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  1. In the meantime I would advise you to encourage mission makers to implement such an on-the-fly grouping system, I've seen it before.

    I bet PR:A3 will have a such system, just like PR:A2 has. This kind of squad management is must for public PvP.

    I just would like to see a native implementation for this kind of system from BIS. The vanilla squad system is horrible for public PvP.

    Someone should make a ticket about this matter.

  2. RnL (Source WW2 realism mod) had this function; You can only leap if you are running. I liked the idea.

    Same key would make your avatar climb if you were near an obstacle.

    I would like to see the same in Arma3 (and 2).

    Running + Vault key = Leap

    Vault key + under 1.2 meter obstacle = Vault

    Vault key + over 1.2m obstacle = climb

    1.2m could something else as well.

  3. Removing 3rd person altogether is never going to happen. That feature is there to stay. So many ppl are used to it after 10+ years of using it that it would just raise a hellstorm if it was completely removed.

    Allowing to remove the foliage altogether is btw pretty good comparison to this "issue". It would be a bit silly to do so in a PvP server, which would force everyone to remove foliage just to be in the same starting line. Nevertheless admins can do this if they so wish. I would appreciate if they just told this in the server description.

    Anyway, to the OP; Just leave the issue, there is nothing u (or I) can do about it. It is always the server/unit owners decision if they go with the lower nominators or not.

    What I wait is PR:A3 to be released which will "fix" this issue.

  4. 2. and 3. doesn't really make sense for a game that you play with several mods that you change depending what, when and where you play. And taking into consideration sp + coop, and ton of other mp forms, the stats would just not fit in to the picture.

    1. is going to be altered later on ( i think devs have mentioned this before)

    4. is going to be fixed when A3 starts to use steamworks, which it should in the future iirc.

    Report issues/feature requests to:


  5. Either copy-paste the content of the profile file to the new profile file or copy-paste the file itself and rename it corresponding the new profile file.

    You will locate these files in Documents section of Windows.

    Imo this "issue" should have been corrected. I bet no one uses the profile name of their computer to play Arma2 nor Arma3. This is just a little extra work that players must do once they have installed the game. Not that big of a deal, but still...

  6. doveman: I used to have pretty much the same rig as u do and got about the same fps, which i was not happy about so I upgraded to SB2500K@4.4Ghz and 560 Ti SLI and SSD and now the FPS I get is mostly 60 (depends on island and video settings still) and I still use V-sync cos the tearing makes the game choppy. The second 560Ti let me just bump the video settings up (AA from 0 to 5) and SSD took away the occasional jerking/loading of textures but 2500K@4.0ish was the biggest factor of all. Heck 2500K@Stock was way better than my old 955@3.8.

  7. overall I get a very strong feeling that most people don't know how to use most of the mod's features. A lot of times I see arguments over "Why are/aren't you doing X?" when it is obvious the answer is "because I don't know how this or that works" and not because "I'm an !@#!$#@ that wants to mess up your game". In the end I've always supported the approach of "don't blame the players, just fix the game", but in the case of PR and Arma there are some things the game just can't do for the player and the player must learn to deal with them. Of course, I think both (the game and the players) have a long way to go in terms of improvements, and once they do this game will be even better (much better!) than it is now.

    PR indeed has quite a threshold for new players. Even though there are official tutorial videos on youtube, a manual and in-game help, it is still a long struggle to learn all the features in the game. Perhaps a SP tutorial mission would ease the learning curve.

    One last thing I hope we get in the future is more tweaked gameplay features that will make the gameplay smoother and less frustrating, especially to newer players but also to veterans. Currently there are a lot of things that are time-consuming for no real good reason, and those obviously become many times more time-consuming for those new to the game, and drives people out of the game. Too long rounds that eventually end in a tie don't help either. As far as I'm aware the solutions are in the works, I just hope they show up before people give up on this great mod.

    Totally agree on this one. The unloading, unpacking, rearming, repacking, reloading-cycles with different assets some times frustrates cos it just takes so much time to hassle with the assets. Hopefully all this comes a bit more streamlined in the future patches.

    Still, when u learn how the things work, PR is a great public PvP mod and without it I would still be playing around in the A2 editor only.

  8. How do you get on to this server? I never see any server above 10 ppl recently.

    If you are talking about the RGG PR server, u need to install PR:A2 0.15 and update the Praa.exe (to be compatible with OA 1.62);



    Check from gametracker (or my sig) when there are 50+ players in the server:


  9. Hijacking!

    I am basically doing the same thing, but I am running the CO dedi from the same installation as I play it from. Launching dedi thru TA2DST and when I launch the actual game from steam and try to connect I get stuck in the "Wait for Host". Enabling BE did not help.

    I also tried without TA2DST and I also tried copying all A2 files to elsewhere and running the dedi from there but I always get stuck on the wait for host.

    Any tips?

    Edit1: Got it to work with takistani mission so I suppose i have configured the CO stuff wrong...

  10. I just upgraded from a 955 Quad Core to an i5 2500. How much better will my game run (I used to be having 15 FPS)

    8 GB DDR3 1600 mhz

    6950 2 GB Unlocked

    You should get quite a lot better performance. Stock 2500 beats OCed 955 any day. And if your 2500 is actually 2500k, then OC it to about 4+ Ghz and u are good to go.

    I did the same upgrade about 5 months ago. Next you'll notice that the 6950 is now holding u back and u might wanna consider running Crossfire :)