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  1. He meant:

    player addEventHandler ["killed",{call respawnScript}];

    And NOT:

    player addEventHandler ["killed",{[]execVM respawnScript}];

    player addEventHandler ["killed",{[]spawn respawnScript}];

    player addEventHandler ["killed",{yourcode}]; (Your code put between the brackets is spawned/execVMed)

    Call is not paralell, so it keeps control of the programflow (preventing BIS die code executed)

    the others are all paralell, so the program flows further in the background (and this way: BIS original die code is executed)

    In the called script you can use waituntil and such, although it is not nice practice to use sleeps and waituntils in called (nonparalell) code.

    Awesome!! thanks for your help

  2. what seemed to work for me was making sure my respawn script was called, and not spawned from the eventhandler....if you're spawning, 2 scripts are running side by side competing, sometimes the death-blur winning. if you call, you force the game to wait and execute your code first

    wow, thx dr_strangpete, I use waitUntil and this may not very strong.

    Could u please copy your script about "call"? where do you insert this code?

  3. Hi friends:

    The screen will become red, or highly blur after death. This function is very horrible when we use selectplayer to achieve SP respawn, because the blur or redscreen still there even when player has switched to new unit. Such issue happened when machine run slowly and cannot switch unit in time.

    I want to ask how to disable this redscreen or blur, with script or other manner? I have tried "colorCorrections" ppEffectEnable false;"DynamicBlur" ppEffectEnable false;"RadialBlur" ppEffectEnable false; but it seems not work.

    I think this has been beyond the mission edition so I put it there, thx.


  4. I add a "killed" eventhandler to player to run a file in case of death.

    The file triggers and you have as much time as you want in there.

    I create a new unit, copy the contents of the dead player to the new player, and selectPlayer to the new unit.

    Yes, me too. And I guess the problem of red screen and blur is due to the low running of machine, therefore can't do what we need before the screen change.

  5. Hey Friends:

    Now I edit SP mission and let player respawn after death (use selectplayer)

    But the question is that, sometimes the screen will become red, or high blur after death.

    How can I disable such effect or use script to turn it normally? They are very annoying.

    Does it concern with "colorCorrections" ppEffectAdjust ??? I don't know how to do.

    Thanks for help.

    Dragon Zen

  6. First of All, Thanks for your support my friends


    Hi Dragon Zen!

    Can you please tell me the best way to reduce the amount of vehicles again, so that they are very rare.

    Well, reduce the amout of vehicles.... This is controlled by AI system, if AI have enough money, they will buy vehicles. If you know how to edit mission, I could tell you how to change AI system:

    In BlackHoleSP.Stratis\AI\GroupLevel\GroupLevelManager.sqf, you can search out a line like:

    _moneyLV=[(TeamArray select _faction select 3 select 1)*_moneymutilV,0.5,_HVDown,1,_money]call LinerABX;

    This decide how AI buy LV (Light Vehicle). And:

    (TeamArray select _faction select 3 select 1)*_moneymutilV , this is low end of money require to buy LV. And 0.5, this is low end of percentage to buy LV, you can change this lower.

    _HVDown, this is high end of money, and 1 is high end of percentage, you can also change 1 lower.

    Then, _money, is the money AI team have, with a liner calculation, you have a percentage between 0.5 to 1, to buy a LV. More money, percentage is higher.


    Or, I can only tell you how to totally close the vehicles, you can find the opinion as LightVeh On, HeavyVeh On, and that will close all cars and amored. More importantly, you can't buy vehicles too if you do so!! Or, maybe you can close LightVeh buy for all groups, and set some background group of light vehicles, if you just want very rare vehicle on battleground, don't know whether this is ok.

  7. DIY your High Density Close Combat!! The 4F AdvancingPower in Arma3!!!


    This mission present high-density close combat, with all kinds of weapons, units and supports. And you can design your own battle with various opinions!!

    Generally, the major feature of my mission is 4F:

    1.Furious: In this mission, your emeny appear in front of you and friends come from behind. Battlefield will move with position of groups, so every meter is valuable.

    With new AI script, AI teams will also call support and that make battle more crazy! You can set battlefield smaller (see "Flexible") to enjoy CQB!

    2.Flexible: Firstly, size of battleground, number of groups, time, weather, so many options let you make your own battle. Most of options can be change DURING the game by Radio 0-0-9!

    Secondly, system will search exist weapons and vehicle automaticly, so that you can enjoy your downloaded Weapons and Vehicles in this mission! You can replace soldiers and vehicle for AI groups.

    3.Fruitful: Firstly, you can enjoy all kinds of weapons and vehicle. Call several support including Artillery, AH and Satellite...which make the battlefield more colorful.

    Secondly, there are 3 SubMissions in this version, in which you can fly AH or Jet or be a sniper. Bullet camera is availiable for SubMissions.

    Thirdly, You can act as soldier and give leadership to AI. You can also switch position in Helicopter to enjoy the gunner.

    4.Fantastic: Some supply such as Detection, Teleport and SmokeWall and so on, are not that realistic. And you will also get welfare if you lack of money or scores. All of these are designed for an enjoyful experience!


    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.




    I have released it to SteamWorkShop and you can track it easily, don't forget to support it, :D

    Altis: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179971427

    Stratis: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=179972069

    Other Versions:

    This mission now have 8v8 MP version!!!

    Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25276

    BI Forum: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?161371-MP-TDM-BlackHole-(Highest-Density-Close-Combat-with-AI-system!!)



    1. Fix bug about Arrow in Dialog

    2. Adjust some preset weapons


    1. Add bullet camera for all units.

    2. Add bullet tracer script provided by community editor.

    3. Adjust the information of weapons.


    1. Support AllinArma Mod and Other Mod

    2. Add Kill Mode and Money Mode

    3. Adjust the economy system.


    1. Fix the bug that no setting menu.

    2. Fix the bug when AI call AH at beginning

    3. Fix the bug UAV in AH list.

    4. Add UAV and Static Bags to buy.

    5. Add Urban OPF.


    1. Fix the bug that cannot buy Binocle

    2. Ammobox now created when game begin.


    1. Add New Weapons and Vehicles.

    2. Add BackGround AA Vehicle, BG Mortar and BG chopper.


    1. Buy weapons script updated

    2. Fix the redscreen or blur after death.

    3. Fix other bugs.


    THANK piko, swagger and other friends in Chinese community: They teach me lots of skill and help me to solve lots of trouble.

    THANK thumsonb: His awesome mission Flashpoint:Chernarus give me the basic idea how to create and respown infantry and vehicles, and he allow me to use those codes in his scripts.

    THANK Mr.Murray: his handbook for scripts teach me a lot things as I am a new learner.

    THANK Chicago: He taught me how to use camera.

    THANK Big Dawg KS: He release his bullet camera code.

    THANK Hypnomatic: He release his bullet tracer code.

    THANK others for some code: ruebe for selectbestplace; R3 for their cargo drop code.


  8. Thanks for your feedback friend! I didn't come back several months and just notice your feedback.

    I'm now working on BlackHole in AA3 and didn't edit the old AA2 version for long time. Although there may be some bugs, I am sorry maybe I can't edit the old version.

    Of course, the new version is very similar to the old one so I will remember your suggestions and make adjustment in new version, :D

  9. Hello friends:

    I create dialogs in my mission, but I was confused with the position of the dialog. For example, the dialog cannot cover all screen, and those dialog should set in right down corner cannot stick to corner of screen.

    I find the size of HUD is changed with the Size of Interface in Video Option. Larger the interface, larger my dialog. What's more, if I put a dialog to right down corner, the right side of the dialog is consistent with the right side of video option.

    The script below is to set a dialog to right down corner, but the dialog was just shown in the middle right, not stick to right edge of screen. Very urgely...

    Anyone could help? Appreciated.

    ==========Sample of my script in description.exp=============

    class MessageMoney {

    idd = 10001;

    onLoad = "with uiNameSpace do {MessageMoney = _this select 0 };";

    movingEnable = 0;

    duration = 6;

    fadeIn = "false";

    fadeOut = "false";

    controls[] = {"MessageMoney"};

    class MessageMoney {

    idc = 10001;


    style = ST_LEFT;

    colorBackground[] = { 1, 1, 1, 0.25 };

    x = 0.75; y = 0.795;

    w=0.25; h=0.2;

    size = 0.05;

    text = "";

    class Attributes {

    font = "TahomaB";

    color = "#000000";

    align = "right";//"middle","right"

    valign = "top";//t valign='bottom';"top","bottom"

    shadow = false;

    shadowColor = "#ffffff";

    size = "0.5";};