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  1. Tja, är Hjerpeskans fortfarande aktiva?

    Kommer inte in på hemsidan :o

  2. ACE Saftey Googles

    I need the classname for the safety googels in ACE, anyone? :j: Tryed ACE_GlassesLHD_glasses but it doesn't work.. .
  3. [HjS] - Hjerpeskans.se

    - Little news from us to you I start to inform that we have our server public and updated it with ACE and ACRE. Still have Co-op Nights every weekend. So, we hope to find more of you Swedes and Norwegians out there, welcome to www.hjerpeskans.se and give it a try! New members have arrived to our game society and we still recruiting. A big and warm welcome to [HjS]Pap, [HjS]anon0mouse, [HjS]MEA, [HjS]McHogan, [HjS]Nexus6, [HjS]Patz0, [HjS]watar. We also started to work with the mission maker Shark-Attack from old =RTY=. It have given us alot of awsome mission and a new friend. (-Who speaks Swedish anyway? Huh, Swedes) We also have our HjS-LAN #14 coming up in October 2011. We have room for 35 participants and it will last in 4 days this time. Head over to our homepage to read more about it. Wj0JjBPbfpI ___gAiU4LwFInM
  4. Insurgency

    Thanks Günter, but that wasn't my question :j: I asked if FireBall can make a ACE Insurgeny of his next version
  5. Insurgency

    Hi Fireball Can you also make a ACE versions of your next Insurgency?
  6. CO40 - War in Takistan: Operation Iron rains (WIT)

    Had lots of fun on it.. . made a little bastard of it too k5dLsxW4la0
  7. Custom Loading Screen?

    where do I find "description.ext"
  8. [HjS] - Hjerpeskans.se

    - Little information from HjS - Hjerpeskans - 13.02.2011 We are working on a new public server hosted by GameServers.com and hope to have it up to this weekend.
  9. Zombie mission

    Just make a pure ArmA "Left 4 Dead" mission then! A fire team, shit loads of weapons and tons of zombies. .. muhaha!!
  10. Operation Rock Avalanche DayII

    This will be so damn nice, keep it up Konrad!!
  11. Evolution for Lingor released

    . .. those damn helis and air planes driving me nuts
  12. co5@ Lingor =RTY= BAF Commandos

    Yo Shark! I would love to see: - Ability to change number of revives, like in your other missions. - A weapon/ammo box in camp and backpacks - Harder resistance: Ex. More badguys in the buildings A mounted SUV patroling the road As a true RTY-mission addict I'll keep on play'em, awsome work m8
  13. Patch 1.55 Issues

    - this driving me nuts!!
  14. Zombie mission

    I wounder if someone could help me out and build a real slaugther zombie/undead MP-mission? I realy would love a mission like this on my server! I have tryed to do this mission over and over again but I give up. I know there is alot of you guys out there who make a mission like this in a few hours. I ask for your help.. . Mission Name: HjS - Living Dead Player slots: 2 Teams with 8 in each (BAF) (2Officer,1Medic,2Grenadier,1Sniper,1Gunner,1AT) Enemy units: Undead (chn_undead + chn_undead_misc) Parameters: Cadet, Early morning, Clear. Equipment: I want all BAF, ACE2, US weapons and backpacks etc. in this one, this should be madness. If it's to hard I'm happy with all you can put in the freaking box. Revive & respawn: The medic should be able to build a forward spawnpoint with his fieldhospital. All soldiers should be able to revive/heal killed teammates. Main respawn should be the village where mission started. Mission Players start as two BAF-teams a early morning in a little village outside a large city. They have two respawnable Rovers and all equipment they can wish for here. A few miles outside the village in a large city there is total caos! There is a alarm sounding all over the city due the zombies attacking and killing inocent people all over the place. Zombies should keep on respawning outside the city and attacking to the center nonstop! Burning and destroyed trucks, explosions and gunfire in the streets, dead humans etc. etc. Mission is to 1.) Gather a DNA sample and 2.) Save the doctor who is traped somewere in the city center in a big building! Bring the sample and the doctor (alive) to the extraction point out side the city where one of the teamleaders/officers call in pickup (Chinook) via the radio. When the chopper is airborn and flys away the mission gets completed.
  15. Operation Rock Avalanche

    Hope so.. .