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  1. The problem with that is that the objects will not be local.. The idea of spawning local objects is to eleminate network traffic while still being able to use the fighting postions for cover.
  2. I’ve been experimenting with recording the type, position, direction of objects that are in the editor and then recreating them via script using createvehiclelocal . The purpose is to create non-destructible fighting positions i.e. artillery positions that only exist locally clients and on the server. Because they are local there is not any network traffic. The problem is that I have using getposatl, getposasl to record the data and then createvehiclelocal and then setposatl and setposasl on the object. The objects do not spawn in the same place that it was placed in the editor. What do I need to do to increase the precision of the placement?
  3. Weaponx

    RealTimeEditor 5

    I second that ; it would be most appreciated, I use RTE for all my mission making
  4. Well, I have got it so the squad spawns when Blue forces are present and they are disappear when not present. So I can use it for spawn tool to take the load off the server. What I need now is to have the units damage loaded, so that if a unit runs into the enemy and breaks contact, and then comes back to the area, the enemy unit has the same amount of damage as the last contact. How can I do this? I would also like to be able to load regular objects in so I can spawn mines, fortifications and other objects in the same way. Can you help me with this?
  5. 1) I've tried to do by placing " nul = [this,"triggerfour","once",0,0, ] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf";" in the "on deactivation" in the trigger; But it doesn't seem to work; I replaced the "this" with the name of the group leader but that didn't seem to work. I also tried to define the group leaders in the by placing the following on the orginal group leader: nul = [this,"triggerfour","once",0,0, "first1 = this "] execVM "murk_spawn.sqf"; still have not been able to get it to work, I must messing up the code some how.
  6. I understand the reset function; but what I am trying to do is have a player trigger the the spawn; be able to engage the enemy spawn and then be able to move out of the trigger area, and the enemy is reloaded minus the dead units. This will enable another player to retrigger the enemy spawn minus the dead. Sort of using as a cache to take pressure off server. Also it would be great if the scripts could be used on objects too, I am working on a minefield with wire; Would be great to have minefield appear to make mission more dynamic with out cluttering the map with Objects.
  7. quick question I am trying to get a group to spawn when the unit enters the trigger area and then be loaded back into the clipboard when trigger is deactivated, so it can be activated again if the player returns. Any suggestions on how to do this;
  8. Great! Thanks for looking into it; Mando Heliroute script may have some clues; He some how gets the ai to land on the back of a destroyer. Also if you get wounded in the water you sink to the bottom; this plays hell with my SEAL missions.