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  1. -RFP-CHykis

    ATOC white outlines on grass and trees

    Already tried, without PPAA it looks even worse.
  2. Just look. ATOC on [/img] ATOC off [/img] I think it comes with 1.36. Sometimes I see outlines on other objects such as buildings, weapons etc. Tried some tweaks in drivers - enable/disable MS/SS and other - doesn't work for me. My spec - I7 4770K, GTX 970, 8Gb RAM
  3. -RFP-CHykis

    Priority of Bugfixing and features of BIS

    Oh wow what a fantastic bullshit - if there is a button MP - it has to be optimized for this. If on ArmA3.com was simple phrase: there is no multiplayer and campaign will be three months later in 3 parts. Who will buy this? lolka I like these games, but I tired of ppl telling "we have these things not working, but next game will be perfect..."
  4. -RFP-CHykis

    Priority of Bugfixing and features of BIS

    Strange damage characteristics, trajectory - not fine Yeah-yeah BIS is ready for bla-bla in ArmA 2 BIS is ready for bla-bla cool gayplay ArmA 3, 4, 5, 6 just 100 years needed mates
  5. -RFP-CHykis

    AA Batterie-Radar e Chopper

    Agreed. And also i think we need much more powerful Titan compacts - 3-4 hits on tank to kill makes it useless. In real life tank armor evolution run next to at misiles evo
  6. -RFP-CHykis

    Priority of Bugfixing and features of BIS

    Wow, I think ArmA 3 has much more features like movement, Physx and so on, but huge part of these don't work properly - physics still poor, ballistics - like from another universe, changing clothes - big problem, you need to pray all day before try it, THAT NETCODE: if there is more than 4 man shootin each other you can see strange things like crew flying on orbit of gunships and tanks, teleportation, 30 and more rnds needed to kill someone. And so on and on. And yes, VBS2 has many features that i believe work properly, VBS2 can into 64 bit. ArmA 3 came after VBS2 and can't into 64 bit and many features so I think may be he has some point.
  7. Short and stupid (cause of story) episode. No massive fights - it's not war it's a small gang pew-pew 7 vs 7 in each mission. About story: Stratis is really small, and our brave heroes "hiding" under 3 trees. And they so surprized about being attacked by Buzzard. Buzzard can fly all around Stratis for 60 seconds? or less? Flying Kaimans in the sky? Oh, wait, let's run on speedboats! They can't shoot us on these things! I am dissapointed again.
  8. -RFP-CHykis

    1.02 Hotfix feedback

    noticed 4-5 FPS drop too. not so dramatic but for the game with already poor FPS it realy does matter
  9. How you can fire with Scorcher's laser guided ammo? Tried everything logical right but no. Someone know how?
  10. -RFP-CHykis

    AI Helicopter Gunners

    wrote ticket on feedback tracker about overshoot, but BIS do nothing. Let's vote for may be it helps http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=14884
  11. -RFP-CHykis

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    confirmed for my teammates
  12. -RFP-CHykis

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    a big peace of nothing was changed
  13. -RFP-CHykis

    Unrealistic weapons damage

    "A good soldier is fast, exact and effective with his weapon, each of which features realistic ballistics and handling in Arma 3" - ballistics INCLUDE damage, so another lie in arma3.com
  14. -RFP-CHykis

    CiA Petition Letter to BIS and DnA's Response

    I think bad times start when BIS tried to make 3 projects in one time: ToM, ArmA 3 and DayZ. And now they just can say: oh sorry we can't do all of these things that we promised...:3 Customers: ooooh poor BIS we understand
  15. -RFP-CHykis

    ArmA III is a good game!

    Most of the AAA titles costs 600 rubel in rus digi stores, but they are not a bag of bugs and lack of content. Indi with bugs and lacks cost much cheaper. So it's not an argument. And yeah, may be you are glad to give money for empty promises, but as I see most arma 3 customers are not.