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  1. Hi, I don't know is it a problem or it suppose to be so. When I take a radio AN/PRC-117F, and try to sit as a pilot in helicopter, the AN/PRC-117F disappears, and i can't use it. Does someone have this problem or any ideas how to fix it? ---------- Post added at 07:11 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:08 PM ---------- What version of teamspeak are you using? And what exactly did you put in plugins folder? Did you run teamspeak as administrator?
  2. artem-83

    update 163.

    Hi, does anyone know, is there any chance that the BIS release downloadable version of patch 1.63 ?
  3. Hi i try to install HINDS DLC, but after i try to manually activate the key, it show that it activated successfully , and nothing happen after. Please help!
  4. Hi, today I had a problem with multiplayer in TOH. When I try to start the server the message "couldn't resolve host name" appeared. And I couldn't start the coop mission. When I try to start one of those I couldn't choose any of the players, it was blank. It didn't happen before, so i hope you explain me the reason of the problem, and how to fix it. Sorry for my English.
  5. Thanks a lot, man!The problem was with network, actually it was a problem with VMware Lan interfaces, the problem was solved, after I disable them.
  6. Hi Bohemia Interactive, when will store.bistudio.com availiable? Or can you tell me where can i purchase Take on helicopters + Hinds?
  7. artem-83

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hi ACE developers, when you are going to release ACE v1.14?
  8. Is it possible, to make a future to climb on trees?
  9. Hi NouberNou, i download ACRE 1.4.7 and there was no dsound.dll in archive? can you upload it?
  10. Is it possible to change marker direction, when i put marker by double-clicking on the map during the game?
  11. artem-83

    BM-21 Grad script!

    @JdB Thanks man!
  12. artem-83

    TOP1 for OFP

    njmatrix, i think it's gonna be great! And btw i found how to make own mission, to see replay in OPERA1.
  13. artem-83

    TOP1 for OFP

    Hi, all! Can someone explain, how to make my own mission, to see replay in Opera1? I already read readmes but didn't understand how to make it. I try to copy all files from TOP1 mission in folder of my own mission and try to start it but get an error message "Can't find unitlist" or something like that.
  14. Hi, first of all sorry for my english, now the problem .... ... i create MP mission, with 4 Infantry groups(each group contain 10 AI-soldiers and 1 player-leader),2 MI-17 with AI, and i group with 6 mortars (mortar group uses artillery script). I try to run my MP-mission on 5 computers, on client computers i couldn't use artillery script , and my infantry group can't sit in MI-17. Can you help with this problem?
  15. artem-83

    SLX Mod 2.0

    Start SLX.bat should be in the @SLX folder I've the same problem, if you find the solution please let me know
  16. Hi, i've the problem with making island. The problem is when i put in Visitor objects like Watchtower (posed.3dp) or gate (zavora.p3d), they not working in game, i mean i can't climb on watchtower or can't open gate. How can i fix this problem? Thanks and sorry for my English!
  17. artem-83

    BM-21 Grad script!

    if someone had this script please share it
  18. artem-83

    IED Module

    Awesome, when we gonna try this tool?=)
  19. Hi i have some question. I hope someone can help with that Q1. How can I place IED and mines with VTS? Q2. How can I insert waypoints to units, which I created ? Q3. How can I delete created units? Thanks
  20. I already fix that problem, it was a wrong username directory. So thanks to all, and sorry for distrub and for my poor english ---------- Post added at 10:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:12 AM ---------- I think placing IED, mines in VTS will be great feature too.
  21. I know but it is not working, let me explain my steps of installing VTS, i download VTS, decompress it , then move files co105_vts35_oa_rc09.Lingor.pbo, co105_vts35_oa_rc09.Takistan.pbo, co105_vts35_oa_rc09.Zargabad.pbo, into MPMission folder. What else should i do? When i run multiplayer mission a don't have an option to start VTS =\
  22. I did, but nothing happen. I try to push middle button mouse and still nothing, can some one send me a demo mission?
  23. Sure, but i don't have an option to launch VTS=(
  24. i copy all files into MPmission folder, but VTS still not working=), what else should i do?