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  1. BUG: in the Proving Ground map you can't enter the two cow sheds by the small doors... You can only use the big doors.
  2. Speedle

    PMC05 - Elimination

    If I remember correctly, I saw the detailed thermal imaging at least from 200+ meters... But, I don't think that a .50 bullet can penetrate a heavy tank armour... Surely it can't blow everything up XD (by the way, you have a lot of rounds: in your pokets, in your backpack and in your mate's backpack)
  3. Short answer: // merlin: is the name of your helicopter // DVERE_L: is the name of the door. The "L" means LEVY (left), so if you want to close the right door you have to put "P" (pravy) // DVERE_L_POP: I don't know what it means, but you must put it in the code otherwise the door won't close; remeber to put "L" or "P" // 1: is the point of the animation, put 1 to close it completely merlin animate ["DVERE_L", 1]; merlin animate ["DVERE_L_POP", 1]; Long answer (aka "how do I know that"): - download Kronzky's Vehicle Browser - open the sample mission in Utes - approach a building or a vehicle and use the action called "Action: Open door" or "Action: Close door" - read the code in the global chat ;)
  4. It's a bug that happens even in BIS mission. Check the "basic training" mission on Utes: the two soldiers doing pushups sometimes "levitate" in the air...
  5. Wow, I'm just replaying the whole camp opening it with the editor and selecting a different character each time. A LOT more fun XD
  6. Hi, I'm trying to make a medevac mission, so I need an injured soldier in the back of my helo. That's not a problem: - place a UH-60 MED and call it MD - place a soldier and set it as "player" - place another soldier - place the three First Aid Modules and synch them with the last soldier - in the init field of the last soldier type: this setdamage 0.88; this attachto [MD, [0,2,-1.8], "velka vrtule "]; You should end with a wounded soldier lying on the floor of the helicopter. Fine. Now try to get in, or switch to the pilot... the wounded soldier will suddenly disappear. And, last but not least, if you switch to 3rd person camera (while still on board) the wounded soldier will appear. Witchcraft? I would really have a visible (and audible) soldier in the back of my chopper while i'm flying. Any thoughts? Thank you, and sorry for my english ;-)
  7. We've tried without mempoint and it was the same. A nice effect this time: the soldier disappeared but his shadow was still there XD
  8. And what if I attach the wounded soldier to the pilot? I'm busy now, but I'm gonna try it later... No, it didn't work. If in the pilot init field you put "moveindriver", the wounded soldier simply stays where you placed it in the editor. If you put "assignasdriver" and "ordergetin" the wounded soldier "follows" the pilot until he enters the helo, and the wounded soldier stays in the last position.
  9. So, there's no way to do what I wanted... Mmm ok, fair enough. Thanks everyone ;-)
  10. Just played the first mission, everything worked great until I landed at FOB: I looked around and I suddenly noticed two helicopters crashing in mid-air and falling down in flames... LOL I suppose that AI flying skills should be tweaked ;-)
  11. Hello everyone, I've flown the attack helicopter training mission in OA, and when it was time to shoot some Hellfires, I noticed they flew straight down, following a straight line between the Apache and the target. That's not the way Hellfire usually fly: they climb for a few hundred meters and they come down on the target, so you can use the terrain as cover. In OA, instead, you have to climb way over the ridge (exposing your Apache to enemy fire) and then shoot. What do you think? Would it be possible to change the Hellfire flight path with, maybe, a mod? Sorry for my english and thank you :bounce3: More info: http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/missile/agm-114.htm
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    About the AGM-114 Hellfire flight path

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was talking about!