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    Just a guy protecting the people of Toronto
  1. Naf-Cop-

    "BattlEye Initialization Failed"

    Thanks so much for your help! IT WORKS!!!!!! YEAAAA! Thanks alot man, much appreiciated!
  2. Naf-Cop-

    "BattlEye Initialization Failed"

    Ummm i dont have one, do i make it? All i have is: Missions Keys MPMissions Addons Dta
  3. Naf-Cop-

    "BattlEye Initialization Failed"

    No i just tried to join any servers that are normal with no password but it dumps me back to the server browser saying: BattlEye Initialization Failed. WHY?!?! Sorry it makes me mad, i was up all night looking for solutions.
  4. Everytime i try and join a server this message will appear, i havent played on this game in about 5 months. And now i come back to this, i have read some threads and updated my version from 1.04 to 1.07. Try and join a server and it dumps me back to the server browser. Tried running as admin but it says my password is bad, so i dont know how else i can do this! Somebody help me please! :pray:
  5. Naf-Cop-

    I need MP help please!!

    Ok, but i now think that the Coop servers i am trying to get in need me to have some kind of mod called ACE, and how would i go around putting this on my computer?? Sorry for the annoyance of you helping me!!
  6. Ok, some im new, well i played on this about 7 months ago, but today when i tried to join a Coop game it said i was kicked. So i thought that was a bit strange, so i tried to join another server and i got in to choosing what person i would like to be, so i clicked a sniper and then ok. It then came up with a loading bar, and when that was complete it went back to choosing a server on the browser, and i have been trying loads of servers and either o these two things happen and one or two said that i cant have moddified data and the somthing like ace_arty. I just updated it aswell to 1.07 from 1.04. It is giving me lots of hassale for a game that i just wanted a quick go at! Please somebody help me. Oh and please put it simply or i wont understand all the abbreviations. Sorry!