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  1. I appreciate the effort, buddy. You could look at punctuation and structure. Some of your sentences are very long indeed and very hard to read. Perhaps you could do some of it in bullet form: The quick brown fox Jumped over the lazy dog Perhaps I'm just too tired Thanks.
  2. This + swat units here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=64773
  3. BadgerDK


    Great work, makes me want to get into map making. But then again... I only have one life and it may just be too short :) If I go forward, I'll use this for sure!
  4. Looks great, keep it up
  5. I can't get this to work, can you help? I am setting a low waypoint a few clicks out but as soon as c130 hits the land waypoint it turns instead. He even dirties up the plane a bit on approach with flaps, not gear though.
  6. BadgerDK

    ArmA II focusing too much on realism?

    You haven't flown the Flaming Cliffs SU-25 then. Obviously there needs to be balance between realism and playability but the majority of Arma (and LockOn, DCS) fans prefer realism to accessibility, that's why they are still here. We must realise that BI is losing out on big bucks and have some altruism going for them, doing things on the realism side of things. I for one would not piss on Bohemia and the respect they show us by them asking them to dumb things down. On the contrary, I would ask them to show off more of their ability in making realistic games and to continue having faith in our ability, intelligence and loyalty.
  7. BadgerDK

    The End of the Tactical Shooter.

    Ditto. here's the glide slope: www.facebook.com/flashpointredriver
  8. BadgerDK

    The End of the Tactical Shooter.

    Not only war but gaming in general too. Everything is on rails, it's what chewing gum is to cuisine.
  9. BadgerDK

    The End of the Tactical Shooter.

    No. I just can't imagine a realistic shooter played with anything than a mouse.
  10. BadgerDK

    The End of the Tactical Shooter.

    I am 100% with you all the way, mate. Let me know if you're interested in some SWAT 4 multiplayer. ---------- Post added at 04:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:48 PM ---------- I simply can't see that working at all.
  11. BadgerDK

    ArmA II focusing too much on realism?

    I want more realism, if I can't smell cordite or shit my pants out of fear, it's not real enough :) Seriously, I do want more realism. The planes and the tanks in Arma are a an outright joke but the infantry bits are stellar (outdoors). I hope to see some more work done on tanks + planes.
  12. BadgerDK

    tactical COOP

    we are a few doing the same, come on over: http://www.hq1para.org.uk/forum/index.php?board=3.0
  13. Bunnyman, you can add this to your list:
  14. BadgerDK

    CO16 Insurgency

  15. BadgerDK

    Secondary Monitor as Map

    Casual gaming is destroying gaming.
  16. BadgerDK

    Secondary Monitor as Map

    Bwahahahaha :bounce3:
  17. So, what kind of auxiliary units? Myself, I was thinking about making the Supacat... EDIT: ancillary*
  18. What can I do to help? 3D models?
  19. That's fantastic! Thank you very much. This gives so much to immersion I don't know why anyone would not use it. I guess this is related to the engine and its inner workings, but shouldn't it become a lot darker when i rains? I mean really dark? Thanks again, two thumbs up!
  20. Ah, sure thing. I'm new at the scripting so I'm not able to debug yet. I added ALICE civvies and I am able to kill them too, I just don't see a counter or get an end mission when x civs killed. On the other hand when bullets hit civ vehicles they magically disappear so something might be off in a big way. EDIT: did manage to make your script work from empty mission in the editor. Thanks for your hard work, mate :)
  21. Yep, I use it all the time and tried your method but it fails when I try to integrate it with the Insurgency mission.
  22. Doesn't work for me, did you find a fix?