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    How actve is Arma2 Arrowhead?

    Buy vanilla Arma2 + OA so basically Arma2 CO and install PR mod for it to play PvP without a hassle or requirement to be in some unit/clan.
  2. Without the 1.60 only hardcore fanboys would buy the game. Any news about the game btw? I read once that it was coming Q4 2011. I suppose it will take more time still. Actual gameplay footage would be nice to see.
  3. Have you made better texture/model/whatnot for M1 garand and K98 for 2.6? The current ones look frankly a bit outdated when you are in ironsight mode. And those 2 are the most used weapons so they if anything should get overhaul. How about the weird method for adjusting axis tank sight range, has that been "fixed" for 2.6?
  4. Atkins

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Can't emphasize enough how important this point is.
  5. Is it just me or my configs or whatnot but it is really hard to hit the zig-zagging zombies in the head with ironsights?
  6. Any idea why Direct Communication quality is so much worse than other channels? At least now in PR everyone uses the Group channel all the time cos DC is so bad most of the time. Which is a shame.
  7. Was there some addon/mod requirements and how-to-install guide somewhere for us noobs? Suggestions: How about a boat that needs engine, gas and some fixing to escape the "island"? And it would be random if you could escape with heli or boat and also random how many parts and what not it takes to fix these. Is it already random where the parts for fixing heli are located and how many parts it takes to fix it? How about if one way to complete the mission would be fixing a radio (that u have to find), finding out a certain radio frequency and some password (from civis) to contact some weird heli-pilot/army pilot/fisher with boat/army boat that would pick u up at certain random location and at certain time with certain requirements (light source to locate you, money, booze, women, etc...)?
  8. Atkins

    3rd person versus Egoshootermode

    How hard it is to understand that both 1st and 3rd person views are unrealistic. The matter boils down to summing up upsides and downsides of these 2 viewmodes and afaik most ppl choose the 1st person cos 3rd person is basically cheating as it has been stated many times before with _good_ arguments. In a PvP gameplay it is kinda important that no one gets to cheat. Shooting-bots-servers should not care about such matter. You can always play Tomb Raider or Mario Kart if u are unhappy :D QFT
  9. I am pretty sure there isnt a GDT Plant2 mod for OA islands behind that link. There is just this one and same plant2 mod and afaik it doesnt do the trick in OA islands like it does in Chernarus.
  10. Is there a similar mod for OA "islands"?
  11. Usually those that want to play the game with more immersion (alas not having a magic camera up in the sky on top of your avatar) are told that well you can always turn the 3rd person off. That can't be done if you are playing PvP game and want to be in the same starting line as others. 3rd person might increase ur FOV but it also gives u superhuman abilities that are basically cheats. Ofc it is a matter of an opinion how to account which cons weigh more. I certainly do not agree with you on this matter. Slightly limited view (then IRL) vs cheats is basically the options here. I think you underestimate the vision that 1st person mode has. It is not that bad, and imo (and for others) the small reduction in view of field is better then magical abilities to see where you could in no way see in real life either. Same goes for the magical icon in the screen telling u where u are aiming exactly. But by all means let ppl use the 3rd per. in editor, sp and even coop (I doubt bots care) and ofc in mp where server owners so choose to, just let it not be the default setting.
  12. There is no way a game can create a totally realistic experience (at least without some 3d helmet or whatnot). So there has to be compromises when implementing stuff. Both 1st and 3rd person view simulate the realistic viewpoint from their perspective and have their upsides and downsides. The key question here is that when you compare the bad sides of the both angles, which is more troublesome? And does the upsides outweigh the downsides? 3rd person view might give you the ability to get a better field of view but it also gives you abilities like seeing over obstacles or behind a corner which effectively are cheats. Combining crosshair and 3rd person view gives u the ability to lay down in high grass and shoot without problem ppl that can't even see you. In my opinion the downsides of 3rd person view are far more worse compared to the 1st person view when it comes to mp online gaming. The 3rd person mode and crosshair should only be enabled in the recruit difficulty. There is no place for them in PvP mp games. However if server owner chooses to enable them, so be it, but mark in the server name so ppl know what they get when they join. Also in sp mode you should ofc be able to choose how ever you want to play. But in mp the solution is not to enable both "cheats" and let the players decide cos both "cheats" give so much advantage that if you don't enable them, you are effectively few steps behind to those that use them.
  13. Daemns. Well, perhaps you'll rls some videos in the future perhaps :) And put them in moddb which will announce me about it. I am tracking you!
  14. Estimating with Stetson-Harrison method I would say that offline and online groups are not separate completely. So far I've been mostly playing SP stuff cos the MP experience is horrible (warping). I bet there will be a lot of new players flowing to MP when it will more playable. Pr does it mp side excellently, no more struggling with million different addons and mods. Just one mod and it handles all. The A2's strength of moddability is also its weakness. It is a pretty big struggle to get in to MP game with all the different mods every server runs with.
  15. Can we haz in-game gameplay video with the tanks plz? :) Mostly1st person recorded (which is how it should be played, always).
  16. Indeed most of the ppl seem to be shooting bots which is completely understandable cos the online experience is not that great with all the warping. Now that PR is out most of the top servers in the server list at EU prime time are luckily PvP action. I can imagine that if 1.60 fixes the warping that there will be even more PR servers ruling the server list and ofc more vA2 with whatnot mods running PvP as well. Which is a good thing, for A2.
  17. Holy warp. First ever I could play online A2 and not feel the utter immersion breaking warping, at least with bots that were about 300-400m away; There wasn't any PvP action going on so I could not test with humans. Could someone confirm that human players are neither warping anymore?
  18. I am fully aware why they indeed would do these things for just those reasons. Can't blame them for doing it, ............. but I still will >/
  19. Should be but you will still get low fps in big battles and city areas. Only SKYNET (and HAL9000) can handle A2 at full in every situation :) Ps. try defragging (with defraggler) ur hdd and OC the cpu some to get better results.
  20. Sometimes the truth is harsh and cold. It is indeed great that BIS is finally working on the engine issues that matter the most (to some) but it does not negate the past years that they were not working on it (or they were, unsuccessfully be that) but instead pushing out more content and expansion packs and whatnot... I am more than eager to wait them to fix these main issues, and when they finally do, I will start (again) talking to my friends that they should look in to this cool game. Now I just can't do it (anymore) with my conscious cos so far i've got few friends to buy this game with all the cool videos and fancy pics, only to get them uninstall the whole thing after seeing how badly it behaves in online gaming.
  21. No no... didn't you read earlier that update ur pc loozer or suck it up or uninstall it :D But seriously, warping, generally bad cpu usage (lack of optimization) and LOD flickering has made me uninstall the game several times already. BIS seems to be more interested in releasing new addons and expansion packs then fixing 4+ year old gamestopping issues...
  22. BI should just name their next game to Arma3: The Warp Brothers. There is no way in hell that I would be buying next Arma game if they don't fix the warping.
  23. Your link is not working. Buy Phenom II 955 and OC it. It is the easiest and cheapest way for you to get some more boost without updating your whole rig but don't expect miracles. If you are going to upgrade your whole rig, yes go for SB. It is the best you can have for A2. This review tells you all you need to know: http://www.hardware.fr/articles/778-11/arma-2.html
  24. Atkins

    CIT: Most voted bugs

    AI warping - especially at distance. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/1915 Was that excluded from the list cos it is already being looked into? It has 223 votes. And Imo it should be renamed to "AI and Human warping - especially at distance"
  25. I just bought PII x4 955BE and with default clocks it sucks in Arma2. I still have almost as crappy fps as I did with C2D. If you are buying a totally new rig, go for SB 2500K for sure.