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  1. 3) Can you switch roles/squads without disconnecting from the game like in PR? Or is the squad mechanics going to be same as in vA2?
  2. More questions; 1) Will AtoC=0 be the default value for IF? Yes, i know how and where it can be changed, but all the new players don't. 2) Can u disable in MP/SP the automated squad messages e.g. "Enemy, 200 m blaa blaa"? I generally hate those messages, especially when driving a tank or whatnot but the worst is when u are too far away from squad leader and he keeps saying the "Form on me" or whatnot every few seconds. Annoying. PR did good job removing them. 3) I could not find in those most recent videos what happens when u are hit by another tank in IF? Will u hear a huge penetration sound and get your ears ringing etc. Or is the the vA2 effect aka a fly hitting the tank.
  3. +1 From here you can see when there are players online in PR: http://www.gametracker.com/search/arma2/?query=v0.15&sort=c_numplayers&order=DESC
  4. Imo this is a two-sided issue; It is good that ppl can run the mods they like and make the game more as they want it to be. On the other hand it will most likely make the MP scene as complex as in vA2, so every server runs their mods and addons which makes joining a server as horrible as in vA2 and spreads the community up. The good thing about PR and DayZ is that there are no extra special islands and rare addons that you have to hunt down, you just start the mod and play. No hassle.
  5. I have had the video memory always at default. I was just wondering if 19x12 was too much resolution for 1Gb. I did try with lower resolution but the end result was the same pretty much. Now I lowered some other settings a bit like Terrain/Texture etc and I can almost have Low AA. It still does stutter a bit but less now. Gonna have to fiddle some more in editor. Hate to have a SLI and still can't use AA. Edit: Trilinear optimization or/and Triple Buffering might help in this "issue". Leopardi: Your CPU will and can not handle A2 as u imagined. A 2500k with stock settings will perform better than 1090T OCed. Try fiddling with the settings while trying out the game in the Editor. I recommend that you find an old version of www.playclaw.com and monitor ur cpu and gpu usages while u play.
  6. Perhaps there could also be some positive incentive to not kill other players that much. Something that encourages ppl to interact with words and not with bullets straight away. Something that creates a naturally occurring positive feedback loop instead of the current negative spiral of "shoot first, just in case"-cycle. Idk what that could be though. And the feature should still work even if "bad guys" try form groups to avoid this feature. On the other hand it should not totally eradicate the PvP aspect just keep it under control.
  7. You play enough and u start seeing when they just magically appear from thin air and if u are unlucky they appear right next to u. But yeah there seems to be something fishy with the way the Zs spawn. Sometimes u can wander in a city for ages without a single Z and all of a suddenly they start appearing out of nowhere. But an alpha is an alpha is an alpha.
  8. Indeed the trees with orange color. Sorry for the confusion. Can't lower VD. DayZ has it set server side. I have experimented already quite extensively and found out that for smooth sailing I need to disable AA completely. I was wondering if the 1Gb is holding me back...
  9. Btw, can you switch crewman positions while inside the tank, just like in I44/RO2/DH/RO1? I know, not that realistic, but more practical in MP cos that way you can have about double the tank amount in the action instead of 2-3 guys in one tank and half the tanks in the action. One could also introduce a few second delay for changing positions. That way those that can and want to team tank will have the advantage they are entitled to.
  10. I agree and like I said earlier, would be nice if there was an option to set the freelook on automagically when u enter a vehicle of any sort. Perhaps an cfg-line; VehicleAutoFreelook=0/1.
  11. How much A2 needs GPU RAM with 1900x1200 resolution at Chernarus? Because of the orange trees I can't really put AA on at all in Cherna, even with 2x560Ti 1Gb. When running at woods where there are orange trees, the screen jitters/stutters/jerks when panning. Normal? Or is there some option I still have to look at?
  12. Don't get me wrong, I like coop :) I play DayZ all the time... but when it comes to WW2 game like Ironfront, I am hoping the gameplay would be immersive and larger scale, a bit like RO1 upgraded but even larger and more immersive (cos RO2 failed miserably). Indeed server owners will most likely run their servers with the lowest common nominator, alas all the GPS, crosshairs and whatnot enabled. I suppose they don't want to limit their possible player base to the ones that like most immersion. And indeed it is their right to do it so, they after all pay for the server. I am just hoping that we will see some server with PR type gameplay and settings. I suppose i am alone with my opinion here...
  13. Am I the only who is afraid that Liberation MP gameplay is going to be similar to A2 MP gameplay? Aka 90% of the servers look like this; - Tombraider players driving mario kart tanks and infantry shooting with crosshairs a bunch of dumb bots in a scenario called whatnot Domination, Evolution, Life or Warfare crap with tons of Addons and mods and ppl using TS instead of the build-in VON...
  14. Wouldn't that block the DC as well?
  15. I am not sure if all text channels should be blocked. There should be a way to contact admin etc. And what I have noticed so far is that when DC works as it should, the side chat is almost silent. I do agree that side, command, group and global voice channels should be blocked.
  16. Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully you will be able to crush this issue without resorting to wait a patch for OA.
  17. It works, sometimes. Though mostly it doesnt and when it doesnt neither the dc text chat doesnt work. Rocket is blaming A2 code atm iirc. http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=386 http://dayzmod.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=186
  18. +1 If only binocs worked like gun optics, I would run binocs at hand almost all the time. So frustrating when u have binocs on and u accidentally push to go prone/crouch and then the switching shenanigans starts :( Vote up: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/5216
  19. It doesnt do the job properly. You can check urself. First run windows7 defrag and after that analyze the hdd with 3rd party app. ---------- Post added at 01:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:09 PM ---------- Not sure if u are sarcastic or not cos smileys are missing. But in any case, that is wrong information and real life tests prove otherwise (+ personal experience); http://www.behardware.com/articles/842-20/amd-fx-8150-and-fx-6100-bulldozer-arrives-on-am3.html http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/cpus/2011/10/12/amd-fx-8150-review/9
  20. Maybe it is part of the experiment to disable/handicap the direct communication VON :-/
  21. So should clients run DayZ with the recent beta patch or not?
  22. The avatar skin changes when he goes below 0 in humanity. You probably find from youtube how the bandit skin looks like. Edit. I suppose it is this one: http://kriegsimulation.blogspot.com/2010/07/arma-2-operation-arrowhead-kommando.html