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    AH-64 Pack

    lol I can imagine that. "uh bob..I hate to tell you this but the hellfire youre in front of is our last one and we need to use it"
  2. Charles Darwin

    Working LHD Elevator

    Zuff, my summer has been beyond crazy unfortunately, if you minus time spent sleeping and eating I have only a few days off in the last 3 months. So ATM no this is dead, but it is in(or is going to be in) an MCC update and is MP compat
  3. Not sure I havent played OA singleplayer
  4. Charles Darwin

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    1. Flaps work on some.. not on others..C-130 flaps, last time i tested which admittedly provided drag but did not increase lift at all, same with V-22..the A-10 works perfectly IMO 2. Sure if you want to put down 800 map dots :) Been wanting to test out pins just havent had the time :S 3. I meant more in terms of things like mavericks where you have to look for the targets instead of tab locking. 4. Reiterate my desire to try PINS :) It doesnt have to be "real" CCIP and CCRP..I would settle for semi convincing like the CCIP of Mando and what I have seen of CCRP in PINS 5. Doesn't solve having the god radar boxes in the hud :) Id rather have the radar up top than the god boxes in the hud 6. turrets on a FW? where would that help? lol
  5. less demanding, the map is a desert so far less grass and trees. However ArmA is way more CPU intensive than most games, so you might want to check that it isnt your CPU lagging you instead of the GPU
  6. Charles Darwin


    Im not super familiar with Arma launcher, do you have to setup the game? is it possible that you selected an option to start the game with the wrong settings so it's trying to start reinforcements?
  7. Charles Darwin


    you can buy the games from steam so thats why i was wondering :) it has other issues due to being a steam release than other versions do. Does the Combined operations launch via a batch file or straight into the game?
  8. Charles Darwin

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Accessible = not having to fart around with a badly designed interaction menu. Take for example the aircraft in ArmA..unless you take the time to re-map all the keys needed controlling flags gear countermeasures etc the planes are useless because the mouse menu is useless when in a plane. now if you think, by asking for a better menu, i am asking for the developers to "dumb down" the aircraft in arma...I play DCS A-10C almost as much as I play ArmA...DCS A-10C is more accessible because the key combinations make sense and there is no clunky mouse menu. If you think DCS is dumbed down simulation compared to ArmA. You have never played ArmA or DCS lol
  9. Charles Darwin


  10. Charles Darwin

    Linking ArmA 3 with DCS/Combat Helo/Steal Beast

    arma doesn't need to integrate into other software IMO. Just make their own product slightly better on the simulation end for aircraft. ToH went a long way with helicopters just spend some time doing the same thing for aircraft, especially considering they don't need all that much work to make them believably simulated. 1. Make flaps work properly 2. introduce a better Flight planning system(MFD + improved hud) 3. Introduce more realistic missile behaviors(mando ish?) 4. CCIP/CCRP(dear lord how fricken hard can it be?) 5. remove god mode radar from aircraft that dont have radars in the first place 6. Realistic Targeting POD most of these have been done in ArmA2 in some shape or another, BIS should be able to do them in a few weeks if they put their minds into it. why DCS wouldn't be a good thing to link into ArmA 1. it would limit the number of people who could use assets as a mission maker you would be troubled by putting assets like an A-10 into a mission like domination because you would know not very many peole who have arma..also have DCS A-10C 2. it would limit the available assets to ones that have simulators..A-10C/Kamov..that's about it for assets. Lock-On is not a great simulator either IMO You could add in FreeFalcon but then you add yet more game by another developer to link into now a 4 game spread. Could you use only DCS A-10/BS to control those aircraft and ArmA to control the others? sure..but then how do you balance out the bad simulator of ArmA to the great simulator in DCS? So althought I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see something LIKE this in ArmA..this is not the route to take and until BI has enough money to spend to start developing tools that the US military has only been able to have for the last 10 years or so, it's not going to happen in ArmA. So instead I think the compromise is to improve the simulation in ArmA to a level that is passable
  11. Charles Darwin

    Helicopter CONTROLS

    the OP said he played DCS Black Shark and assumed all helos in ArmA should function that way, I agree the Kamov should, but the other helos are just fine
  12. Charles Darwin

    Helicopter CONTROLS

    your ticket may be about only the kamov, but this thread is not
  13. Charles Darwin

    Helicopter CONTROLS

    The comanche is the only helo of traditional design(not twin rotor such as the kamov) that can do that, as far as i am aware. Even then the comanche can only fly in that manner for a max of 4-5 seconds and it is limited to under 70mph. When the comanche videos showing it's ability to do that came out helo magazines were astounded because no other helo can do that at those speeds because the tail is designed to work like a wind-vane and point into the direction of travel.
  14. Charles Darwin

    ARMA for casual player?

    You should check out TacticalGamer.com to find our servers in game use the filter option and type in TacticalGamer. You'll want to join the alpha server as that is our unmodified server(ArmA2 Free = no mods = no playing on modified servers.) You can also check out our TeamSpeak server and feel free to register to the forums We play as a team or not at all, we do not allow lone wolfing on our servers, and everything is done to provide a workable balance between realism and the game mechanics usually erring on the side of realism. We play Domination on Alpha a lot but also more scripted missions which tend to be more fun and more challenging. If you hurry we have an event scheduled for our Alpha server. Events are times when you will see TG at its best. We usually run harder missions during these events, since they are harder missions, team play and leadership go up a notch and you will have more fun than during any public game. You will need to sign up to play here: Tactical Gamer Alpha Pathfinder Event Sign up Thread As far as being able to jump in when you have a moment, TG is a completely open group, you play when you can with no requirements other than following the rules(basically act mature and play as a team)
  15. Charles Darwin

    Looking for Co-op partners.

    Mova, check out Tactical Gamer you can find us in game by filtering for TacticalGamer. We play as a team or not at all. Judging by your post we might be just what youre looking for :) We play mostly the ACE2 mod which adds realism to the game in terms of how objects are used, but we don't push hardcore military doctrine or radio discipline, we do have some rules regarding VON/ACRE but only in the aspect of spamming, not so much in using strict radio communications dogma. We are an open community so we ask only the time you want to give to the game :)