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  1. Well, one of the selling points of arma , has always been , that the missions are completed completely up to you. The underwater aspect just adds in more possibilities and tactical choices. I personally would like some large subs that you could raid. Maybe a bit fan boy'y. But i think that would be a cool mission.

  2. What's the difference between BI's expansions and other game's expansions?

    Well, a game I shall not name, will charge you £20 for a couple of tiny maps.

    BI in two great expansions has supplied us with a Full large map, and a new force with an assortments of weapons, and vehicles. I picked mine up for £7.99 off steam.

    But, i understand BI are working on Take On helicopters, and ArmA III. But, my plea is! Please don't forget about ArmA II. Its a great game, and i would still like to see some official Expansions from BI.