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  1. No they are not ingame, which videos did you see can you link them?

    Those weapons you mentioned will be in my WarMod when I release it, I have a modder who has a few guys that he works with that have

    given me permission to add these weapons in my mod.

    I may have more weapons and an update to the MG42, currently the idea is to create a belt fed Mg42, and something else, not confirmed yet,

    but watch my IFA3WarMod thread as I will post details and pics, I may put together a vid this week doing a demonstration of these weapons,

    and some other stuff, just got to get something sorted with my fraps first.

    Nice to hear that there's work in progress here , very nice indeed .

    Here are the links .

    Mg34 and Panzerfaust 30 (Panzerfaust is in the crate at arround 0:16) :


    Ptrd41 @ 0:45


  2. 1. Ai way finding enhancement .

    2. Ai precision adaption

    3. Infantry Damage adaption (it simply isn´t cool to have to empty a quarter mag to ground an enemy under 200m)

    4. better Vehicle Dmg system

    and now the really important things

    1. proper documentation of scripting commands and their possibilities

    2. A whole moding tool suite specially tailored for A3 .

  3. I have a question regarding coordinates in this mod . i hope i can make my point clear although english isnt my native language .

    Ok lets start , in classic arma we have a single map lets say altis and this map lies in upon a x,y,z matrix .

    By using the coordinates you can spawn in objects and so on and ai is able to travel the map .

    in your new and fascinating enviroment we can have multiple maps , will ai be able to navigate for example when ordered to move from continent A to B ?

    Or will my cpu explode after the way finding routines ran an hour without finding a solution (just kidding) ;)

    thank you

  4. Hi

    Are there any plans to implement currently not present but important weapons into this mod ?

    Why i ask this , i´d like to see the most common weapons in the game .

    If you have an opinion regarding the importance or unimportance of a listed weapon/vehicle feel free to let us know .

    For example .

    Germany :

    8,8 cm Flak 36 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.8_cm_Flak_18/36/37/41

    PzKpfw V Panther http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panther_tank (edit . already available )

    MG 34 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MG_34

    can you tell me if the PanzerFaust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panzerfaust is working ?

    Soviet Union

    PTRD-41/PTRS-41 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PTRD

    SU-76 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SU-76

    Ilyushin Il-2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilyushin_Il-2

    thanks for your answers . :)

  5. Hello Iron Front Revival Team

    First of all i want to thank you for your hard work building this mod . But I have a few question that you might or might not be able to answer . Please dont get me wrong nothing of the following should be understood offensive or as criticism .

    1. Kju wrote that one goal of this mod is to achieve a good compatiblity with explicitly said Invasion 1944 . That brings up many other Questions .

    1a. The Sides Problem . In I44 Germans are Opfor , in IFRmod they are Blufor .

    1b. The Armour and Penetration System . I44 uses a unique Pen System , so does IFR , i already checked them for compatibility they are not .

    2. If Problem 1b could be solved by disabling IFR Pen system then how can compatibility be achieved while not being able to add or modify content of given vehicle

    addons ?

    3. The Arma III PhysX Lod Layer how is it possible to add this data in future content ?

    These are just a few questions that come to my mind , perhaps you do have additional ones . What i am trying to do is , i d like to get a more insight point of view of the problems youre dealing with .

    My final goal will be if these things can be solved to build a warfare based on both IRFmod and I44 .

    thanks in advance (and please remember this is not meant to be offensive) .

  6. Thats very good news that this project is started . Its a real coincidence last week i pondered if i do the same because i felt the missing of a Russian WW II mod got to be cured .

    Perhaps I can help you a little bit with your mod . I am just starting to learn Oxygen2,Blender etc maybe we can work together .

    My experience with Arma 2 starts from its release on , most time played Warfares and Ace related content .

    I have good knowledge of historic Russian Units and Weapons from WW II Tabletop Games where i play them .

    I strongly recommend that you focus on Russian units at first and try to achieve a cooperation with Invasion 1944 mod .

    I am german too .