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  1. Placebo, I'm sure that you are a very busy person but I'm also unable to install OA from the DVD. The setup program claims my key number is invalid. I've tried upper and lower case, substituting 'zero's' for 'oh's'. What's more, the key number is printed clearly, so that's not an issue. Additionally I have the steam version of ARMA 2 installed and working properly. I'm going to email you my key number. Hope that you can help out... Byron
  2. Byron Walter

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    I picked up OA on DVD yesterday... already have ARMA 2 installed via a Steam purchase. Anyhow the setup program asks for the install key on the back of the manual. I enter it and get the message that it's invalid. The key digits are clear and easy to read and I tried swapping 'zero's' for 'oh's' with no joy. I've installed thousands of games, well maybe dozens, and never had this problem before with an install key. Anybody?... Placebo?... help! Byron