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    What do you guys play ?

    I play the new version of Insurgency: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?144714-Insurgency-Sim
  2. I don't have time to finish the damage geometry etc so I am donating this model to whoever wants it: WIP gallery Weight 2,000 kg (laden) Length 3.44 m Width 2.03 m (wheel to wheel) Height 1.85 m (open - to top of restraint frame). 2.01 m (cabbed vehicle) Crew 2 Armor None Secondary armament: 7.62 mm GPMG Engine VW ADE 1.9 turbocharged diesel Max torque: 164 N·m 121 (lbf·ft) @ 1850 rpm Suspension Low pressure tyres Speed 64 km/h (40 mph) It should be able to fit in a Merlin and obviously a Hercules (the Paras use them for personnel, haulage and transporting wounded). You can fit a GPMG or a even TOW system on the top bar. It's fast and stable and you can roll it without killing you and your passengers. (I think this should have been a part of BAF to begin with :))
  3. BadgerDK

    Russian radar systems WIP

    not going there after all
  4. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    https://www.google.com/#hl=en&output=search&q=site:forums.luxology.com or, alternatively start a discussion here
  5. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    there are many, many ways of doing it. One is slice, hide what you want, delete what you don't want and merge vertices. Lots of basic tutorials out there, here's one:
  6. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    but the buttons are so nice! :)
  7. Building a killhouse and want to have multiple teams in live fire exercise at the same time - without killing eachother and themselves from ricochets. How would you set up the wall materials?
  8. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    There's a 601 discussion going on in the user group here :)
  9. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    Excellent, thank you very much. I had a few Pixarised polygons. Note to self: Don't touch that shortcut! FPDR
  10. BadgerDK

    modo p3d plugin

    What are the prerequisites? All quads, non-intersecting mesh? Specifically, I have a model that imports fine as .obj into Visitor but fails when exporting using the plugin in Modo (501 sp5). All tris and quads, intersecting. I can export really simple meshes but lack the understanding of how to debug, not knowing what to check for.
  11. BadgerDK

    Why is this game not more popular?

    No :) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game#Demographics But the big studios have big marketing budgets. With enough marketing you can sell shit for food.
  12. BadgerDK

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    You are absolutely right; it would mean more customers for sure but there's no reason that anyone should own more than one game that supports HLA/DIS but I am sure a lot of people would want to try the other simulators. (You said both games, there are more than two games that support this) It does not detract from the Arma player base that some of the users also own X-plane or a DCS sim. On the contrary their insight and contributions might strengthen the community. I still don't see how it would divide the community. And who cares? The community, obviously, is scattered as is. The biggest divider I see is the ACE mod. I'm totally neutral towards it, great for those who want it and use it but I am not seeing that division as a bad thing. Some people like flicking switches and knobs and reading manuals, some don't. If someone doesn't want to play with others, they stay in single player. And if someone wouldn't want to play with someone in another sim, then be it. I don't know what this call for homogeneity is good for.
  13. BadgerDK

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    How will it divide the community? Edit: I am sure the military doesn't think it will divide their community. I am looking forward to hearing the argument for this.
  14. BadgerDK

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    Resources spent better in other places? The only reason, imo, you don't see it in Arma is to keep VBS' price tag up high. http://www.calytrix.com/products/lvcgame/introduction/: VBS2, Steel Beasts and X-plane for crying out loud! X-plane has, what, a single developer? http://netlab.gmu.edu/SRMP/gatewayDoc.php I hope someone's smart enough to make a mod that will make arma part of the game I have always dreamt of playing. Btw, trolling a poll is really bad form and a completely pointless effort :)
  15. BadgerDK

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    :ok: Makes no sense to me either. "nah, I don't want your expensive military grade simulation protocols", wtf! Over at the ED forums people are voting no, what narrow mindedness...
  16. Thank you for such a great reply, you are the lion king of these forums. I will make a point of visiting you servers some time next week and perhaps get a couple of my squaddies to come along. See you on the field of glory :)
  17. How does Takistan relate to 1944? Why not Chernarus? Would seem a better match? FPS?
  18. BadgerDK

    Object Class Gallery

    zombie links? :)
  19. BadgerDK

    Why is this game not more popular?

    I used to think that too, but the human slots are simply a kind of ai upgrade. Two humans playing a good, coordinated game can stall the COINS fully. You should try the totalboffin Insurgency Simulator, it is more balanced and has more interesting features than normal insurgency. It also shows why this game should be way, way more popular.
  20. This is what it should be: Optical sight reticle pattern, G36 1 Point of aim at 200 meters range 2 Lead mark for firing at targets moving from left to right at a speed of approx. 8 km/h at a range of 200 meters 3 Circular reticule (Interior diameter 1.75 m man size at 400 m range) 4 Lead mark for firing at targets moving from right to left at a speed of approx. 8 km/h at a range of 200 meters 5 Horizontal line to determine whether the weapon is canted from the horizon 6 Point of aim for firing at approx. 400 meter range 7 Point of aim for firing at approx. 600 meter range 8 Point of aim for firing at approx. 800 meter range 9 Person size of 1.75 meters at range X (800m, 600m, 400m, 200m) First the range finder: 200 meters 400 meters 600 meters 800 meters As you can see, the range finder gets progressively imprecise as we expand the range. Here are my early findings on bullet hits: You can see that all of the aiming marks but for the one at 600m are wrong. Finally, the aimpoint sight does not work at all? Can we hope to have a fix in a future patch? Fixing the optics at least should be trivial and it is my understanding that the aimpoint actually exists but is disabled because it is bugged. It seems the main sight is bugged as well?
  21. BadgerDK

    G36 sight ranges, range finder, aimpoint

    Actually, the red dot aimpoint is present but it is not mapped as ie. the optics on the M2 on the Hummer. You can find the keybinding for it under All Controls -> Optics not under the Infantry setting. But frankly I am more interested in the other issues :)