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  1. Nuuu! /cry You saying that only some people will get to play CWR²? But…but…but…I wanna be able to go back and relive all the old OFP stuff with CWR² too. <goes and sulks in the corner>
  2. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Kegetys made a really nice BAe Hawk back in OFP. Maybe it can be updated and seen over the skies of Isla Duala. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like the Northrop F-5 Tiger too.
  3. kage74

    Hey! Taxi!

    I know this is an old thread, but I've been playing around with this little taxi and making some personal-use missions with it. I was wondering is it possible to add an option to the action menu that will play "All I Want by The Offspring" I wanna try to make some missions where you haul ass around Zargabad picking up passengers for points and trying not to hit the civs. But I don't know the first thing about scripting. >.<
  4. Awesome, I love the big rig in the Sigma vehicles pack. I really hope you consider making a trailer that can attachTo and be towed behind your truck.
  5. @Günter Severloh Thanks, it'll be nice to give the rebellious civilian population something like that to chuck at the authorities.
  6. kage74

    F-22A Raptor

    I think he was asking about the weapon bays…since the F-22 is going to have animated weapon bays. He was asking if they would have a look at the DKMM RAH-66's weapon bays…because they seem to be bugged and won't stay shut. AI keeps opening them…you close them, he just opens them up again. How come you don't see all the kewl technology we developed anymore? It sucks that all these projects get canceled by the military…or senate for budget reasons.
  7. I really don't get the appeal of the Call of Duty series. Maybe I'm just getting old but all the explosions and nonstop action (never stop moving…or to think) is actually kind of pissing me off. It's all just reflexes…no intelligence or tactics required. It's like action movies now-a-days. You get a 2hr movie with maybe 10mins of actual storyline in it. Either way back on topic…the idea of having these units in ArmA 2 is ok. They don't look too bad in the screenshots. Just so long as people aren't gonna try and use them to try and turn ArmA 2 into another CoD game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On another note, I have a serious request…and something that should be rather simple to do (at least the 3d modeling should be). I'd like to see a molotov cocktail applied to the armed civilians. Just a simple bottle with a flaming rag stuffed down in it filled with gasoline. The civs can throw it like a grenade but rather than exploding it'll hit the ground (or whatever you threw it at) it sets the area on fire. The fire should persist for awhile too, so what whatever got struck is taking continuous damage. Could be very useful in a riot situation or armed uprising. Ahem…*cough Egypt cough*
  8. I'm having problems with units getting stuck when they draw their pistols too. The only thing that I can do to get them move again is to take away their pistols. I seriously hope they fix this bug soon. >.<
  9. Schweetz! Now we have some ships for our somali pirates to hijack. ;D
  10. kage74

    F-22A Raptor

    Schweetz! Just love those extra details. :D
  11. hehe…if I recall I made a request for a new military RP-mod awhile back. It was going to be Chernarus Life: Conflict (a cross between CLU & Warfare). I'll be glad to see what you come up with. Kind of bored RPing as a civ all the time…I've spent way too much time playing as a bicycle delivery guy and in a "mining simulator" already. Would love to be able to log in and join an ongoing war between the Chedaki and the CDF. My idea was posted back here somewhere.
  12. kage74

    F-22A Raptor

    Are the weapon bays animated (or gonna be)?
  13. Ok, everyone knows that the AI in ArmA 2 suck when it comes to driving. I've already tried the Sakura's AI Driving, but the AIs are still driving like morons. Is there anything more that can be done to increase the AIs driving skills? The problem areas for me seem to be them wandering offroad all the time. The AI seems to be trying to calculate the fastest way from point A to point B and they try to cut across the countryside and end up making it take twice as long to reach our destination. I need something that can MAKE the AI stay on the road. Also, something that will get them to slow down as they approach the next waypoint, so they don't come barreling in and overshoot it by 50 feet and have to make a 3-point road turn. Which as we all know will take the AIs something more like a 10-point road turn. What I'm after is some way that if you tell the AI "Aware" or "Safe" they will stay on the road, but if you tell them "Stealth" or "Combat" they might go offroad a little but still not getting us lost. Also, if you tell them "Combat" the AI should drive faster. Telling them to go "Stealth" of course they should drive with the lights off and slower. I'm sure this is something we can all use. Sort of like sending the AIs back to Driver's Ed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- AIs pathfinding skills would be one of my biggest complaints in this game.
  14. This is an absolutely wonderful looking island. You've made a really great piece of terrain here. I finally got around to giving it a try and was surprised at how organic it felt. I usually only keep new islands if they can make me feel like it is a real place. The way the land flows, the hills and valleys, the way the roads follow the terrain. You really did a great job here. My only real complaints are how difficult it is to get AI to drive around here…but that is because the AIs in ArmA 2 need to go back to driver's ed. So that's no fault of yours. The only other problem…where are the missions? I've searched all over the place and there are virtually no missions for this wonderful islands. :( I really hope that more people will give this island a try and find it worth the effort to create some nice SP & MP missions for it. ^_^,v,,
  15. Star Trek Mod is schweetz! Make it so.
  16. EEEEEEEEEE! Playing OFP missions in ArmA 2? Schweetz!
  17. I not tried Waves yet, does it have any really deep water? A lot of the user-made islands I've played the addon maker focused a lot of attention on the land terrain, but once you're in the ocean it's only a few meters deep and very flat on the bottom. I figure most people never bother to look below the surface of the ocean for any terrain details. But having some deep trenches and deep underwater areas would be good for all those wonderful submarines and U-boats to lurk around in.
  18. I usually explore new islands with the CSJ Mozzie or the USEC Maule M7. You get pretty good visibility with those and they can land just about anywhere. I never really tried the hot air balloon in OFP, but I did love the old Dragonfly and Ultra Lights. No one seems to be interested in making these kinds of addons anymore. *sigh* I miss the old days of OFP. There was so much more to choose from back then.
  19. kage74

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    HAHA! This is awesome, makes warfare very realistic. Seeing all the burning vehicles and buildings. Not tried it yet (goes running into a burning building), but do people that are engulfed in flames die or catch fire, run around screaming then die? Maybe it's possible to have people catch fire, go prone then roll over with the "Q" & "E" keys to put out the fire. Stop, drop and roll. :D
  20. Woot! Can't hardly wait for CWR² to be finished. :D
  21. HAHA! That would be awesome, especially with ACE2. When vehicles catch fire the guys hop out and run around on fire screaming. Would love to be able to toast some enemies like that.
  22. Just wondering are there were any plans to update the ACEX_PLA? It's been awhile since it was updated and maybe adding some North Korean stuff would be possible? *hint hint*
  23. I agree, addons are what make these games so successful. If we were stuck with only the "official" addons and missions this game wouldn't be nearly as good as it is. It would just be nice to see the kind of variety we had back in OFP. Most people seem to be totally obsessed with making things "real" and focusing only on real-world scenarios. While it is great to see so many high quality ultra-realistic addons and missions it would also be great to bring back some of the fictional or historical addons from the hay days of OFP. Let's not be limited to only one reality. To all the addon makers and modders out there, thanks for continuing to expand the ArmA 2 universe. ^_^,v,,
  24. Ok, this is more of a question…than a request. Has anyone thought of or working on an American Civil War mod?
  25. kage74

    User mission requests!

    This is a request to all of the mission makers out there that have multiple mission threads in this forum. Is it possible to make a "release thread" for all your missions? SaOk, Zipper5, Stagler, Jelliz all have very good examples of this and it makes it a lot easier to find their missions when they're all in one place like that.