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    ARMA 2: OA beta build 79224

    Could someone explain to me (a noob) what is the difference between this latest beta 79224 patch and 1.59 RC? The other one is 400 mb and this is one like 40 mb. I installed this patch only and the game says that i am running 1.59.79224.
  2. Antialiasing: FSAA Nvidia: Depends on your FPS. Disabled or low. ATI: Very recommended to use 3D resolution instead. About the ATI to use 3D resolution, does this mean like increasing it over 100% or decreasing it? Why? What is the difference between e.g. 120% and AA x1? -maxMem=2047 Is that command obsolete now that [71543] File cache size increased a lot on systems with 4 GB RAM or more. I've yet to decipher what to do with these 2: GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=1; Any advice?
  3. Is there like a Spanish campaign or something, like FDF has a Finnish campaign? I am kinda new to these kind of faction mods and i have no idea how these things work. FDF was simple 1 file. For FFAA i found 10+ files. The first post in this thread is 2 years old, so i take that file is also out of date? What do I need to download?
  4. I guess CTRL+ALT has ome special function when in Commanding mode, cos i am playing Badlands, and i can see the hint window but i can't change the view distance.
  5. I will try to remember to take screenshot next time i play. Btw, good topic name. Very descriptive. I hate when ppl start topics like "Help!! problem"
  6. I have noticed these little sparkly white dots in trees, but in Chernarus and with ATI 4890 card. I was looking for explanation for them when i found this thread.
  7. Benchmark results =/= Campaign FPS Engine sucks or optimization, or both...
  8. Is the tanking gonna see some changes in the OA version?
  9. Atkins

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    Seems like ppl got similar experience here than I. I went from HD 4850 to HD 4890 and my FPS stayed the same, crap, but now i can run the game with more eye candy and it doesnt look like doom anymore. Reducing eye candy will not bring any fps increase for me. I am using e6750, usually soft OCed to 3.1ish...
  10. It sure will be worth the effort to OC your CPU. I have hd4890 and e6750 and it really doesnt matter what i do with the Video settings cos it really has a minimal effect on the FPS (at least in Harvest Red). OCing my cpu I get the most noticeable effect. So far i've learned that ArmA2 is all about cpu and its Mhz.
  11. I would suggest adding some override key bind to this mod. Like when you absolutely need to see up to the normal viewdistance no matter how low fps you will get. Pressing some button to enable/disable this mod would do the trick.
  12. Atkins

    Is Harvest Red playable, now?

    Are you sure it is the right women? I met some similar looking woman near some church and she started chatting about some stuff from the past to me. I finally encountered the right women elsewhere, by accident.
  13. It seems that one has to revert a mission and restart it to enable new values from config file.
  14. I am using 1.03 and when launching with Arma2Launcher I see @DVD in the upper right corner of the Main Menu where it lists my mods. Installing this mod to Arma2 folder gave an error msg so i've copied it to Arma2OA folder so it wont give the error msg when running CO but i can't see no overlay with dvd_debug set to 1. Should I see this hintbox at the main menu already? I wonder if I have some option turned off which prevents showing that hintbox? Perhaps some Ati tray tool option? I am running steam version of CO though with arma2launcher outside of steam. Edit: Fixed. I was missing CBA. My bad, i am still a bit newbie with mods etc... Edit2: Min VD and preferred VD doesnt work. Even though i hit the wanted 40 fps, my vd stays at 500-1000 ( 1500 is in the config file) and VD goes below the minimum value for some reason as well when i get low fps.
  15. Most of the tweaks and optimization hints/mods/tweaks that i see lying around here are basically GPU related stuff, which feels a bit weird, cos every other msg in this topic says that the game is CPU demading, not GPU. I've listed some tweaks that i've seen ppl usually recommend to check out that are not GPU related tweaks, afaik. Could someone list some more tweaks that take of the heat from CPU if they know some. * Set shadows to Very High (or off if ur gpu is lousy) * Set Audio samples to 16 * Lower drawdistance * Defrag * Modules, which ones?
  16. DVD_debug = 1; // Set to 0 to remove. Displays average framerate and viewdistance. Useful for establishing optimum settings for your system. Is this somekind of overlay thingy? Anyways, I can't see it for some reason. I've tried CO and OA without anyluck. I think the addon is working cos it caps my fps but i would still like to see where and when it changes the viewdistance. I am using steam version with Arma2launcher.
  17. Atkins

    ArmA 2 color mod

    I was looking for a color fix for the campaign. The mod that i linked did the trick.
  18. Atkins

    ArmA 2 color mod

    I am having some trouble to locate that particular addon/mod. Is it this perhaps: http://arma2.filefront.com/file/ARMA2_No_Color_Effects;116117
  19. Atkins

    ArmA 2 color mod

    I as well have dull colors in Arma 2 and especially in I44 mod. Is there anything i can do about this via config files perhaps? Messing with CCC does no good.
  20. As I explained, turning everything from the video settings to basically as low as possible or even off still doesnt stop the slide show. Btw, shouldnt turning shadows off be even more efficient than just setting them high? I am gonna try the sound thing. Every other thing u said and read from here and else where i have tried without any luck.
  21. Could someone list some tricks how to take the load off the cpu in this game (other than changing shadows from low to high). It is getting frustrating that no matter how much i lower the graphics and tweak config files (til a point where the game looks like playing doom1 with 640x480, except uglier) the fps is 15-25ish in mp and most of the sp as well. The gameplay is totally not enjoyable when the game looks like crap and like a slide-show on top of that. I am running win7, c2d e6750@3,1hz, 4gigs, hd4850.
  22. I have e6750@3.1Ghz, 4Gb, hd4850 and win7. I am running CO. I can tweak the graph settings and add addons to get somewhat good results from benchmarks (40-60fps) but no matter what i do the Harvest Red campaigns Manhattan part only gives me 17-25 avg fps which does not feel smooth most of the time. Changing graph settings does not affect fps that much in that mission, running with medium settings gives about 19-25 fps and running it so that it looks like Doom1 from 1994 gives about 20-27 fps. Is there anything else i can do to take the load off the cpu?
  23. I am running CO with HD 4850 (512Mb) and Win7. I presume this texture flickering / LOD /whatnot issue is not normal: How do i fix this? Edit: I suppose this is about the Object Details and z-fighting. I changed Object details to High/very high to reduce this. Though i lost some FPS in the process.
  24. Atkins

    Zooming and LOD switching

    Does that Tweak work with CO when playing A2 campaign?
  25. I have similar LOD flickering. What is up with this?