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    Civilians drown instantly

    I'm trying to make a coastal patrol mission and I've come across a "feature"; when a wave comes over a civilian unit they instantly drown and die, I'm assuming this is because their health and breath values are so low that they instantly run out of breath and lose health, which instantly depletes resulting in their death. Not sure if this is the place to report such bugs, if not please move it to somewhere applicable. Steps for reproduction; put Civilian AI in the sea, and yourself in a Helo above them and wait for a wave to come up over their heads.
  2. Sgt. Exodus

    Learning to master the UH-1H

    The UH-1H Iroqouis is one of the most maneuverable helos in ArmA. It's my personal favourite aircraft in the game. You can pull off some incredible feats of aerobatics in it if you know how to fly it. Essentially, as I see you're a DayZ player exclusively, mouse + keyboard is my personal favourite way to fly, the helo basically flies itself, with WASD being reserved for super hard motions, QZ basically locking you to a height and the mouse being good for fine tuning. Practice in the editor (Double click on map > SIDE to Indie > TEAM to Takistan Civilians > TYPE to AIR > UH1H Iroquois | is how to spawn one iirc) some basics and you'll be flying in no time. You talked about aiming earlier in the thread. Yeah, you can't move the weapons independently of the aircraft, you have to bank roll and pitch to get them on target most of the time, it's tricky but ArmA's meant to be realistic game. All I can really say is practice and have fun with it.
  3. Hey guys. I'm an experienced player coming back from a long hiatus from playing ArmA. I'm an experienced player from a number of different areas, I've been a 1iC (section commander) in 2 large platoons, a Squad Leader in a small tactical operations outfit as well as standard infantry in a few other groups. I've also been a pilot in 2 squads, primarily as a helo pilot but I can fly fixed-wing proficiently as well. Probably my preferred roles are as an Auto. Rifleman/MGunner, Section lead or as a Pilot, but I'm willing to slot in anywhere on a roster. I've got a fairly laid back view on the game as a whole, I do take it seriously when I need to but I appreciate the banter and the having fun that's essential and generally comes with playing together with people. I'm from the UK, currently at university, but my playing schedule is pretty much any time other than a Saturday (and occasionally) Friday evenings. I'm on my PC until about 3am most nights so if I fit inside this time schedule for you I'm happy to play. (I think 2am = 7pm on the East Coast of the US? I can probably play for an American group if you're happy with a tired player). If you require or want any additional information feel free to PM me, I don't bite, and I look forward to playing with some of you in the future (fingers crossed eh?) - Exo
  4. Sgt. Exodus

    Please change the name!

    I work in marketing (not for Bohemia, mind) and TAKE ON HELICOPTERS is a good name for this product.. the Take On, if you look at it linguistically and psychologically is effectively issuing a challenge to a potential consumer, which is often going to incite a personal response that usually comes in the form of accepting the challenge, thus buying the game. To be honest, the kind of consumer that's interested in Flight Simulators will be less interested in the name, "Flight Simulator X" is a little bland, not likely to grab the attention of someone in a shop, however FS sells well, Take On Helicopters is no different to this, and people who want this sort of game will probably buy it not matter what the name is, not once have I ever been turned away due to a game's name. I mean, if name is going to push people away from buying a game, "Perfect Dark Zero" wouldn't have sold a single copy, it makes absolutely no sense, but it did sell copies, as will Take On Helicopters.
  5. Sgt. Exodus

    What do you think off the "future" setting

    Fairly easily, with a little imagination. Ok, it's 202x in the armaverse, NATO forces have finished a new heavily-armoured APC based around a Land-Rover style chassis. I've already got the general shape restrictions, (a landie), another requirement is the heavy armour, so I'll have a look at what sort of armour we're using these days, a lot of it is angular and heavy-looking, so mould that around the existing chassis, get rid of the windows and replace them with slats, maybe some racks on the top and the sides for carrying equipment. Put some more armour on the sides and give it bigger wheels, with a better suspension Now we have a realistic looking vehicle. Now how would it handle? Well, it wouldn't break any land speed records, but it would hit about 40 without too many problems. Turning would be like a humvee, and the suspension would probably allow it to sway a little going around corners, stopping would also be a little slow due to the weight of the armour and baggage. Here we have a new, made-up vehicle that's realistic. Help solve your question? :)
  6. Sgt. Exodus

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Agreed completely.
  7. MAG'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL For those of you who want to see how it's really done you can now jump onto our Youtube Channel and watch our past and current operations, recorded from our designated camera-man in the Platoon. So come on over to our channel and check out our videos!
  8. I'm not sure if this will help, but what I do is label Unit 1 Red, Unit 2 Green, Unit 3 Blue, then keep that pattern or whatever else I want to do, that was 1, 2, 3 are Red Green and Blue respectively. Much easier than doing it in series :)
  9. Mobile Assault Group Who Are We? Mobile Assault Group is a UK-Based Realism Unit (That said, everyone across the world is welcome to join). We run 2 Official Operations a week, one on a Thursday and one on a Sunday at 7PM GMT. This isn't to say that these are the only operations we do, however! We often hold Tactical Domination* games, as well as small-scale operations whenever it's convenient for the lads on our TeamSpeak. But you don't have to take my word for it, just take a look at footage from some of our old operations here! *Tactical Domination Ever been playing Domination, only for the experience to be ruined by some rambo taking all the Helos, trying to barrel roll and crashing into you and some friends who are trying to play properly? Then our Tactical Domination is perfect for you! We've got a custom base ready for up to two Platoons to play on tactically and properly, and you don't even need to join MAG to play! The NCO ranks are normally taken by our qualified and trained Officers, so that you can just kick back and play an exciting, tactical and fun game of domination without having to worry about troublemakers. WE ARE RECRUITING MAG is currently looking for members from all walks of life, whether you're ex-military, new to ArmA or your standard squaddie you can apply to MAG, where we'll review your application, and if you're deemed worthy of the honour, you'll be put on a short induction period, which allows you to get to know our members, and vice-versa. We ask that applicants have a certain level of maturity, we're not looking for squeakers or kids who screw around on Operations, so as long as you can be serious when you need to be, you're welcome at MAG. Why should I join? It's a good question, and with the sheer number of units in ArmA II today, I'll tell you. MAG has a unique atmosphere, where rather than just being a few clan-mates, we call ourselves friends. There's almost always someone on our TeamSpeak, whether it's 2 in the afternoon, or 3 in the morning. Our missions are all very high quality, custom-made within MAG, and rigorously tested before being accepted as a fully-tested approved MAG Mission, so you know there won't be a boring or broken mission in sight. We've got a heritage of over 2 years! Over this time we've been able to improve the way the clan works, so petty politics and clan issues are virtually non-existant. Everyone has a say, from a freshman just joined up to the most seasoned veteran, any issues or ideas for the unit are taken seriously and are passed along the channels to the relevant people, so you'll never feel unheard like you may do in other units. I've got more questions! This post not good enough for you then? Good! That's what we like to hear. If you still have more questions you'd like to ask, or would like some advice or help when it comes to MAG, you can either send me (Sgt. Exodus) a private message on the Bohemia Interactive Forums, you can e-mail me at 'oceanhunter [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk', or if you want you can head over to our website: Mobile Assault Group I want to apply. Great! Good news, we're always looking for new members, and if you've bothered to read all this, you've probably got what it takes! Head on over to Mobile Assault Group and fill out an application form to the best of you abilities, we'll take a look and set up an interview date with one of our NCOs. SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately, we are not currently looking for Pilots or Marksman/Sniper Specialists, by all means apply if you want to be a rifleman, as there is a possibility down the line we will re-instate an Air Section, however this is not guaranteed and subject to many circumstances. Thank-you for reading, Jon "Exodus" Kelly. --- TacDomi Dates! Interested By Tactical Domination? Here are this month's confirmed times and dates for Tactical Domination on the Mobile Assault Group Public Server. February Saturday 05th - 1400 (2pm) GMT Saturday 12th - 1400 (2pm) GMT Saturday 19th - 1400 (2pm) GMT Saturday 26th - 1400 (2pm) GMT Filter for 'MAG' to find our Public Server! - We run ACE2 and Combined Operations on our servers, so they must be installed for you to play, if you require any help with setting up either of these, contact me using the PM feature on the BIS forums or visit Mobile Assault Group. Our TeamSpeak3 IP is: Feel free to jump on whenever you want, we're a friendly unit :)
  10. Sgt. Exodus

    ArmA 3 Online

    Guh, ArmA would not work as an MMO. It require organisation, teamwork, loyalty and not 3,000 people all running around Zargabad shouting 'LFG, PLZ SHO TITS LOL' Sure, I would LOVE it if we could simulate a full-scale warzone with battallions of players on either side, but it's just not going to happen, no matter how much LSD you take you're just not going to end up on a trip that remotely justifies this idea; If BIS do this, it'll spell a downward spiral to the ArmA franchise.. I'm not entirely sure why this post became so angry, but apparantly it did..
  11. Sgt. Exodus

    OA Lighting Engine Criticism

    I don't know about you, but over here in England, all of the street-lamps are a ghastly Orange colour, and everything does look very orange at night.. So I'd say that's realistic, rather than graphically wrong.. Also, you don't use flat green in a tree because trees aren't a flat green, however light doesn't tend to change colour unless you do something funny with it, so that, also, is realistic.
  12. Sgt. Exodus

    ArmA II & OA Everything Backup/Restore?

    Hehe, it's a combination of a rubbish HDD, a slow disc-drive and too much spare time Hoak XD
  13. I do the complete opposite on Takistan/Desert, it's almost greyscale on my PC, makes it feel very hot, very lifeless.
  14. Sgt. Exodus

    Why don't AI use RPG's on Helo's?

    An AI insurgent fired an RPG at a Chinook on the BAF map once, though that's the only time I've seen it happen.
  15. Sgt. Exodus

    Longest firefight?

    Me and 4 squad-mates, around an area we call 'Hill 347', dug in in some mortar-pits, it's foggy, we're half way up the hill, just West of Stary Sobor. We can't actually see Stary, but we can see the muzzle flashes and hear the bullets whipping past our ears. I think it was the 5 of us trying to gain fire superiority over what must have been approaching 50+ Russian troops for over an hour until we got wiped out by an MG. Longest continual fire-fight I've ever played.. and I have to admit, one of the best, too. (A tip for re-producing fire-fights.. make lots of fog! Sounds strange but trust me it makes fire-fights so much better.)