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  1. hi there Yoma! Your tool is great. But im having some difficulties with uploading files to server... Where i can find more detailed way to configure that ftp manager? When im trying to compare repositry it says i cant connect to remote server even thou i can do this in other cases;/ dunno what to do
  2. Question. I've got another noob question. What kind of software are u using for ace server files update? I was trying to use addon sync 2009 but i cant crack this thing..;/ Im just uploading all the files manually via filezilla ;/ Could u help me out here as uploading so much files is a pain in the fanny. Thanks in advance Trooph
  3. Hello there guys. Ive got a simpe question... Is there server side updater for ace2? Or i have to download all the updated files on my pc than upload whole thing to the server? If it is could u point me where i can find it or atleast gimme a file name please :) Trooph.
  4. I would report it if i could find a way to register myself in those forums. And yet another one mate. Your warfare is not being detected on Chernorussia map. Atleast not on the server im playing :) Could You give an aprox release date of 3.00? :D
  5. Gossamer, not removed...Some people like firing at long distances from a safe spot. If its possible, could u just ad an option in parameters so u could toggle it on/off. Dunno if rest of community agrees with me but it really does spoils the game sometimes(maybe just for me) Would be very greatfull for considering this mate :) Eager to play your new Warfare aswell...You've got yourself quite a few "Gossamer's Warfare" fans in Hellfire Polska Server :) Edit 1: Btw. Dunno if its a bug or not but u cant repair MHQ with repair truck... wreck remains all the time but u cant do anything with it. (been tested with LF bought rt and para dropped rt) T.
  6. Gossamer u are doing awesome job :) Been playing ur Warfare for a while now. But one thing bothers me...artilery computer. Could u add an option to turn it on/off? It spoils the game a bit. All u have to do is a do a flyby with lb or other aircraft mark the spot on the map and boom...there goes loads of grads/mrls missiles;/