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  1. What do you mean by mission.xxx? I've extracted the files and I don't know which should be truncated.

    update: Managed to figure it out, got thirsk winter working for a few minutes before it crashed. The last thing that was happening was some paradrops happening around me.

    I mean the mission.sqm, I was lazy.

    Since the mission work for a few minutes, it seems major part is OK. Is there any explanation for crashed? what paradrops? Airtroop or boxdrop??

    There are two possible reason I think: maybe you add too much groups and your computer crashed; or, there indeed some bugs in this mission.

  2. Hello my friends:

    I want to use ControlGroups to show long structured text, just like http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-ControlsGroup

    However, when I write this:

    class GunV : RscControlsGroup {



    class Controls{

    class GunV2 : RscStructuredText {

    idc = 219;


    colorBackground[] = {0.2,0.4,0.2,0.4};




    And in script I write "((findDisplay 200) displayCtrl 219) ctrlSetStructuredText parseText _library;". However, there are only ScrollBars, without any content.

    If I don't use ControlGroups, the content is OK, so I hope any one tell me what's wrong with my code? Do I need some change in script??



  3. Dear Katipo66:

    Didn't notice your suggestion.

    Use different zones are the earliest thought on this mission, I tried to build the mission just like World in Conflict, but finally I give up and I have forgotten why... This kind of setting can make the mission more realistic, because it seems there are some important points rather than seize every meter.

    After all, it requires basic change of the mission, so I'm sorry may be I don't have too much time to write those code.

    Thank you all the same!

  4. Further wishes:

    Well, you know, the automatic detect can't tell out which soldier is SquadLeader, which is Anti-tank, and there is also soldier without weapon. So it is not that easy to prepare the list.

    In fact, I think the most easy way is opening the code and telling players where to edit critical values. Thus players can save different mission with certain setting and needn't change it every time. What's more, there will be more and more variables added into the faction, it will be complex to build the display.

  5. I didn't come here for long time, and these days new version just released. Thanks for suggestion.

    I still don't know how to build multiplayers. The new version can give you the chance to change the starting player character, that's one of improvement of new version!

    Save default set up? you mean players can save set up and next time just load it? I don't know how to use userconfig file, but I think versions in the future may open the code, and I will mentioned how to edit some flexible variables in this mission.

  6. Thanks for your support.

    1. If you want to play it in other mission, just (1) put a soldier on new map and save the mission, (2) unpack the current PBO, copy all files (except mission.xxx) into the fold of new mission, and you get it.

    2. I don't know how to create MP mission yet, but as you see, I gradually change it into a MP missions.

    (please notice that I just post 4.0.2 and fix little bugs)

  7. Thanks for your suggestion friends!! I'll try the code you provide.

    What I concerned is whether the leader will order their soldiers again and again even they can't get in the vehicle.

    Another thing is that, because I add switch between teams, so sometimes player may join that group, and sometimes maybe I need certain units getin the vehicle. So I hope I can change the group leader, rather than the value of units.

    But that's OK, I'll try this code firstly.

  8. Hello my friends:

    I create a group with several AI soldiers (without player), and their have a vehicle such as UAZ_AGS30. And then I let them move to center of battle ground (500M away) with waypoint type Seek and Destroy.

    My question is that why AI leader always order soldiers get in to the vehicle? I don't want the soldiers sit on the seat of vehicle which do not have weapon, and I need them walk.

    I wonder this is related to waypoint type (such as combat mode of "Red"/"Yellow", or AI Behavior such as "Combat"/"Stealth"), but I didn't test it very clear. So I hope some body can do me a favor, tell me about how to achieve this. Thanks a lot.:bounce3:


    BTW, there are two additional questions about WPs.

    1) what is different (or relationship) between SetCombatMode and SetWaypointCombatMode? If I set the former first and don't set the latter, will it ensure that they always behavior in what I set (such as SetCombatMode "Red"), no matter how many new waypoints add (without setting SetWaypointCombatMode)?

    2) If a new soldier join into a group, is it necessary to set combat mode again?


  9. this is great fun but as soon I die it CDT's (the instant i die, every time)

    any help would be great

    sorry I can't understand what you mean... " as soon I die it CDT's" ?? What is that mean?? Do you mean the game is over after you die? or you die again and again??

    Maybe the new version have some bug.:confused:

    ---------- Post added at 12:09 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:06 PM ----------

    It's pretty stressful to run, I turned my graphics down to normal and then increased my draw distance to around 2500, with that I could run it decently.

    Yes, there are much units in the battleground.

    You can reduce the number of groups to run it better. Close paratroop, decoy, chopper or other things you don't like also save some resource.

  10. Yeah I was referring to the old release, I completely forgot about this, I figured he moved on to something else, I'll have to give it a try. What is it exactly that was tweaked with the AI? I'm going to test it in a bit while running the beta patch along with ACE and ASR_AI.

    Okay only things I want to add here:

    Some of the translations are pretty rough, and the menus are harder to navigate, I preferred how you laid it out originally it's much harder to set the battle zones and some of wording was changed like the player calculation, people who didn't play the original might be pretty confused. I'm loving the mission though, took some time to set up properly however.

    edit 2:also another thing that might help is the ability to click and drag the starting menus so we can get a better view of the map, that and the ability to zoom in and out of the map while setting up the game.

    thanks for the suggestions!

    I come from China, please don't expect my English to be good, :p

    I also feel inconvenient about the first menu, but don't know how to change it......

    ---------- Post added at 08:07 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:00 PM ----------

    I only just realized the mod replacement actually did find all mods and gave the ability to add units from mods one at a time :o

    Maybe that column could be wider

    nice feature, Still adding them to the quick list saves time.

    Can someone explain the random options and fixlist.

    OK. the player calculation has been explained correctly by the friend above.

    And the Random in Replacement:

    If you have three soldiers in list [A,B,C], "Fix" will be "Fix-3", and the group will contain exact three soldiers: A+B+C. If you choose "Random-2", the group contain 2 random soldiers, may be A+B,B+C,C+A,A+A,B+B,C+C. If you choose "Random-4", may be A+B+B+C. ;)

  11. Thanks for the update, i noticed on Armaholic you had this in your changes but it still seems transparent and hard to read?

    EDIT* I just realized the first dialog box needs to be transparent so you can set the battlefield radius?

    I'm sorry for that color, and try to adjust it later. The radius battlefield is set at second dialog (you can call it 0-0-9 during the game). First dialog only decide the radius of rush, if one side push firecenter outside the circle, they win.

    ---------- Post added at 03:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:50 PM ----------

    do you mean i can add different units from different mods? for example Iranian or PLA mod etc because i could not see them in the list.

    Is it possible to create presets, as in the "Mod replacement option > preset groups quick add, i depobed the mission but could not find where i might be able to do this

    If i play east and change all units to insurgent my character is still russian, how do i make it insurgent? or it would be great if you can choose your character.

    In this version...you can't change type of yourself, and the soldiers you buy, that's pity. the Mod Replacement is to change the other groups...

    Because I add price for each soldiers, I can't give value to units which are auto searched by system (that's why I give "illegal soldiers and vehicle" for same price).

    The preset groups quick add can't set by players, these codes are what I write for some popular modules, not searched out automaticly. You can only replace the soldiers one by one if there is not suitable preset group in that page.

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    Dragon Zen, very good mission concept. Seems to work fairly well. I haven't messed with all the options yet but first battle minus vehicles proved to be very good.

    One thing I noticed is that the AI seem to be super snipers. Personally I find their skill to be set way too high MAYBE. Will mess around a bit more with it.

    OK, I'll check whether the skill of AI can be changed.

    In fact I don't know what is the relationship between so many "AI skill" (in script, in game option...)

  12. Thanks Dragon Zen, very cool mission, my only issue is the dialog boxes, sometimes its hard to read against the map bg, but other than that its a really great mission, side missions are well done also :)
    I agree, the initial box with forced map (which you need to place markers) could you make its background solid?

    And overall I love this, feels like an MP mission but SP orientated, love the menu's and options style.

    Thanks brothers.

    I set it that color in order to let you see the map.

    Since so many peaple suggest this issue, I'll change it next time.;)

  13. New version release!!!

    ---------- Post added at 08:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:42 PM ----------

    Hi Delta, Thanks for your suggestion. I add more options in my mission, and now you can play the pure infantry battle!

    ---------- Post added at 08:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:56 PM ----------

    Love the mission Dragon Zen! Runs great on my PC. I just wanted to ask a couple of questions, can the enemy AI push the frontline (FireCenter) back towards the player's base? I've seen friendly AI push the frontline forward but I'm not sure if enemy AI can do the same. Would be something special if the enemy AI could do that. Also, I wanted to ask as to how I can go about disabling the friendly/enemy jets and choppers? Sometimes I'd like to have a pure ground battle with only infantry and light/heavy vehicles. Great mission, can tell it took a lot of time to develop. Thanks!

    Hi Delta, Thanks for your suggestion. I add more options in my mission, and now you can play the pure infantry battle!

  14. That should work. Since you're creating the radio on the fly it'll only be on their client. Then when you call the AddS script you're passing it "player" which you refer to as _caller inside the script.

    Global variables are global to the client until you publicVariable them. Meaning different scripts on the client will know what the value is, but different players could have different values. If you publicVariable it though, then everyone will share the same value.

    OK. that's it. Now 2 question in addition:


    Use radio to call sqf make sure the certain player. However, if mission give a dialog or a hint to certain player (player open the dialog passively), how to make sure it is he, rather than others, open a dialog or receive a hint??

    In all: What make sure a sqf is actived on certain client-side??:confused:


    Does object (such as car, missile) "public"? If a client-side called sqf create a soldier or artillery fire, other players also create the same thing, is that right??

    Then, if I use EventHandler "Killed", and killer will gain some money (MoneyP1=MoneyP1+_money). How should I set the variable "MoneyP1"? Set it as global variable (then every client run EH-Killed at same time, and each client do their own "MoneyP1=MoneyP1+_money"), or set it PublicVariable (then Server run "MoneyP1=MoneyP1+_money")? [note: I want player to be able to look at P1's money, not only theirselves.]

    In all: Since many computers run same mission, I just don't understand which part of calculation is done by Server, and which part by Client-Side. And, how to define who run a function? :butbut: