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  1. Lingor looks great! We're really looking forward to giving it a try. IceBreakr always makes such beautiful islands. I really hope someone makes a Warfare BE & Oden Warfare for Lingor once it comes out. Another great island to capture! ^_^,v,,
  2. kage74

    Invincible enemy

    I've had problems with enemies in the gunner position of vehicles not dieing. Even though I know I hit them several times cause of the visible red blood splatter. I'm not sure if this has to do with I was shooting them from the front or what, but they die just fine when I shoot them from the side or back. Shooting them in the face while they were aiming that 12.7mm Kord at me didn't do anything at all, but piss them off… ^_^,v,,
  3. I'd love to see the F-86 Sabre go up against the MiG-15 in ArmA 2. Also, like to see other Korean ~ Vietnam era aircraft. MiG-17 MiG-19 MiG-21 Su-7 F-5 There are some of these as addons for OFP and some for ArmA. Not many have been updated for ArmA 2 yet. Maybe some other OFP addon could be updated for ArmA 2 as well. Kegety's BAe Hawk
  4. kage74

    Oden Warfare Pack

    I finally figured out what was up with the 1.05r Warfare Kulima maps. The mission.sqm was calling for "thirsk" and "kulima". I do have Thirsk, but the current version of Kulima v2.2 is "act_kulima" I just went through the mission.sqm and stopped it from pestering me about Thirsk and changed it from "kulima" to "act_kulima" and it worked just fine. I'm gonna see if I can get this on Jade Groove and Namalsk too. If I do Namalsk it'll use the NIM Dynamic Weather & KuiK's Winter Camo Pack for a more wintry feel. ^_^,v,,
  5. I'd like to see an addon that puts a minimap in the upper right of your screen below your weapon info that functions as a translucent HUD, displaying friendly and enemy positions relative to your position out to 500m. But only if you or someone on your team has actually spotted the enemy. The same sort of info that is displayed on your big map when playing at the lower difficulty settings, but in minimap HUD form. Also, I'm wondering if anyone already has an addon or is thinking about making an addon that keeps score information. Such as number of shots fired, number of hits, number of kills, number of head shots or body shots. Basically an accuracy count sort of thing. Might be especially useful for snipers or designated marksmen. ^_^,v,,
  6. Well, before you say anything more. I have been through virtually all the addons for ArmA II on Armaholic and have tried out almost all of them. I have even tried launching ArmA II using addons intended for use with ArmA, including the VF-1S, Terminator and the HK G-11. I could not find anywhere on Armaholic that had the OICW or PSG-1. I did see some posting about RobertHammer working on the OICW and M134 minigun for ArmA and the Lost Brothers Mod has a PSG-1 listed. However, most of the time I try to launch ArmA II with ArmA addons they either call for a higher version (most likely the version of ArmA) than 1.07 and the addon will usually not load or appear in the Armor or Editor and many of the ArmA addons that I do get to show up cause the game to crash when I launch. I've been all over Armaholic's downloads section for ArmA and ArmA II…I'll keep looking though if there's some addon I don't see. Where are you searching? Cause I don't see the F/A-37 Talon either in here or on Armaholic. I don't have the old ArmA, only ArmA II. None of the stores around here carry it and I bought the last copy of ArmA II and they won't be restocking the game and no one carries ArmA II:OA. I guess I'll have to buy it online.
  7. Has anyone thought of making Lara Croft for ArmA II? Although I don't know how you could get her to do all those …acrobatics. *drool* Would still like to see the following if possible: http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=1751736&postcount=2676 Also, the fictitious MiG-31 Firefox from the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name. Maybe the F/A-37 Talon and UCAV-EDI from the movie Stealth. ^_^,v,,
  8. kage74

    Oden Warfare Pack

    I've been playing on the Oden Warfare Pack 105r lately and have been having problems loading the mission for Kulima. I went to your site and downloaded the newest release of 105r and went and downloaded the newest release of Kulima and it still gives me the error message. You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.kulima I can't think of anything else to do. I've downloaded all the newest releases…could it have been made using an older release of Kulima? I have Kulima2.2 I pretty much only play CTI and really wanna try to get maps for all the islands I have and would love to get this one working for my collection.
  9. With all these MMORPGs out there I'm surprised someone hasn't made a military MMORPG. I wonder if ArmA 2 could be adapted to handle that. Maybe start out as a civilian and choose to enlist in one of the many factions within the game or go as a mercenary. Start out as a grunt and go through some basic training and LvUp through the ranks. Go on missions to gain money and exp and earn better weapons or accessories for your weapons or steal weapons off the fallen enemy soldiers. Put your squad together and trek deep into enemy territory on a recon mission or to assassinate an enemy leader. Or as a merc you could be hired by either side, but neither side would trust you completely since you're just a hired gun. Buy training manuals and black market equipment. I'm not sure if this counts as an addon request or as a mod request, but if BiS were to make an ArmA 3 MMORPG I would definitely pay the $12-15 per month to play it. ^_^,v,,
  10. It'd be kewl if someone could convert all the Ballistic Addon Studios stuff from OFP for use in ArmA II. They had some of the best stuff for OFP back in the day. It'd also be kewl to see the old BAS Tonal Isle, WGL Trinity Island, PMC/Snakeman's AEC Island and BIS's Nogova for ArmA II. I really love to play around in those big sandboxes. A winter version of Chernarus would be awesome too. Maybe convert the old OFP Ski-Doo Sled and some more Winter CTI maps. I'd also love to play the old OFP Toadlife missions in ArmA II. Dead by Dawn Operation Lojack (already converted by W0lle, thanks!) Suicidal Samurai ^_^,v,, I miss playing my old MFCTI (Winter) maps…
  11. I have a quite a few addon requests to submit. If anyone is already working on any of these please let me know. Predator Movie Addons Predator Mask with IR & NV Predicomp wrist computer with nuclear self-destruct Medicomp medical device Body Armor effective against small arms Cloaking Device Plasma caster shoulder mounted cannon Plasma pistol Speargun Chakram Combi stick spear Wrist Blades Special Forces Squad Dutch squad leader with M16/M203 Dillon with MP5 Mac Eliot Blain with M134 "Ol' Painless" Billy with M16 Masterkey Poncho with GL Hawkings the RTO I just thought it'd be pretty kewl for some jungle missions to stalk or be stalked. Alien Movie Addons Colonial Marines I know these and the APC are already available from Vilas Xenomorph Facehugger Chestburster Xenomorph human-type Xenomorph dog alien Xenomorph Praetorian Royal Guard Xenomorph Queen Xenomorph "Newborn" from Alien 3 Predalien Probably be scary as hell running around Chernogorsk factory area being persued by aliens. Other Movie Addons RoboCop RoboCop with Auto-9 machine pistol OCP Police OCP Patrol car Ford Taurus 6000 SUX ED-209 "Drop your weapon. You have 15 seconds to comply…" Robocop 2 Cain Rehab Units RoboCop 3 Kanemitsu Corp. Ōtomo Damnation Alley Landmaster amphibious APC Blue Thunder Aérospatiale SA 341G Gazelle (N777GH c/n 1075) "Blue Thunder" The Terminator T-1 T-800 T-1000 T-X Hunter-Killer aerial Hunter-Killer tank Visitors (V) Visitor Commanders Visitor Troopers Visitor Collaborators Visitor laser pistol Visitor Mother Ship Visitor Shuttle Human Resistance troops Other Kewl Addons I'd like to see Weapons H&K G-11 H&K OICW H&K PSG-1 w&w/o silencer Calico M950 Vehicles MechWarrior Mad Cat Mk II Gundam various models Voltron lions Robotech Vf-1s Metal Gear REX Metal Gear RAY Units Solid Snake Metal Gear Gray Fox ninja FOXHOUND members Genome soldiers I know that most of this stuff is based on fictional movies, animé and games but I think it'd still be a lot of fun to play around with. If anyone is working on any of these or is willing to do so please let me know. ^_^,v,,