


    WIP gallery

    • Weight 2,000 kg (laden)
    • Length 3.44 m
    • Width 2.03 m (wheel to wheel)
    • Height 1.85 m (open - to top of restraint frame). 2.01 m (cabbed vehicle)
    • Crew 2
    • Armor None
    • Secondary armament: 7.62 mm GPMG
    • Engine VW ADE 1.9 turbocharged diesel
    • Max torque: 164 N·m 121 (lbf·ft) @ 1850 rpm
    • Suspension Low pressure tyres
    • Speed 64 km/h (40 mph)




    It should be able to fit in a Merlin and obviously a Hercules (the Paras use them for personnel, haulage and transporting wounded).

    You can fit a GPMG or a even TOW system on the top bar.

    It's fast and stable and you can roll it without killing you and your passengers.

    (I think this should have been a part of BAF to begin with :))

  3. Thanks. It didn't explain why,though.

    No matter how you look at it, PR is still Arma. You can't just arbitrarily demand that no one talks about you if you wave your arms and shout for years about how you will revolutionize arma. I don't know why Bohemia would entertain this notion for a second.

  4. What happened? Why are PR hating on the real arma boards? (before you flame, I have no interest in PR, it seems like a lot of weird rules and hot air to me and a pretty snarky community over there).

    BUT! The closing of mere discussion regarding arma and pr - like done here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=126149 - serves no purpose but alienate customers. PR wont go away if you close your eyes but customers will if you arbitrarily close down forum discussions.

  5. the absense of the PvP modes that all the arcade games are using to such great effect is making me wonder why people wonder why this game isn't more popular.

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    Before anyone starts flaming: I fucking hate arcade games.

  6. do you use the sixupdater?

    If not then you should be, it makes the whole process of installing and updating mods a simple 1 click process...AND you can view all servers before you even open Arma!

    Negative. That is a 100% sure way of breaking your install. The updater is far from finished and runs like it.

  7. No the problem is that its a hell of a lot more challenging to battle 100 AI entrenched in a city rather than 10 humans where half is AFK and the other half is teamkilling themselves at the base.

    I never suggested the AI should be disabled entirely. Just that the player ratio should be the same.

    You make some assumptions about players being afk and TK'ing. I don't know what they bring to the discussion.

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    )rStrangelove;1982557']Finding all bombs in about 10 hours is quite a challenge against AI. With human snipers killing at 1000m distance finding 2 bombs within 10 hours becomes the norm.

    Sorry but there are no sniper rifles for REDFOR in Insurgency. Respectfully' date=' I think you need to revise your tactics :)

    )rStrangelove;1982557']Hate to say it, but its more fun vs AI. But it depends who you#re playing with.

    I can't see why. The AI is passive and random. They are wholly unable to stage any co-ordination and any type of defense whatsoever. Getting shot by the AI is most likely you doing something stupid or taking too much risk with a bunch of chimps with guns.

    Running in and shooting the armed retards lying prone in the compound is not what I consider a challenge. Even though it can be strangely satisfactory at times. I prefer to play a game of tactic 'chess' with a human adversary than simply shooting fish in a barrel. Don't get me started on the mortar spammers, either. :)

    )rStrangelove;1982557']I never understood why actually. Why not 2 different versions instead of one half-coop' date=' half-pvp version that everyone hates (coop and pvp players) because it doesnt belong into any genre.[/quote']

    I agree with you 100%.

    Good post, thank you.

  8. Heya,

    Recently, a lot of the insurgency servers have disabled the PvP slots all together.

    The defending team, the Takistan insurgency, is under-equipped and out-gunned in such a terrible manner I do not see why anyone wouldn't run Insurgency with a 1:1 ratio - there is no risk of "losing" as there are no winning conditions for the insurgents.

    I would rather see a full 1:1 PvP server surge. Fighting against humans is a helluva lot more challenging than the AI, but perhaps that's the problem? Someone enlighten me, I cannot see where there are only 4 PvP slots in vanilla Insurgency.