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  1. Could it be that someone else has custom glasses or whatnot? I and I know a buddy who gets these cfgbinweapon or ACE/Delta/blaah/Glasses pop ups all the time, and we don't have any custom stuff on. I think this same happens in PR as well.
  2. * What's up with the crossbow? It shoots quite a lot higher from the ADS. Dunno about crosshair + crossbow cos EU servers don't enable it (which is good). Some of the arrows get stuck to mid air as well :-/ * Is there any Melee weapons yet?
  3. You definitely have to try PR then. You can patrol, defend, attack, recon, ninja, do logistics, build stuff like spawn points etc.. and all this in a pure PvP environment.
  4. You sure it loads up as CO? Locate arma.rpt and check if there is any info.
  5. *Do we always spawn in the coast line? Has anyone spawned inland ever? * Most of the time when you need to respawn, you have to go back to lobby and start from there cos otherwise you just get a black screen that never goes away. I am the only one getting this? * Server owners should announce to players when they join that the blue side chat should not be used for voice chat. Some ppl have hard time understanding that there is usually 40+ players hearing his babblings. * Some side missions would be nice. Idk how or what they could be but some little goal to do. Like you have to go deep inland to Sobor to do some stuff. And most of the time you would have to get ppl to help you on this mission. But it should not be something that ppl could just spoil on forums easily like "Go to Novy Sobor town hall to save a little girl and take her to Cherno to the boat to receive X/Y/Z".
  6. Some observations and ideas; * Reduce the zombie running speed + remove the crosshair = difficulty stays about the same and it adds more immersion. * Atm there is nothing stopping you to just troll the servers by just killing other humans. * Like someone said earlier, remove all scoped rifles so that trolling becomes harder. * Remove the ability to talk on the blue side chat. 50 players on the same side is like a guarantee that there is always 1 speaking useless stuff at this channel. * Add the ability to make survivor groups (like squads ala PR) so you can use green voice chat. Or perhaps some walkie-talkie solution where u can choose a Khz for ur group. * Building stuff like in PR would be nice as well. * A quick guide/manual would be nice.
  7. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Ofc full server is where the actual action is. Luckily you can experience it almost every night in PR. Unfortunately it is only happening at 1 server at a time. Hopefully in the future there will be more servers to choose from. Just like in PR:BF2.
  8. Atkins

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    The way the PR missions are designed, one can actually play them with really small amount of players. In most of the missions the action is around 1 objective at a time so even a 5 vs 5 is enough to maintain decent action. Heck I've played 2 vs 2 and it felt okey. Sometimes I see players agreeing in the server that they will play around 1 obj. no matter what. So no advancing before the server fills up enough. Though TG's server seems to be doing quite well anyways. Still nr.1 and going strong every night. Though I would not mind seeing the EU servers filling up at EU prime time.
  9. Afaik the SSD has to be in ACHI mode to work. You might have to do some register edit in the Win7 to make this work. I think arma site is not the right place for this kind of problem. Try google instead. Or rather the forum of the ssd manufacturer. You can't be the only one with this problem.
  10. Got a SSD while ago. No more stuttering or freezing. Perfect.
  11. Should be indeed optional. But what I would like to see optional as well is that when ever you enter a vehicle you automatically enter free-look mode cos now I have to do it manually 100% of the time and sometimes crash a car cos i forgot to do it in a hurry. But I can understand that those that have trackir etc might not want this feature to be forced upon them (like the current semi-freelook-mousethingy) so it should be optional.
  12. Atkins

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    I am trying out this with some cheap Trust webcam and by adjusting the exposure manually i could get the FPS to about 25. But the camera is shaking/moving really easily (all by itself) in Arma2 and I can't seem to get it to settle even though I try increasing the neutral zones and smoothing and ewma etc. I wonder if it is the webcam that is causing this or perhaps I am just doing something wrong. Atm I am using the Arma2.ini that came with the software and working my way up from there but could someone provide their .ini file for 1.60 version of facetracknoir perhaps? Edit: It is impossible to make this work with infantry and the FTN dev agrees. Blaah...
  13. Atkins

    1.60 fxaa

    +1 for a separate bloom control. Anyway, fxaa and ppaa do the basically same thing in the .cfg and I only have to set value for one of them, right? Edit: yes, right; http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?131008-ARMA-2-OA-beta-build-89223-(1-60-MP-compatible-build-post-1-60-release)&p=2104469&viewfull=1#post2104469 Anyhow, i am really having trouble to see any benefit from using fxaa. It definitely does something cos my gpu usage rises but everything is still quite jagged in-game, especially the telephone/electrical wires up in the air and houses. Am I doing something wrong or is FXAA just so "bad" cos setting AA low in-game eases the jaggedness quite significantly...
  14. Atkins

    FDFmod 1.0

    Activation mails for registrations in your forums are not working. I was planning to ask if you have considered taking your work and adding it to PR:A2 as a community factions? http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f548-pr-arma2-community-factions
  15. I am saying that PR was the PvP savior of Arma cos without it I would not be playing in Armaverse's PvP matches atm cos there just isn't anything out there that provides the same public PvP gameplay as easily. Without PR the OPs list would be even more glum. Still, PR provided what other Arma2 mods/servers couldn't. Solid public gameplay without any hassle with the addons nor mods. PR at it's current state might not be perfect nor suited for all but it sure is welcomed by the community as one of the PR servers is nr. 1 ranked Armaverse server. Sure would be nice if more servers were active at the same time but there isn't enough players for it clearly atm. When more players find out about the possibility of public PvP gameplay without joining some unit and without tons of addons and whatnot, the player amounts will probably rise. About the gameplay; There is more to the game then just zergrushing. Sure it helps if you are fast and decisive but once the enemy starts countering ur moves then u have to adjust. If you just play it more, u'll find that there are several ways to approach the mod, you can do logistic, u can seek and destroy enemy FO's, defend/attack caps, defend caches, recon, tanking, anti-tanking, heli-stuff, sneaky-ninjaing etc... if one aspect gets monotone, u can approach it from an other angle. Anyway, i would not mind if there was more versatile missions but you have to consider that PR is at its infancy (second beta rls atm) and the Commander position is not even implemented but there still is a lot of teamwork, communication and organized tactics, although there could be more but that is just up to the players to create the conditions to promote more teamwork. And those 1-life missions are not suited for public PvP gameplay imo but rather for a planned events and such.
  16. Atkins

    Strange SLI usage

    Try if this helps; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX0BnqAkF0M
  17. PR was the savior angel of PvP gameplay. Try it, learn it, love it.
  18. +1 And finally someone named the topic wisely. This same question has been asked like 3-4 times within few weeks and everytime the topic is named just "Help problem" etc..
  19. I would say that it takes a dedicated clan/unit that sets up a PvP server and seeds the server til a solid player base forms. And if they do this, they need to advertise the server thru I44 forums, Steam groups etc so ppl would be aware that now there is a chance to play I44 PvP with a lot of players. Cos e.g. I stopped completely looking like weeks ago if there would be a I44 PvP server up with players and go straight to PR which has a game going on almost 24/7. It would also help that if few clans would work together for this same goal and not stubbornly just try to seed their own servers. I would prefer 1 server with 50 players rather than 4 servers with 10 players on each.
  20. The state of the MP in Arma2 is now so that TG's PR server is the 1. in ranks. I suppose that gives an estimate of the demand for a solid PvP MP experience in Arma2...
  21. I've got few freeze-crashes with the latest beta and while playing PR. RPTs always end with: Client: Object 2:4185 (type Type_149) not found. Cannot find base à for /value/Item2/data/value/Item1/data/type/
  22. In Steam, Verify game files. There is an option for it.
  23. Try PR while waiting for A2. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?132531-Project-Reality-Arma-2
  24. Glad to see some new material released about IF. On the down side there was nothing that interesting in the video. Just like Mr. Burns said few msgs back, they should have showed us the differences between A2 and IF. What makes IF differ from A2 mod so much that it needs to be a stand alone game?
  25. Idk what might be causing it then. Have u tried verifying the A2 files from Steam? And are you absolutely sure that you are running steam with Administrator rights as in you found the steam.exe and open its properties and choose Run this at admin...?