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    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    yeah Im a little noob about this stuff as well. If I download this mod and use it, will the AI be better on the multiplayer servers, or does that solely matter on the server you joined whether they have it or not?
  2. my game version is at 1.54 but I also see that they still have that patch for 1.07 up top for a patch. And Im not seeing a ton of servers in game when I load it up, maybe like 40 or so, so am I doing something wrong. any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
  3. nolushhere

    Cant see same servers as my friend

    yeah we both are using that. Like we both loaded up the game, Im only seeing like 5 servers with 10 or more people in them. He says he is seeing more, then he gave me the say filter name to put in, I did it and now that server show up when I filtered it. I must be doing something wrong Im assuming. In front of the server name there isnt a green circle but a yellow one with a ? in it if that helps figure this out. Im using version 1.54
  4. One of us bought the combined operations pack from best buy, the other bought arma 2 and operations arrowhead off steam. We both have the same updated versions. But for some reasons he see's games I dont and vice versa. Yes we also see games we can both see. Is there any reason for this that you guys know about that Im probably just too ignorant to understand at this point lol. Any help would be appreciated.