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    Legend Of Madness - WIP

    This will be best OFP horror MoD, When hes out, I download :) ... Your team have 100% my support in making a mod! VIDEO LINKS: Sorry for by bad english ...
  2. robertoHrvat

    I am making mod, I need somebody for help

    He was make .p3d model, but he don't know how with config ... I will help him, I am they friend :)
  3. robertoHrvat

    Yugoslavian Partisanes WW2

    Thanks! Great Work guys .. I will download it MoD :D :) I really love world war 2 (I am crazy for him) ... I will make campaign - Battle on Neretva. With yugoslav partisanes!
  4. robertoHrvat

    I am making mod, I need somebody for help

    I can create it ;) ---------- Post added at 01:19 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:16 AM ---------- I and you was make Zastava M70AB2, let's go make better version :D .. and this time we will adds and M72AB1 and other Zastava weapons
  5. robertoHrvat

    textures don't load

    You need texture (pic.) in format 256x128 or in .paa-.pac and go to "Load Texture" and when you are selected point what you wants to by a textured press "B" and they will textured! HOW TO MAKE .PAA AND .PAC FORMAT?? You need TexView Program for OFP and ArmA , To you make texture in .paa , .pac ,format of your texture needs by a 256x256 and you only needs to convert they with "Save As" > "texturename.paa" or "texturename.pac" and you have it ;) :D
  6. robertoHrvat

    Zombie co-op servers

    Hey guys .. I will make a some zombie coop multipalyer missions .... If you have a some idea, tell me and I will make them. :D
  7. robertoHrvat

    Game Engine?

    Hey guys..Radnik you was make 3 Serbian soldier addons for ArmA 2, Very nice and "cool" addons.. Pozz i svako dobro ti želim! and if you want Register on my Serbian Forum OFP you are welcome, If you want I can make you rank to Admin with me.