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  1. Good news, Steam Support has resolved my issues with updating the mod on the workshop. I’ve uploaded the latest version to the workshop page along with a new update today where I’ve ported the old settings menu to CBA’s Addon Settings system, and revamped the multiplayer compatibility component of the mod. Now multiplayer behaves closely with the detail of singleplayer, and server admins have control over every aspect of BloodLust, having the option to override any setting they want for all clients.

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  2. 44 minutes ago, froggyluv said:


    If only everyone even ponied up a dollar youd have like a quarter of a million dollars.. Wouldnt you have to shut down these other  parties hosting bloodlust on Steam tho first? Your copy is still there as well as some other copy cats like Edited version -im not even sure how they can just rip off your mod like that -isnt there a copyright protection or did you verbally allow it?

    I allow modified/forked versions of BloodLust to be redistributed. I don’t allow my version to be redistributed though. Not really worth enforcing it though, I don’t really care.

  3. 12 hours ago, Valken said:

    Maybe you can assign another user to upload the mod for you to the Steam Workshop on your behalf.


    Hate to see everyone de-synced from this must have mod!


    PS: Wasn't there an edit of your mod that ONLY had blood spurts and blood splashes before? No gibs or etc...?

    I prefer to distribute the mod through the Nexus over Workshop since Nexus Mods pays me for downloads. I haven’t received donations in years, and I could really use the money.


    Also just about everything is configurable in BloodLust. If you just want blood and no gibs, you can disable vaporization in the BloodLust settings. I made BloodLust as configurable as possible so people can have  any type of experience they want. The mod can be quite performant if the settings are tweaked to make it so. Disabling everything but blood splatters would result in a very consistent performance; all of the extras like bleeding and blood splashes, blood pooling, etc can be disabled if one wants just basic blood splattering onto surfaces when units are shot. This is what I originally had in the initial versions of BloodLust, and it’s enough for most use-cases. I wouldn’t recommend keeping much else enabled for typical playthroughs, as a lot of the features can be performance intensive at usual ArmA scales. I personally stick to playing little scenarios I put together in the editor with only a few units, and want all the bloody detail that I can get.

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  4. Long time no see! I've released an update to BloodLust: https://www.nexusmods.com/arma3/mods/31

    I am unable to update my mod on the Workshop due to Steam Support permabanning me from the ArmA3 hub for some dumb reason. I will be keeping the Nexus Mods version updated, and also Nexus pays modders based on downloads, so this'd help me out in the long run.




    Version 2022.03.24

    - Added blood splatters at the base of characters when they're hit, making hits more bloody (toggleable via `BloodLust_IsUnderCharacterBloodSplatterEnabled`).

    - Added setting to disable BloodLust processing on dead units for optimization (toggleable via `BloodLust_IsBloodLustEnabledForDeadUnits`, disabled by default).

    - Bleeding and smearing slows down over time (configurable via `BloodLust_BleedFrequencySlowdownAmount` and `BloodLust_BleedSmearingFrequencySlowdownAmount`).

    - Swapped out usages of createVehicleLocal to createSimpleObject for spawning objects such as blood splatters when in singleplayer for improved performance.

    - Disabled blood pooling by default due to flickering issue.

    - Tweaked blood smearing angle calculation, reducing instances where blood smears are rotated incorrectly.

    - Reduced blood pool size.

    - Reduced bleed droplet size.

    - Increased blood brightness.

    - Couple bleed smearing to bleed interval, introducing variation and eliminating excessive streaks which can impact performance.

    - Improved surface detection for blood splatter placement, allowing blood to splatter on more surfaces.

    - Fixed very transparent bleed droplet textures.

    - Fixed large blood splatters not rendering properly from dead vaporized units.

    - Fixed issue where invalid hit selections were causing blood smears to appear when they should be droplets during bleeding.

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  5. 41 minutes ago, Gunter Severloh said:

    Hi zooloo75,

    Been a while welcome back!

    idk if this can help but take a look at this thread, it has some links on it and others talk about solutions

    not the same error but worth a look at least.


         As suggested on that thread maybe reinstall the Arma 3 Tools.


    Are you able to edit the bloodlust page on steam, like edit the description, ect.

    basically have access? This is you correct? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667953829

    Thanks. Even when I try to edit the Steam workshop page itself directly it errors out on me. I just checked the Steam Discussions too and it says I've been permanently banned by Steam Support, wtf. I guess this prevents me from doing any actions across anything ArmA3 related on Steam...

    You have been permanently banned from the Arma 3 Hub.
    You were banned by a member of Steam Support.
    Reason: "This post has been identified as being disrespectful. When posting in the Community, please ensure that content is respectful and constructive."

    I went ahead and just uploaded the update to Nexus Mods instead. I can't even leave a comment on my own workshop page to notify subscribers about this either...


  6. 1 hour ago, froggyluv said:

    Oh boy the King is back baby! Gotta guess finally going for the holy grail of bloody bullet impact points

    You are correct! I've wanted to do this even before BloodLust. Would be nice to have something like Max Payne 3's impact wounds. The new scripting commands since then make this seem more possible, but it looks like there are still blockers for this.

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  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to attach an object to a unit at the exact position they were hit, via the HitPart event handler. I'd like for this attached object to follow the rotation of the selection that was hit as well.

    So far from my experimenting, the attached object is not accurately placed where I shot the unit. I've tried various LOD indexes, and the different `selectionPosition` syntaxes but have had no luck. It seems impossible to attach an object to the exact position a unit was hit at and have it maintain a relative transform to the bone/selection that was hit. Has anyone else tried doing something like this successfully and could give some advice? Thanks.

  8. 5 hours ago, Dedmen said:

    There are many more undocumented effects.






    ^ These are documented. And ppEffectEnable/ppEffectCreate only works for these. The ones below throw "Unrecognized post process type" into RPT.

    But some of the below ones are configurable with ppEffectAdjust.

    These are not documented on wiki yet:

    "SSAO" 11 params intensity, threshold0, threshold1, nearRadius, farRadius, nearDist, farDist, depthBlurDist, BlurPasses, HalfRes, BlurHalfRes
    "LightShafts" (God rays) 4 parameters sunInnerRadius, sunOuterRadius,exposure,decay
    "HDAO" quality (0-3), downScaleCoef (between 0.1 and 1), blur (bool or scalar as 0/1), BilateralBlurQuality (0-3), rejectRadius, acceptRadius, recipFadeOutDist, intensity, normalScale, acceptAngle, depthFallOff
    "SSAONew" intensity, downscaleCoef, nearDist, farDist, nearRadius, farRadius, rejectRadiusNear, rejRadFar, rejFadeOutCoef, acceptRadius, blurRejectRadius, blur quality

    And the rest.. Don't seem to be implemented via ppEffectAdjust/ppEffectEnable. If you pass them they don't error but they are ignored. Unless I'm missing something.
    "Rain" This is RainParticles effect. You cannot set any parameters. It might work with ppEffectEnable, but it doesn't look like it. As always, I could be missing something. to


    Oops yeah I was missing something. .. There is a 14.. SSAONew is 10 and rain is 11.. so 14 is... HBAOPlus.. Well. So much to that.

    10 parameters. Which you apparently already knew.

    Okey.. Uh... uhm.. well... ehh.. Things.

    First 5 parameters are numbers.
    6th is two booleans combined though as a number. 0 means false,default(which is true), 1 means true,true, 2 means true,true.

    7/8 are normal numbers

    9 is both a boolean and a number

    10 is both a boolean and a number. I guess the boolean part is just used internally as a flag.



    "GFSDK_SSAO_CreateContext_D3D11" may have a clue.


    This is the HBAO plus.

    If you check the parameters here: https://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/visualfx/hbao/product.html#getting-started

    That's probably them.
    I'd say either 9 or 10 is the Blur As they also set the enable boolean.

    I got some default values.


    Parameter 10 is by default 0

    9 is default 2

    8 is default 5

    7 is default 4

    6 is default true (1)

    5 is 2

    4 is 1

    3 I don't know.

    2 is 0.3

    1 is 2


    I'll see if I can grab nvidias library and find out more.


    Okey got it. My guesses:
    1: Radius // The AO radius in meters

    2: Bias // To hide low-tessellation artifacts // 0.0~0.5

    3: SmallScaleAO // Scale factor for the small-scale AO, the greater the darker // 0.0~2.0

    4: LargeScaleAO // Scale factor for the large-scale AO, the greater the darker // 0.0~2.0

    5: PowerExponent // The final AO output is pow(AO, powerExponent) // 1.0~4.0

    9: ForegroundAO // To limit the occlusion scale in the foreground

    The boolean part is for the Enable and the number is the foregroundDepth.

    10: BackgroundAO

    StepCount is by default 0 (Use 4 steps per sampled direction (same as in HBAO+ 3.x))

    6: could either be two booleans. Or two enums that have two values.  Could be StepCount/DepthStorage/DepthClampMode/EnableDualLayerAO.

    I'll throw my guessing dart at DepthStorage and DepthClampMode.

    After rechecking I'm quite sure now that it's DepthStorage and DepthClampMode. Atleast if I can count correctly in Hexadecimal.

    Okey I just recounted and now I'm not sure anymore.

    is BlurRadius. Either 0 or 1 or 2. If 0, blur is disabled. If 1 blur is enabled with a radius of 2. If 2 blur is enabled with a radius of 4.

    7: Blur Sharpness.

    8: has to be depth threshold then? That doesn't match the SDK though. Unless I simply cannot count no matter how hard I try.

    AHHH. That explains it. BI is still on HBAO version 3.1, they didn't update to 4.0 yet.

    8 is DepthThreshold Sharpness

    DepthStorage is GFSDK_SSAO_FP16_VIEW_DEPTHS

    DepthClampMode is GFSDK_SSAO_CLAMP_TO_EDGE

    All solved.


    Src: https://github.com/NVIDIAGameWorks/HBAOPlus/blob/master/include/GFSDK_SSAO.h#L609 (you need Nvidia gameworks access to see that)


    BTW HBAO+ requires D3D11 feature level 11 or above. If you don't have that. It will just do nothing.


    Well. There ya go little over an hour of research. Have fun.


    TLDR; HBAO+ parameters

    Radius, Bias, SmallScaleAO, LargeScaleAO, PowerExponent, BlurRadius (read notes above), Blur Sharpness, DepthThreshold Sharpness, ForegroundAO, BackgroundAO.



    @zooloo75 ppEffectEnable should throw error in RPT on hbaoplus. Can you confirm that?

    Wow nice chunk of research there! I haven't checked the RPT when I was doing this last night.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Ryan807 said:

    I second this, this camera mod gives ArmA a new feel, fantastic for recording purposes but would love to see it updated for regular gameplay. I'll be keeping an eye on this mod, this has awesome potential.

    This is the goal. It's just going to take some time to reimplement a lot of the game's standard functionality for third-person, since switching the camera in ArmA removes a lot of features for the player.

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