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  1. what codec should the TS channel be running( or what is recommended
  2. huge crash issues today during our sunday op. about 25 members on . Running 1.1.1 hotfix. TS hang up. and an hour in Acre Completely stoped working for everyone. and couldnt get it to work again untill the server restarted. I have never exprienced much ACRE bugs but this op was the worst( as in crashing that there is. all running TS beta 36
  3. i had this issue where i could send trasmissions but couldnt recieve any on the 148. the quick fix is to open up ur 148 change power and then run bout 50 75 meters away from your position and it kicked back to normal
  4. negative. I have the 148 set to different default channels so when respawn your still at the same channel. But even the units who would change there channels to ours would have that issue.
  5. the 119 and 148 muted on the same channel for a few players after death. and the ACRE completely breaking with one member was a single issue with one of the members ---------- Post added at 11:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:29 AM ---------- Jay or nouble maybe one of you should jump on one sunday op and see for yallselfs. cause nothing is coming up in logs
  6. we had issues on our op last night were people you get the muting bug as well including myself. and Also we had one members ACRE completely stop working in the middle of the op. But no crashes which is a good thing
  7. works fine for me the first time just run as administrator or set your UAC off. I started just running if all the time so no issues with it on my end
  8. Shadows i always get that message everytime i disable acre in TS but it doesnt cause an issue
  9. i cant wait to make some "stalker" missions on this island
  10. Let ICE release it when he see's fit.
  11. does this work for OA units?