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  1. Dude! I love your Valkyrie! I am so looking forward to seeing it fully operational in ArmA 2. That video from ArmA 1 gives me goosebumps. =^.^=,,,
  2. kage74

    Isla Duala

    hehe, yeah. I was wondering about the Leopard tank. Aside from the camera not working, when I turn out I do not see myself or the gunner. The hatches don't seem to open and no heads pop out. Just wondering if anyone else is getting that. Nice work by the way Icebreakr. Thoroughly enjoying the new Duala! =^.^=,,,
  3. Are we there yet? Just got done watching Family Guy Star Wars (again) and suddenly had the urge to fly around in a Tie Fighter. No download link available yet I guess… *sigh* All the pics and videos on YouTube look great btw.
  4. It's about time someone sent the AIs back to basic. They're out there acting like a bunch of artards. It'll be great to see them moving and maneuvering more like real people would under fire in a combat situation. I do have a couple questions though… Are you going to improve their driving skills as well? The AIs in ArmA 2 have absolutely terrible pathfinding skills. They are forever driving offroad or missing their turn and when they have to turn around they end up making a 10-point road turn instead of a 3-point turn or U-turn. They are always getting stuck in alleys and narrow streets. I think even a 5yo would make a better driver… The other question relates to how AIs see things or rather spot an enemy. It seems the AIs in ArmA 2 all have hawk eyes when it comes to spotting an enemy at distance. I could be crawling on my belly through waist high grass on a wooded hillside almost a km away and somehow they still manage to spot me. Not only can they spot me, but they can accurately engage me with non-scoped weapons and full-auto weapons. They also don't seem to have the same problems with recoil or fatigue that humans would have. I realize we're dealing with AIs that have limited intelligence and reasoning skills. All of their actions are just programed responses. They can't of course actually think the way we do. But it just seems to me…if a human couldn't do it, the AI shouldn't be able to either. If a human can do something then an AI should be able to as well. Or at least that should be the goal. I'm sorry if you've already answered these questions, but the post was 26 pages long and I didn't read the whole thing… =^.^=,,,
  5. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Woohoo! It's finally here! ~PARTYTIME~ Great work Icebreakr! =^.^=,,,
  6. Yeah, you should definitely get ArmA2CO, then you can truly enjoy all the game has to offer. As for recommending missions or campaigns, I would suggest the following: Operation Cobalt Delta Force 1 Ghost Recon: Island Thunder Joint Operations - BAF Chesty Puller Pirog Operation Mighty Justice Operational Detachment Delta Seal Team Six Seal Team Six 4 Virtually any mission by SaOk is great and many are long enough to almost be a campaign by themselves. Stagler makes some great SP missions. Jelliz has some kewl missions as well. W0lle has remade a lot of OFP missions for ArmA 2. He's got more that just aren't listed there yet. =^.^=,,,
  7. kage74

    Isla Duala

    It's Sunday morning…got up, checked my email, checked the sites, checked the forums…no new Isla Duala. Crawling back in to bed. Maybe it'll be out later in the day, when I'm actually awake. :p =^.^=,,,
  8. kage74

    ArmA II Stargate Mod

    Ok…yeah. I'm trying to download the Stargate Mod stuff again today. The links above are broken, but I can navigate their forums. It's a real pain and some of the links in there aren't working either. Ya gotta go to the forum, select Units (ect.), select what type of unit, click some link that takes you to another forum post, then click a link that finally takes you to Gamefront where you can download. Then you gotta backtrack to the start to select the next unit. Having to go through that lengthy process to download each individual unit, weapons, ship, object, map & mission would take all morning. Does no one have single @SGMod folder that has all the newest releases? I'd rather have one big download than 20 little ones that require scouring a dozen or more forum posts. <(>.<*)> ~frustration Seriously, packaging everything (whatever the newest working releases are even if they are beta) up together and releasing it in here or on Armaholic and saying "Here's what we've got so far, enjoy." would be so much more convenient.
  9. kage74

    OFPIP preview

    Sounds like we'll be getting a lot of new (old) islands to play around on soon. Definately looking forward to going back and reliving the glory days of OFP with new ArmA 2 gfx. =^.^=,,,
  10. kage74

    Isla Duala

    Woot! Sounds great, can't hardly wait to see it in person. Keep up the great work Icebreakr! =^.^=,,,
  11. I've always loved the @CAA1 mod, but I too had problems downloading it and getting it into a standardized mod folder. Even though it is a huge download it's well worth it for the content it provides. We might get more people to try it out if it were easier to download and install. =^.^=,,,
  12. kage74

    SP Missions by SaOk

    hehe, I've played Black Forest, it's one of our fav missions…even though I've never beaten it. It's such a long mission, that it could practically be considered a campaign by itself. :D
  13. kage74

    Namalsk crisis

    It's like going to the theater. The music sets the mood and is supposed to trigger some emotional response. The right music at the right time can make or break a good movie. Just imagine Star Wars without John Williams, or without it's trademark theme. Music can be as important in a game as it is in a movie. Especially if it's timed to help tell the story or keyed to certain events to let you know something is happening and how you're supposed to react.
  14. kage74

    User mission requests!

    Has anyone thought of making an (one of my fav classic games from PS1) coop campaign?Of course we'd need to use some addons…maybe these? Boeing B-52H Stratofortress F-117A Nighthawk F-14 Tomcat F-15 Eagle F-16 Fighting Falcon GLT Missilebox F-4E Phantom II Su-33 Flanker-D RKT Weapons F-22A Raptor Mando Missiles Of course there are plenty of other nice aircraft out there to use as well as some nice carriers to launch from. It's always good to have a variety of aircraft to pilot and to go up against. Maybe the new F/A-18 Super Hornet will be done in time to be included? =^.^=,,,
  15. kage74

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    /drool Beautiful… F/A-18 Hornet has always been one of my fav jets. =^.^=,,,
  16. hehe, interesting addon. It's nice to see something "different" for a change. =^.^=,,,
  17. @Icebreakr I know you're very busy updating Isla Duala and the awesome new units that will go with it and I certainly don't want you to take precious time away from that project. But I was wondering…do you have any intentions on updating the Lingor units…particularly the Unisols. The current Unisol units look like regular guys in t-shirts and trousers and their weapons certainly aren't very "high tech". I had kind of hoped they would turn out more like this or this (but with a jungle pattern). Maybe have them equipped with the FN F2000 might be more fitting for a supposed "cyborg" soldier. Anyway…that was just my thoughts on the matter. Keep up the excellent work and we're all looking forward to your new Duala units. ^_^,v,,
  18. kage74

    Namalsk crisis

    I like the music, but I turn it way down so it provides ambiance. The right music can really set the mood for any mod, mission or campaign. I don't mind the larger download, it should be worth it.
  19. I'm still trying to figure out what mod it is that's causing it the problem. I've tried turning mods on/off but it's hit or miss and hard to pinpoint the cause. Here's a list of mods I'm usually running and if anyone else is running these and can help figure it out it'd be much appreciated. Mods I almost always run: CAA1 NGS Capraia CBA SAP Everon Isla Duala + Units Jade Groove + Units Lingor + Units Namalsk Panthera FDF Podagorsk Quesh-Kibrul ToraBora Inko Disposable JTD Fire & Smoke Mods I often run: 31st MEU Replacement Reticles ACE ACEX ACEX_PLA ACEX_RU ACEX_SM ACEX_USNavy Japahto Thirsk + ThirskW CWR² Winter Kolgujev KuiK Winter Camo Pack There's lots of other little mods and addons I download and play around with, but I don't usually keep them running all the time.
  20. kage74

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    OMGZ! I wants F/A-18 Super Hornet. I really hope to god you manage to get permission to release this. The F/A-18 Hornet has been like a carrot dangling on the end of a stick for too long now. It's being held just out of reach and I'm sure we're all tired of waiting for it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are far too many addons created for "personal use" that never get released publicly. Search YouTube and you can see hundreds of kewl addons that the author for whatever reason has decided to withhold. Hopefully this will not be one of them. ^_^,v,,
  21. I do have some weird issues with the Stalkers arms getting all thin and spindly sometimes. His forearm goes almost completely flat like a deflated balloon animal. It does seem to happen more often when I'm running other mods, but I can't figure out which mod is doing it.
  22. kage74

    The Undead Mod

    hehe, like what? Limbs being blown off, decapitation, torsos blown in two? Maybe more screaming… Actually that's not a bad idea and would add a lot of realism to war. Would be pretty good for the Undead too. Zombies roaming around with their arm blown off, or the top half of one crawling across the ground to gnaw on your ankles. Blow their head clean off and the body continues to stumble around for a few seconds before finally keeling over. Haha! That would be so gruesome!
  23. Woohoo! We need more top quality sci-fi addons like one. I love the music in that video.^_^,v,,
  24. @waterhiro I have something of a request. Is it possible to make a backpack to go with your man-portable minigun? Also, is it possible to make a minigun with shorter barrels?
  25. kage74

    gQ Minigun

    That's a great minigun in the video, but one question… Where's he carry all that ammo? Shouldn't there be some kind of backpack with a belt feeding that monster? Oops…someone's already asked that question. DoH! :D