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  1. This actually solves my problem. :) To clarify, I was testing it in multiplayer on my own (I hosted a LAN game and just respawned as different units to test it all out). If it works for each player at the start of the mission, that should be fine. A little annoying, but not mission breaking. In any case, the addon is great, I love it! One more question, though: Is there a way to change the script so the extraction can be marked with any colour of smoke, as opposed to just one? I usually find that I run out of smoke for an individual colour pretty quickly.
  2. I've got a question about using this for multiplayer missions. In the editor, it only seems to work for the unit I start the mission as. If I team-switch (Even to a unit in the same squad) then the options are not available to me. Is there some way to make it work with more than one player? Edit: I just tried the mission in multiplayer, and even the starting player lacks the shift commands. I can still call for POW extraction with all players.
  3. YayForLife

    ArmA3 scenario first look

    Who knows, maybe they'll expand it into a large-scale conflict as the story progresses? The map is several times the size of Chernarus anyway, isn't it? But that's just speculation on my part, I too hope for some large scale battles. True, I can't honestly see this lone protagonist stuck on his own for very long anyway. Information? Some sort of communications facility? Maybe even something like a new advanced Anti-air weapon that could give NATO aerial dominance over the region. I guess we'll just have to wait and see! So either way we get something good out of it! :D Or the increased demand and stimulus in the economy could provide some incredible short-term growth (And long-term damage, as the war drags on), but I'm not an expert on economics, so I don't really know. I could see it going down from day 1, tbh. The front line units get their top-of-the-range kit, but the reservists being mobilised are already behind with their last-generation gear (So we might see a lot of FAL's in NATO, which I have no complaints about :P) Yeah, aircraft and armoured vehicles have just gone up and up in price, well beyond the growth of small arms and other infantry gear. Still, there are a lot of rifles to buy and a lot of body armour systems to get to the troops (With hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of basic infantrymen on the field), so the costs would add up quickly. Whilst saving a few hundred dollars on a soldier's gear may not sound like a lot, multiply it by x amount of soldiers and it'll start to sound a bit better. Totally agree with you on that one. It would be an interesting set of figures, though tanks these days aren't the comparative cannon-fodder that they were back then. Where you may have had a dozen tanks in WW2, you may only have a couple these days. They're built to last a lot longer than tanks used to be. Don't worry, most people talk out of their arse anyway. :P But would a full wartime economy even be viable in today's world? Who knows? Certainly not me. True, but speculation is good fun. :) AFAIK, there are no terrorists in this one.
  4. YayForLife

    Help for a beginner!

    Could I simply change the 'disableai' to 'enableai' in the code, then put that into the trigger (I'm assuming there's something else I'd need to add onto the trigger too)
  5. YayForLife

    Help for a beginner!

    Thanks, but will this stop them from moving when they actually need to?
  6. I'm in the process of making a mission, and I thought it'd be best to seek some general help from people with experience. First of all, I know it's crap, no need to tell me that! Now, the mission: http://www.mediafire.com/?bs8b7ew89scw1qi And a visual: The basic idea is that the BLUFOR are raiding an arms deal, between some arms dealers (Surprise surprise!) and some local militia, whilst some local police watch over the airfield (A small 4-man guard). When any BLUFOR unit is detected, the Independents (The arms dealers, using PMC models) get into their vehicles and attempt to flee, the main squad heading to the plane on the runway and the other two getting in their SUV's and fleeing to the town just to the NE. Now, the mission works(Not well, but I'm satisfied so far!), but there's a few things I want to ask specifically: -How can I make a squad not move? This is in reference to the main OPFOR squad. I made sure that they didn't start in formation, yet the always run back into formation when the mission starts. This also relates to the second squad, they have a member a fair distance away (Next to the plane), so they always run to a halfway point to meet up, how do I stop this? -Is there a way to make a random percentage of the enemies flee and/or surrender? I have no coding knowledge at all, so any and all help would be appreciated! -I'd like air support, in the form of a helicopter, to arrive when something is triggered, but I don't want it to actually shoot anything (God I'm picky, eh?). So it just circles overhead, making sure the arms dealers don't flee from the village (IE, it circles overhead looking pretty!). And I'd like to have a UAV available for use, but one that wont trigger the enemies. I'm not too worried about the BLUFOR units on the ground, as I'm l'm most likely going to be using this as an MP scenario (I may worry about SP later.) Thanks in advance for any and all help, and I'm totally open to all criticism and suggestion!