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  1. Port of TheOden's City Fight TDM for ToraBora http://www.gamefront.com/files/20066334/CityFight_104r_ToraBora.torabora.pbo
  2. Port of TheOden's City Fight TDM for Isola di Capraia http://www.gamefront.com/files/20066328/CityFight_104r_Capraia.IsolaDiCapraia.pbo
  3. Looks kewl, can't hardly wait to see it finally released. :D
  4. Is there a link to download the missing ns_mutants.pbo file somewhere? I did a Google search and all I found was the Conspiracies mods and I know those take a long time to download, if I'm just after that 1 file.
  5. I would very much like to see a GI Joe mod. There's a lot of possibility with so many units and vehicles and weapons they had. Having grown up in the mid 80s I can remember sitting on the livingroom floor every afternoon watching that show. Would be great to see it live again in ArmA 2. ^_^,v,,
  6. It's not MY space invaders mod. O.o
  7. hehe, anyone planning to recreate with all these new ships? Or maybe the sinking of the Bismark?
  8. /drool So many kewl mods and addons in the works. <has seizure and goes into addon overload> Can't hardly wait for CWR² to be released. ^_^,v,,
  9. The only real problems I've had with the Space Invaders Mod is that the little tanks are constantly flipping over. The AI doesn't seem to have much trouble flying the mothership and or operating it's heatray against enemy targets or flying around in the little fighters. But having an ArmA 2 quality "Visitor" mod will be really kewl to play with. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with Icebreakr. ^_^,v,, ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As for adding mechs to this game, the only problem I have really had with that is the animations. Lots of the mechs out there don't really move they way they should. I know everyone wants bipedal walking mechs, but I still think having them move around like a Tachikoma would be easier and look better. You wouldn't have to worry about a walking animation except at low speeds. The 2 mechs from the old BOH mod for OFP were pretty kewl back in the day. If I remember correctly they could even jump couldn't they, or am I thinking of some other mech from OFP?
  10. Myke your work is impressive as always. BIS should hire you when it comes time to make ArmA 3. Would love to see the kind of quality that you bring to bear in the official addons. Keep up the great work! ^_^,v,,
  11. kage74

    Isla Duala

    /drool That looks awesome, we can't hardly wait to take to the skies in that baby. Is there any footage of it in action yet?
  12. kage74

    Visitors for Arma2

    Visitors is gonna be so kewl. So, are they gonna be telepathic…mutilate cattle…are they gonna have kewl laser weapons…? They aren't here to "probe" our defenses are they?!? :eek:
  13. Namalsk is a really kewl island, it deserves to see more missions being made for it. ^_^,v,,
  14. Space Invaders Mod here will work (sort of) in ArmA 2, but is in desperate need of updrades. I love setting up a battlefield in the editor and having a swarm of their little fighters and tanks come in from the coastline followed by a few of those bellowing motherships. It's almost terrifying (or it would be if it were real life) to be one of those hapless soldiers on the ground. Our weapons having virtually no effect, your position being overrun and there's nothing you can do to stop them.
  15. hehe, you have no idea how many sci-fi things I've requested, but few ever get made. I would love to see more sci-fi stuff getting released including an alien invasion. Maybe some War of the Worlds stuff. Damned this sound is scary! Maybe a <still has nightmares about first day on Hellfire Peninsula> How the hell does a 5 story giant robot manage to sneak up behind you?!?Maybe some Dr. Who stuff? You'd need a T.A.R.D.I.S. a Dr. Who (Tom Baker) unit, a K-9 unit and maybe some Daleks on the OpFor, or maybe Cybermen. There's an incredible amount of sci-fi stuff out there that could make it's way into ArmA 2. Not just sci-fi but animé as well. ^_^,v,,
  16. I just had a couple of questions. I'm trying out the SOA mod and am experiencing some weird stuff with the bullet sounds. Well, it's not really weird, it's just I am hearing the shot from the gun before the bullet gets to me. I hear the gunshot in the distance then the thump of the bullet striking nearby. Shouldn't the bullet get to me before the sound from the gun? I don't really know how the game handles things that move faster than the speed of sound or how that sound gets to me. I've tried a few other sound mods as well and was wondering if other people are having this issue. I've tried Sound of Anders, ACE_SM, Sounds of War mod, Elias sound mod, RUG_DSAI and was wondering which sound mod is the closest to real life? Not really looking for over the top Hollywood sound effects. I'll keep playing around with this SOA mod for awhile and see how it works out. ^_^,v,,
  17. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Isla Duala has always been one of my fav islands to play on (second only to Lingor & Panthera). I was just wondering did you get all the river crossings fixed? I play a lot of Warfare with AIs on and they are forever getting stuck at the river crossing at the west side of Duala and over at the east side where the river forms a delta. There's some fence just north of the river on the east side of Duala that confounds the AIs as well. Either way, I'm looking forward to giving the new Duala a try. Your islands are always top notch work. ^_^,v,,
  18. kage74

    F-22A Raptor

    I think I'd just go buy a nice joystick w/throttle for flying these bad boys. I doubt I could afford one with rudder pedals though. That way I won't have to mess up my key bindings. :p
  19. kage74

    Visitors for Arma2

    Duuuude! That's awesome! I can't hardly wait to see this in action. :D Great timing by the way…I was hoping to see some alien invasion action.
  20. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=0&cat=addons&id=44 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=810 There is a G11 from ArmA 1 that will work in ArmA 2…but it kind of sucks (no offense) by current quality standards. There is no sound when you fire the weapon (in either version). Plus the guy holds the thing all wrong and the scope goes all weird when you zoom in if you use v1.2 of the addon. The scope worked better and the guy held the weapon correctly in v1.0 so having it updated would be kind of nice. It just needs the sound fixed. Also, whoever wrote the info in the Armory viewer…english is obviously not their first language… *hehe* :D Lately it seems that people have stopped making addons like the G11 and OICW. Projects that were abandoned by the military and never found their way onto the battlefield usually seemed to get abandoned by the addon community as well. Instead we get a zillion different variants of the AK and M16 or M4… All the different addons are what makes this game series so great. There is so much possibility and so many thousands of weapons and vehicles in the world. I just wish that people would broaden their horizons and start making other things. To all the addon makers out there we really do appreciate your work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a related note, I wouldn't mind seeing an HK PSG-1 w/ and w/o a silencer.
  21. Woohoo! :partytime: Glad to hear the Vf-1s is gonna be fixed for ArmA 2. We seriously don't have enough high quality sci-fi addons to play around with. At least not compared to OFP. We need to try and get a lot more stuff like this going. ^_^,v,, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We gotta try and get the Stargate, Star Wars and Star Trek stuff out there and maybe update the Space Invaders Mod.
  22. Is this gonna be turned into a full Half-Life 2 mod? Would be kind of kewl…complete with City 17 map, airboat, dune buggy and all the other goodies found in HL2. :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haha! Damned, now I wanna go play HL2.
  23. I'd still like to see some wintervegetation in opposition to the summervegetation mod. Chernarus (and many other islands that use the ArmA 2 plants and vegetation) would look marvelous in Winter. I thought there was talk of making a wintervegetation pack…but it never came through. :pet5:
  24. kage74

    Oden Warfare Pack

    *sniffle* :pet5: Oden 105r and Warfare BE have always been my fav CTI to play. BE is great, but too complex sometimes and it doesn't cover all the islands I've got. Oden 105r has some of the maps that I didn't get from Benny. Also, it's easier for me to port over to other islands that neither version covers. I wanna be able to play CTI on every island I've got. It's sad to hear you no longer support this Warfare, but I will definitely continue playing it.