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  1. I made it out of various objects from various addons.
  2. zooloo75

    BloodLust (Version 2022.04.13)

    Tweaked the "Splat" event hook (I might add this in the next update): BloodLust_OnUnitKilledPostEventHandlers pushBack { _unit = _this select 0; _killer = _this select 1; _isUnitOnFoot = vehicle _unit == _unit; _unitVelocity = velocity _unit; _unitVelocityMagnitude = vectorMagnitude _unitVelocity; if(_unit == _killer && _isUnitOnFoot && _unitVelocityMagnitude >= 20) then { [_unit, _unitVelocityMagnitude * 0.2] call BloodLust_VaporizeUnit; }; }; Go jump off a skyscraper or forget to deploy your parachute.
  3. Thanks! I do hope to see missions utilize this system where needed.
  4. No worries, I agree with your points, and if I were to make a mission with this, I'd add those features into my mission, either separately or by modifying my system.
  5. Possible, but yet again, this is something I am leaving up to mission creators. My system can be used for more than just faking doors and I'd like to keep it as generic/multi-purpose, and lightweight as possible. This is merely a system to easily create teleport points. Mission creators can easily add door sounds if needed. Thanks for the input though!
  6. Update http://files.bitdungeon.org/arma/AccessPoints.Tanoa.v0.3.zip [6-9-2016] v0.3: Restricted access points to units only (anything that inherits from "CaManBase"). Multiplayer compatibility added. Made units inherit access point trigger's direction.
  7. Derp, thanks for this, works like a charm! Would've never guessed that a command named triggerArea would also include its rotation. I was searching for the existence of a triggerDirection in the scripting wiki :\
  8. I've tried direction and getDir, but both return 0 (exactly north). The triggers are in fact rotated in Eden.
  9. zooloo75

    What is faster? .hpp or sqf

    .hpp is the better choice because it's C++ and C++ is faster than SQF. I'm not lying. :868: leedleleedleleedle
  10. zooloo75

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    The argument for performance isn't very strong now that geometry occlusion has been added to the engine. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Geometric_Occluders
  11. zooloo75

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I just spit out my drink, LMAO!
  12. zooloo75

    Disappointed with lack of Interactability on Tanoa

    In regards to interiors, I have a possible remedy (though it requires mission makers and modelers to contribute): https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/191430-6-8-2016-v02-access-points-aka-get-me-on-that-rooftop/?p=3039890
  13. Showing off a use-case of my "Access Points" system for ArmA3. The interior is made of multiple objects and placed inside of the building's cavity. An access point pair is setup to allow the player to enter the interior from the outside of the building. Hopefully this will encourage modelers to make more modular architectural pieces.
  14. I don't think it's possible to make the trigger itself visible, but to represent a trigger with some sort of object like an arrow or some transparent box model.
  15. Was just about to make a thread about this limit. Let's get rid of it. I like a lot of things and want to show it as lazily as possible! :P
  16. Of course; that was just an example. It's up to the mission maker's creativity on how to visualize the triggers to the player.
  17. Update http://files.bitdungeon.org/arma/AccessPoints.Tanoa.v0.2.zip [6-8-2016] v0.2: Refactored codebase. Added travel delay option and other initialization parameters. Added readme.txt.
  18. Currently refactoring the codebase and implementing an optional delay to mimic travel time between the beginning and end access points (as suggested by Electricleash). Regarding gameplay and mission design, it would be wise to place an arrow object or an indicator of some sort at entry points to show players that a doorway is usable. You can even expand the script yourself to do this automatically if you wish.
  19. Great ideas everyone. Luckily the script is so small that making any modifications to it should be trivial. The scope of the system on my end is to make it so mission makers can create "teleport" points with ease, all within the editor, and without any further scripting. It's meant to be bare-bones in respect to fancy features. Anything extra is up to the creativity of the mission maker. I am providing the system merely as a foundation, and am allowing anyone to create and redistribute modifications of my script. What I will be doing is further testing and integration in a multiplayer environment.
  20. Roof? That's badass!
  21. Wow, those screens look promising! Shooting out of the passenger seats is gonna be fun! :)
  22. I'll leave that up to those whom want to take on the task. I think I've provided a decent foundation to start with.
  23. Should be possible! Would need to prefabricate the access point pair positions and then generate triggers from them on all desired buildings by type.