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  1. No its not a problem and it works fine, just personal preference because i feel my system coughing when i look into crate :D

    CrazyCloseCombatSystem actually i like it!, also maybe 'PushCombatSystem' or 'SectorCombatSystem' or 'AdvanceCombatSystem' lots of options

    Ha, I finally decided a AdvancedFierceCombatSystem, new topic has been open here


  2. IMPORTANT UPDATE: SP version optimized, better performance now (thanks the help from Leopard20).


    Create your own fierce combat with all weapons, all units and various supports on any map!!! Advanced Fierce Combat System (AFCS) generates fast-paced close combat as you wish. It searches out downloaded units and weapons, and inlays various supports like recons and artillery. From infantry CQB to Air Battle, you can define the battle with many options. As leader or soldier, as gunner or sniper, you can enjoy different roles in the battle. Rename the PBO file and you can play it on another map, and the time, place and size of battleground are all up to you, :D.



    This mission renamed from "BlackHole", as some players told me "BlackHole" is confusable, so I renamed it a straight forwards title, :P
    Generally, the major feature of my mission is 4F:

    1.1 Combat is limited in small area (adjustable), enjoy the high density combat!
    1.2 With new AI script, AI teams will also call support and that make battle more crazy!

    2.1 Position and size of battleground, number of groups, time and weather, so many options let you make your own battle.
    2.2 In SP version, system will search exist weapons and vehicle automaticly, so that you can enjoy your downloaded Weapons and Vehicles in this mission!
    2.3 In SP version, you can switch to other soldiers (non-leader soldier, or gunner of AH) as you wish.

    3.1 You can enjoy all kinds of weapons and vehicle. Call several support including Artillery, AH and Satellite...
    3.2 There are 3 game modes now. Several positions in MP version and more will come.
    3.3 In SP version, there are more contents like sub-mission or cheating opinions.

    4.1 Some supply such as Detection, Teleport and SmokeWall and so on, are not that realistic.
    4.2 You will also get welfare if you lack of money or scores.
    All of these are designed for an enjoyful experience!

    Introduction Video

    The most recent Trailer for MP version


    This is introduction video for MP version , shows features, basic rules and various supports, although it is based on an old version (still called BlackHole at that time).
    Please set the resolution larger so that you can see the subtitles clear, :D


    Here is a recent video shows mod unit (Su25SM3 by firewill) with AFCS SP. It shows how DynamicLoadout and Bullet Cam let players enjoy all kinds of units and weapons.

    The video below shows how to create an air battle with lots of AH or Jets in this mission (SP version), based on old version of AFCS.



    (1)In SP version, if nothing happened after hit "Choose This Group" and cannot start. Please do not add mod "Mission Control Center (MCC)" which is conflicted with this mission, test this mission without any mods can help you figure out the problems.

    ===SinglePlayer Version===
    SteamWorkShop, Please Support It, :D


    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder.

    Please notice the ArmaHolic may be slower in update, please watch for version number.

    Rename the pbo file and you can play on another map, like AFCS.Stratis
    Recommanded Mod (Optional) for SP version


    SP version can auto-searched your downloaded addons, you can find them in Illegal Weapons or in recruiting menu. In addition, I also add some preset which make some mod as standard weapons and units, therefore faction will be used by AI team and weapons and units have reasonable cost.

    1. All in Arma Mod: With this mod, all content from Arma2 and OA will be imported, and those factions and weapons and units will be preset as standard ones in BlackHole.
    2. Majoris's PLA mod: PLA units will be standard faction if you attach this mod. Link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152117-China-PLA-Infantry-(Alpha)
    3. massi's GRU, UKSF and USSOCOM mod, and his NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons. The units and weapons have been added as standard faction and weapons, can be found here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160602-Russian-GRU-and-OMON-Spetsnaz-A3
    4. R3F weapons package: Their weapons have been added as standard weapons for West side.

    PS: Choppers and Planes can be called as SubMission, unnecessary to preset.
    PS2: You are welcome to recommend the mod you like in this thread, :D.

    ===Multiplayer Version (12v12 with AI)===
    You MUST run it in Multiplayer Game (build host or dedicated server)

    SteamWorkShop, Please Support It, :D

    Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32772
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Please notice the ArmaHolic may be slower in update, please watch for version number.

    Old Overview Picture for BlackHole:

    THANK piko, swagger and many other friends in Chinese community: They teach me lots of skill and help me to solve lots of trouble.
    THANK thumsonb: His awesome mission Flashpoint:Chernarus give me the basic idea how to create and respown infantry and vehicles, and he allow me to use those codes in his scripts.
    THANK Mr.Murray: his handbook for scripts teach me a lot things as I am a new learner.
    THANK Chicago: He taught me how to use camera.
    THANK Big Dawg KS: He release his bullet camera code.
    THANK Hypnomatic: He release his bullet tracer code.
    THANK ruebe for selectbestplace;
    THANK R3 for their cargo drop code.
    THANK others who I does not note them here.



    ===MP24 (12v12 with AI)===

    version 20180915b
    1. Decrease price of Infantry weapons.
    2. Decrease price of Infantry units.
    3. Adjust Size of Battlefield, Infantry and Vehicle have different spawn points.
    4. Adjust Default Setting
    5. Adjust AI spawn of AH.
    version 20180413
    1. Fix bug that new vehicles added to wrong faction.
    2. Decrease the time that wait for units arrival. 
    version 20180412
    1. Upgrade for Tank DLC, vehicles added.
    version 20180226
    1. Adjust dead soldiers deletion time.
    2. Adjust ViewDistance issue.
    3. Add parameters about daytime and time multiplier.
    4. Adjust HUD message.
    version 20180211
    1. Fix potential bug about base hint when JIP.
    2. Delete useless items from default pack.
    version 20180116
    1. Adjust economic system to reduce income.
    2. Refresh SteamWorkShop.
    version 20180102
    1. Stage advances if one side control the zone.
    2. Add marker for same side squads.
    3. Decrease overall boost in Stage 3 and 4, and weak side receive more boost.
    4. Adjust range of battleground.
    5. Add function to teleport back.
    6. Adjust the price of APC and Tanks.
    version 20171229
    1. Fix the potential bug about group assign when many players enter together.
    2. Add more ammoboxes at base.
    3. Empty vehicle will be destroyed directly rather than damaged gradually.
    version 20171215
    1. Adjust AI artillery location and fix marker problem during artillery setting and firing.
    2. Decrease the interval of LAS, increase price of satellite.
    3. Ammobox can reammo and price increased.
    4. Adjust Economy system from many aspects.
    5. Increase the default AI skill and decrease AI cheating.
    6. Upgrade several HUD.
    7. Reduce the wrong report of cheating units.
    8. Other small adjustment.
    version 20171212
    1. Add initial anti-cheat function.
    2. Update the Preset in WeaponBuy.
    3. Update HUD for several functions.
    4. Delete access to StaticWeapon from BuySoldiers and BuyWeapons.
    5. Adjust Economy System.
    6. Adjust rule for Destory mod.
    7. Adjust AI waypoint.
    8. Fix problem that AH did not refund money.
    9. Fix issue that East cannot show beginview from above.

    version 20171205
    1. Further Chinese Localization.
    2. Further limit the squad size to ensure performance.
    3. Add AA vehicle.
    4. Adjust Economy system.
    5. Adjust AI buying behavior.
    6. Fix small bugs about artillery.
    version 20171204
    1. Reduce the maximum members for each squad, performance secured.
    2. Fix the issue that AI squad recruit more than limitation, performance secured.
    3. Add playable to 12 v 12.
    4. Initial Chinese Localization.
    5. Reduce the resource boost in later stages.
    6. Adjust Economy system.
    7. Reduce AI cheating.
    8. Fix small bugs.
    version 20171202
    1. Delete GUER and back to Two Sides Battle, 10v10.
    2. Locations of Battle adjusted for Two Sides Battle.
    3. Battle has Four Stages.
    4. Reduce AI and Wreck deletion time for better performance.
    5. Cancelled Specility of Factions.
    6. Fix problem that AI AH does not take off.
    version 20170908
    1. Fix bug that Unlock vehicle without Cargo raise script bug
    2. Add more soldiers to buy, like UAV operators.
    3. Adjust the price for units.
    version 20170825
    1. Fix bug in script error about VehicleHit
    2. Upgrade notes or HUD for Faction Specialty, Economy and AH invitation.
    3. Add NLAW launcher for GUER weapon list.
    4. Conquest Mode increase the numbers of units that take ConPoints to 20.
    5. Solve the problem that AI AH did not fly from base.
    6. Adjust AI behaviors.
    7. Upgrade weather, loading screen and other general setting.
    version 20170824
    1. Add many coefficients for faction's speciality.
    2. Adjust AI calling AH behavior.
    3. AI will use teleport.
    4. Vehicle created in better places.
    5. Upgrade Satellite default location.
    6. Fix bug in script error about MoveIn, OnVehicleHit and missing in BuyWeapon.
    7. Adjust Location of Paros.
    version 20170823
    1. Fix bug that GUER cannot dismiss soldiers.
    2. Adjust default setting for Money mode.
    3. Fix script error that OnVehicleHit not identified.
    version 20170822
    1. Add 6 new battle locations.
    2. AI will call artillery, with new setting.
    3. Adjust default AI skill.
    4. Add Unlock option for vehicle.
    5. Fix bug that Truck cannot repair vehicle.
    6. Fix bug in economy system.
    7. Add M2A4 for NATO.
    8. Upgrade HUD for Static Weapons
    version 20170820
    1. Fix bug that buy weapon make TacPoints wrong.
    2. Upgrade Artillery System and upgrade its HUD.
    3. Adjust Large Area Scan and upgrade its HUD.
    4. GUER Static Weapon cost half points.

    version 20170801

    1. Reduce the prices of weapons

    2. Upgrade the HUD for weaponbuy and recruitments

    3. Upgrade the ARTY system and AI behavior.

    4. Upgrade AI behavior in Scanning.

    5. Satellite and Large Area Scan can also reveal units for players.

    6. AI invite player, and relevant bugs fixed.

    7. Truck can repair vehicles.

    8. Other adjustments on the cost of supply.

    version 20170520
    1.Release After 2.5 Years, with Many Updates and Bug Fixes.
    2.Adjust the Rule and Economic System.

    version 20141220 (MP version renamed to AFCS)
    1.Change from 2 sides to 3 sides.
    2.A lot of improvement and debugs
    version 20140407
    1.Make the begin screen shorter.
    2.Fix bugs that killed vehicle do not provide money.
    3.Adjust script for AH.
    version 20140405
    Formally Released

    ===SP version===

    1. Independent Factions' planes and AH could be used if factions belong to East or West.
    2. Add preset for VME PLA, 2035 Russian, adjust for Massi's UK, US Ranger, PLA and RU
    3. Add option for closing Information HUD, adjust some HUD.
    1. Optimize the code with help from Leopard20.
    2. Decrease infantry units price
    3. Decrease infantry weapons price
    4. Fix some bugs in units list
    1. Upgrade for Tank DLC, vehicles added.
    1. Add function to blacklist air untis.
    2. Optimize Airbattle Preset.
    3. Add DynamicLoadouts for Air units.

    1. Performance Optimized by fix issue that AI recruit more than limitation.
    2. Fix bugs about LeaderKill.
    3. Reduce the default time for vehicle wreck deletion to enhance performance.
    1. Upgrade buyweapon HUD, accessories info compatible with CUP.
    2. Upgrade preset system, now unlimited presets with more infomation.
    3. AH and Jet list weapons and ammo.
    4. Upgrade the rule for auto-searching AH and Jet.
    5. Adjust the weather and time system, default is daytime with good weather.
    1. Accessory will be highlight if match weapons of players, in ammobox or in buy list.
    2. BuyWeapon list includes independent faction's weapons if independent factions join.
    3. Add accessory for CUP mod, fix price bug for vehicle in RU faction.
    4. Upgrade weapons and accessory for original Arma3.
    5. Slight adjustments to HUD
    6. Fix script error in delete weapon when buy weapon.
    7. Adjustment on default setting.
    1. Adjust price of units for some custom factions.
    2. Adjust default setting for Presets.
    3. Fix potential bug.
    1. Upgrade the economic system.
    2. Upgrade 0-0-0 statistic information.
    3. Add green faction of RHS mod.
    4. Adjust original factions.
    5. Adjust GLT mod.
    6. Adjust price for all preset factions.
    7. Fix bug that Unlock vehicle without Cargo raise script bug.
    8. Upgrade Whether System.
    1. Hotfix for the problem that Preset is not available.
    1. Fix bug on unloading static weapons and unlock static weapons.
    2. Update buy weapons and units HUD and add more information.
    3. Add auto static weapons.
    4. Adjust AI behavior in combat and decrease default AI skill.
    5. Fix bug report at the begining of game.
    1. Initial Chinese localization
    2. buy weapon system show compatible accessories and more information.
    3. update all infantries' items and lower the weapons' price.
    4. update for CUP weapons, for standard weapon and sniper missions.
    5. update Font and HUD.
    1. Update artillery system.
    2. Update sniper submission
    3. Allow to adjust units arrival time
    4. Recode some scripts.
    5. Adjust color for HUD.
    1. Add units for JET DLC.
    1. Fix and update the function of bullet camera.
    2. Units spawn near the leader if leader in respawn area.
    1. Fix the bug that Radio cannot be called.
    1. Add option to decide which jets are used in BG groups.
    2. Fix the problem that airplane has no speed after spawn.
    3. Player can name their custom faction.
    4. Updates the AirBattle Preset
    1. Add support to CUP units and vehicles.
    2. Adjust factions for RHS mods.
    3. Adjust economy
    4. Adjust HUI buy menu.
    5. Different maps use same setting of saved preference.
    1. Add Independent faction.
    2. Add more weapons.
    3. Cancle weapon deletion.
    1. Update for APEX, add new map
    1. Add Preset Mode of Armored Battle.
    2. Delete RushMode, and make limitation of range effective for the other modes.
    3. Add preset faction of GLT mod, adjust preset faction of VDV mod.
    4. Adjust AI strategy
    5. Other adjustments.
    1. Fix bug that normal mode cannot search out weapons in mods
    2. Fix bug that West Plane spawn in east position
    3. Off the preset Mortar in Infantry mode.
    4. Update the script for reammo.
    1. Enable Disable factions are now saved for future playing.
    2. Update for RHS and Massi's mods
    3. Fix bug in soldier teleport.
    1. soldiers will spawn at the position of player if player is in base.
    2. Satellite can reveal enemy for player group.
    3. Airdropbox reduce from 6P to 3P.
    4. Airdropbox can quick gear teammates.
    1. Update for Majoris's PLA mod, HLC AK and AR15 packages.
    2. Update the script for kill camera.
    3. Update the HUD in 0-0-0 and Weapon Buy
    1. Update weapons in Arma3, especially support DLC.
    2. Re-allocate weapons to correct factions.
    3. Add more sniper rifle.
    4. Add preset for Infantry Battle.
    1. Add support for RHS weapons, update Massi's weapons.
    2. Fix the problems that AH will crash when they spawn.
    1. Add preset for Air Battle.
    2. Add quick fix for cheat mod (0-0-7) AH and planes
    3. Add kill camera for AH and planes
    4. Other dialogs adjustment.
    1. Fix bug that player cannot respawn.

    1. Update for Massi's RU, US and UK units mod.
    2. Add new faction for RHS's RU mod.
    3. Add "Unlock cargo position" for vehicle.
    4. Add music and other adjustment or bugfix.
    1. Formally renamed as AFCS.
    2. Adjust UI for better interaction with players.
    1. Set the altitude of planes higher to avoid crash of some planes
    2. Add preset soldiers and weapons for Majoris's PLA mod and massi's GRU, UKSF and USSOCOM mod.
    3. Add preset weapons from R3F weapons package
    4. Optimize some windows or dialogs
    5. Add Hints and Note.
    6. Add information for weapons
    1. Add Zeus content
    2. Rise Chopper Altitude to avoid crash
    3. Enable Debug screen.
    1. Fix bug about Arrow in Dialog
    2. Adjust some preset weapons
    1. Add bullet camera for all units.
    2. Add bullet tracer script provided by community editor.
    3. Adjust the information of weapons.
    1. Support AllinArma Mod and Other Mod
    2. Add Kill Mode and Money Mode
    3. Adjust the economy system.
    1. Fix the bug that no setting menu.
    2. Fix the bug when AI call AH at beginning
    3. Fix the bug UAV in AH list.
    4. Add UAV and Static Bags to buy.
    5. Add Urban OPF.
    1. Fix the bug that cannot buy Binocle
    2. Ammobox now created when game begin.
    1. Add New Weapons and Vehicles.
    2. Add BackGround AA Vehicle, BG Mortar and BG chopper.
    1. Buy weapons script updated
    2. Fix the redscreen or blur after death.
    3. Fix other bugs.
    In ArmA2, this mission is called AdvancingPower
    1.Fix Bug that Kill Hint didn't appear while on foot.
    2.Fix Bug that script report bug when using Detection in Original AA2.
    3.Add Readme File to guide DIY this mission.
    4.Other Adjustment.
    1.Fix Bug: BGGroup won't take effect.
    2.Increase the time that bodies remain.
    3.Adjust units to make two side balance.
    4.Other little fixes.
    5.Enlarge the range of money and score for tank battle.
    6.Adjust AI's waypoint.
    7.AI can take empty vehicle and repair tank.
    8.Detection support now reveal units
    9.Add more sniperrifles to Submission sniper.
    10.Player can now set delay that delete the dead and wrecked
    a,HotFix: Fix a serious bug of money of US and USMC.
    a,Adjust the economic and fix a little bug.
    a,Fix the bug that AI didn't call AH.
    b,Fix the bug in SmokeScreen.
    c,Add characteristic for each factions!
    d,Add more information for weapons
    e,Add bonus for keeping alive and rush position
    f,Add repair and heal function for AirdropBox
    g,Add new HUD.
    h,Add new map of Aliabad.
    i,Adjust AI Behavior
    j,Adjust Skill of group leader.
    k,Adjust price of units.
    a,AI call Artillery
    b,Supply Truck, Helicopter and Jet based on each faction
    c,Write guide for mission edit.
    d,AI will buy more "useful" soldiers such as AT
    a,Fix bug that KillCamera can not work.
    b,Fix bug that SupplyTruck can not add magazine
    c,Add Option to decide teamlimit for each group
    d,Adjust default setting to run game faster.
    a,Fix potential bugs in leader respawn.
    a,Big Change: AI groups also count money and scores, player is just a single group (most files rewrited).
    b,Add: AI system guild AI recruit and call support.
    c,Add: Different "Factions" has different characteristic and special benefit.
    d,Add: teamswitch, player can act as soldier rather than leader.
    e,Add: new display which show various message, statistic also changed.
    f,Change: many windows such as recruit and statistics.
    g,Change: some support such as teleport and supply truck.
    h,Change: player save weapons when respawn, 200 money will add every minutes.
    i,Remove: the supply of Decoy.
    a,Player can call whatever submission rather than random one.
    b,Add TeamSwitch.
    c,Fix bugs on death soldiers.
    d,Other Adjustment on Options.
    a,Adjust and Fix bugs in money system (Kill Soldier gain no money)
    b,Adjust the color of dialog.
    c,Add weapons and vehicle for PLA mod and ACE2 mod.
    d,Add options on AI skill.
    e,Fix bugs in statistic system.
    f,Other adjustments.
    a,Fix bug that make error because downloaded PLA mod.
    b,Change the color of the dialog background.
    c,Add FunctionsManager for original AA2.
    d,Fix bug in Diary.
    a,Add weapons for SubMissionSniper.
    b,Death Group Be Calculated as Base Position.
    c,Add Quick Group Replacement for some Module such as PLA mod.
    a,Fix bug in GroupTrack and Decoy
    b,Gain money from hit (destroy is unecessary) Vehicle.
    c,Add Missile Camera for SubMission AH and Jet.
    d,Change the position of random artillery to base.
    e,Add Anti-Air Vehicle.
    f,Add paratroops.
    a,Fix several bugs.
    b,Add jet as submission.
    c,Adjust the create and buy.
    d,Other adjustment.
    a,Fix bug that ReconSkill can't recruit soldiers.
    b,Fix bug that AirdropBox can't build statics.
    c,Fix bug that can't respawn after kill teammate.
    d,Add more NOTEs.
    a,Change Calculation of Battlefield.
    b,Add new option, several On/Off.
    c,Player born at respawn area, and this avoid Parachute BUG.
    d,Make Smoke Artillery more easy to use.
    e,Some bug fixed and some other optimal.
    a,Fix potential bugs of Satellite Cam.
    b,Add FLIR for OA (autodetect)
    c,Add BulletCam for SniperSubMission.
    a,Fix the automatic searching code. Bad items deleted, More vehicles can be search out.
    b,Fix the code error of West BoxDrop.
    c,Fix the bug in reset the numbers of groups.
    d,Fix potential bugs of press ESC.
    a,Change Name from <Breakthrough> to <Advancing Power>, and release out of China after 6 months.
    b,Add box in base.
    c,Seperate the ninja functions.
    d,Fix bugs in RU Decoy.
    e,Flag and Box won't be destroy now.
    f,change the standard soldier recruit menu.
    a,Fix the bugs in mod replacement.
    b,New data updata for every maps.
    a,Fix the potential bugs in submission.
    a,Add Mi17 and UH1Y into AH support.
    a,Add Submission system.
    b,Add submission of AH with automatic searching.
    c,Add submission of Sniper.
    a,Add the function to replace the soldiers and vehicles in battle.
    b,Kill enemy in APC get 50% money, in tank get 25% money.
    a,Add buy vehicle with full crewman.
    b,Change the Calculation of Battlefield Size.
    c,Change the Code of AH.
    d,Optim the Decoy Menu.
    e,Fix the appear of waitlist.
    f,change the code of creating troops.
    a,Add Score Cost to Illegal Soldiers.
    b,Fix the automatic searching of Soldiers and Vehicle.
    c,Fix the position of AH.
    a,Fix a potential bug of AH.
    b,Fix the window-time of Artillery.
    c,Adjust the Economy System.
    a,Better Decoy Control.
    a,Better smoke wall.
    b,Better Opitions and Status Showing.
    c,Skill can be changed after respown.
    a,All types of players use Squard Leaders.
    b,NPC soldiers change from 1 to 3, use Team Leader.
    c,NPC soldiers will save their weapons when respawn.
    a,Add some weapons from OA into standard weapons.
    b,Add Grenade and Mine into standard weapons.
    a,Fix the bug in setting area of battlefield.
    b,Fix the code error in searching the weapons automaticly.
    c,Add coordination for Satellite.
    d,delete X8 and G36 from standard weapon.
    a,Change the support menu.
    b,Change the recruit menu, now system can autodetect soldiers and tank.
    c,Add markers for boxs.
    d,Fix some bugs.
    a,Change Player respawn position (at base and teleport to battlefield).
    b,Add kill-camera.
    c,Fix the bug in calculate the waypoints and the movement of battlefield.
    a,Recreate the weapon-buy menu. now system can autodetect weapons.
    b,Change setting of battlefield.
    c,Change the code of respown.
    a,Add Satellite.
    b,Add SmokeArtillery.
    c,Artillery Area can change angle.
    a,Enlarge the default size of battleground.
    b,Number of your soldiers is increased by your Kill number (Ss=Kn^0.5).
    c,You will lose weapons when respawn, and Diemoney is cancled.
    d,Type of soldier changed, You have only 1 guardman this time.
    e,Decrease the cost of artillery, interval time of ATRY sets to 3mins.
    f,Increase the number of jets as cool background.
    a,fix the lost function manager.
    b,change the code of helicopter.
    c,fix the error when kill enemy in vehicle.
    a,change soldier type, complete the function they have.
    b,you can on/off decoy and sniper group.
    c,player can change the proportion of Player position in movement of battlefield.
    a,Update artillery system.
    b,Supply truck has own position of statics.
    a,add supply truck, can buy,fix,load
    b,change boxdrop.
    c,now you can buy weapons you like.
    v2.3(forget date)
    a,put sniper team into a special group
    b,fix potential bug.
    c,change waypoints
    d,add setpoints 3
    v2.2(forget date)
    a,fix boxdrop-tree,smoke.
    b,fix group.
    c,fix waypoints.
    d,add 2 kind of detection.
    e,add decoy team
    v2.1(forget date)
    a,Add Quick repair, refuel, rearm.
    b,Adjust the rule of creating team.
    c,Initial place is decided by player, rather than setting at the base.
    v2.0(forget date)
    a,Rewrite the main structure of mission for future development.
    b,Adjust the rule of creating team.
    c,Player can adjust interval time between team respawn.
    d,Change the way in which player can control the battleground more easily.
    e,Add some new dialog.
    f,Make markers appear again.
    v1.9(forget date)
    a,Add some new dialog.
    b,Empty vehicle get damage bit by bit (like BF2), so that player can use enemy vehicle.
    v1.8(forget date)
    a,Change the position of respawn.
    b,Change the timelimit of AH.
    c,Combine =AntiAir= and =Pilot=.
    d,Close the Marker on map.
    e,Enemy also drop ammobox.
    v1.7(forget date)
    a,Fix some bug.
    b,Add NOTE for RU.
    c,Add ammobox droping.
    d,Other little changes.
    a,Fix the bug that east-side AH support create west grp.
    b,Correct the earn-money system.
    c,A-10 and Su-39 join the battlefield.
    d,Artillery-Kill now increase money.(adjust the benefit of grenadier)
    e,Little refresh the NOTE and hints, and other adjustment.
    Now player can act as russia soldiers. This is a big change, so I fix several bugs in v1.4 and v1.5. I should continue to search possible bugs, but to fix sniper error, I release v1.5 now.
    a,Fix a script bug of recruiting soldiers when player act as sniper or medic.
    b,Change the way to buy ammobox. Set different cost for each static defence called by 0-0-3.
    Add a screen "black in" when player is killed, which give a "delay" for respown. Player can change the basic setting during the game(including fast time on/off, number of group, battlefield size, position of base).

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  3. Hey DZ, I'll check it out some time with my friend, we need some easy setup LAN missions, your last version was good but had some spawn/crate issues for us, anyway good to see you still working on this, maybe you need some help with marketing, I still love the concept and believe it could do well with a bit more exposure :)

    Thanks bro:

    It is not the first time I heard the mission name is confusable or not attractive to players. And I agree that I should "marketing" it somehow.

    Currently I'm thinking a new name, and also collecting ingame screenshot or so to photoshop a good overview picture. Thanks for your suggestion on Graphic Concept, I think it is unnecessary now but I will tell you if I intend to have one, :D, thanks.

    My current idea on the name is like "CrazyCloseCombatSystem", straight forwards I think. How do you think about this or have some suggestions??

    Again, I always appreciated your help and thanks for your support, :D. Will keep developing this mission.


    ---------- Post added at 07:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:59 PM ----------

    Ugh, at a first look there was too many options for me, maybe make a preset system?

    Haha, you can keep press OK or Accept if you don't want to adjust them.

    ---------- Post added at 07:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:01 PM ----------

    Hi Dragon, we had a chance to play it, the smoke on the crate is not working for us sorry :)

    It would be nice to have a different option or maybe not have the smoke directly on the crate because we need to look directly into it when gearing up.

    WOW, it has spawn and smoke problems??? Well I will try to test it, recently I am busy so cannot fix both version in short time.

  4. Hi friends:

    I'm studying the cfgRecoil but I still feel confused with it after searching information.

    I know 3 elements as one anim, and I saw the first is time (seconds??), second is back offset (meter), and third is rotation speed upwards (radiant). Example:

    assaultRifleBase[] =






    What I'm confused is that, how does it work? 5 Questions here:

    First: second line "0.06,0.01,0.01", it is 0.06 second * 0.01 upwards = 0.0006, OR, upwards 0.01 within 0.06 seconds?? In addition, it is relative to last animation, or relative to init position?? (In another word, line 3, based on line 2 or based on line 1??)

    Second: we know all rifle climb up when firing, but why there is -0.02 in third line? drop down??

    Third: how burst or continuous firing influence the data?? For example, only calculate line 2 line 3 and not line 4 because of time limitation??

    Fourth: most rifles not only climb up, but also move rightward when firing, is there a variable for this? or just multiple an index from upwards?

    Fifth: For some MG, the recoil = "empty" and recoilprone = "". And in CfgRecoil there is "1/10 machingun" or sth like that, how does it work??

    Well, because the recoil is so important in any FPS game, I hope we can make it very clear. So put forward lots of questions. By the way, I don't know how to edit these cfg variables so I cannot make experiment by myself, I only want to know how to calculate, in fact, I want to present the information of weapons in dialogs when edit my mission.

    Thanks friends


  5. Hi friends:

    I want to use Zeus in my mission, but I found if I create a GAME MASTER with script,

    GMZeus=_group createUnit ["ModuleCurator_F", position player, [],0,"NONE"];

    then the basic function of this Game Master is OK, but the create menu at right side have nothing, therefore I cannot create any units, although the addons with this GM is full.:confused:

    In contrast, if the GM is set on map in editor, it is available to create all units.

    Anybody know what is the problems??


    Dragon Zen


    I find in MP mission, when the B_Soldier_TL_F respawn, it will shows:

    No entry "bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.Default REDManAllSignal"

    If it is replaced by other type of soldier such as B_Soldier_F, no bug report. I didn't test all other soldiers of course.

    Clear Arma3 without development or other Mods.

    Dragon Zen


    ---------- Post added 04-07-2014 at 01:27 AM ---------- Previous post was 04-06-2014 at 11:56 PM ----------

    My friend point out it is here, the respawnLinkedItems, you can find that REDManAllSignal.

    respawnLinkedItems[] = {"V_HarnessOGL_brn","H_HelmetLeaderO_ocamo","ItemGPS","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch","ItemRadio","NVGoggles_OPFOR"};

    respawnMagazines[] = {"30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green_mag_Tracer","30Rnd_65x39_caseless_green_mag_Tracer","16Rnd_9x21_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_Mag","16Rnd_9x21_Mag","MiniGrenade","MiniGrenade","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell","DefaultREDManAllSignal","1Rnd_Smoke_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_Smoke_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_SmokeRed_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell","1Rnd_SmokeYellow_Grenade_shell"};

    respawnWeapons[] = {"arifle_Katiba_GL_ARCO_pointer_F","hgun_Rook40_F","Throw","Put"};

  7. You could maybe experiment to find out, by setting up a recoil where the third value in each triplet (muzzle climb) are +/- opposites of each-other, and see whether the muzzle oscillates between your original point of aim and some angle away from it (would indicate that the displacement is additive), or oscillates between two equal angles away from your point of aim (would indicate that all displacements are relative to the initial aiming vector). I'd make sure the kickback parameter (2nd in the array) was zero for all triplets - just to make things easier to spot.

    Thanks friends.

    I don't edit config, just want to understand the current data and present the different parameter with script, :D

  8. Hi friends:

    I want to figure out how to get the round per minutes, initial speed of bullet of certain rifle, but cannot find them in cfgWeapon.

    It seems that Init Speed could be found at cfgMagazine, but... doesn't the rifle per se influence the speed of bullet??

    Thanks for your help.


    ---------- Post added 11-15-2013 at 12:02 AM ---------- Previous post was 11-14-2013 at 11:46 PM ----------

    In addition, I can find the cfgRecoils but I don't know the meanings

    class CfgRecoils


    someRifle_Recoil[] =









    Third set of 3 is based on Second set of 3, or is absolute position related to 0,0,0??

    Since we have the data, I wonder whether we can conduct a calculation and present the recoil with simple parameter, so that players could compare the recoil very easy and straight forword.

  9. Even so, I still cannot understand the meanings of numbers.

    Third set of 3 is based on Second set of 3, or is absolute position related to 0,0,0??

    Since we have the data, I wonder whether we can conduct a calculation and present the recoil with simple parameter, so that players could compare the recoil very easy and straight forword.

    class CfgRecoils
     someRifle_Recoil[] = 

  10. You only update in steamworkshop.

    Could you plasae also update the new version in the link?

    Thank you.

    ---------- Post added at 06:17 ---------- Previous post was at 05:20 ----------

    HI You did a good job. I love it~

    But you only update new version in SteamWorkShop, your link (at the down page) is still old version(0918). Could you please renew it? Thanks~

    Thanks for your support ef770409. I renew at SteamWorkShop because somebody report bug there and I don't know whether it is same with the one at armaholic. There is no essential change so I didn't upload new version to ArmaHolic.

    I'm really busy for these days, if I have important update later, I will post it to Armaholic too, :D

  11. You need to give it some velocity to make it impact with the ground to get an explosion out of it.
    shell = "Sh_120mm_HE" createvehicle [_px1, _py1, 200] ;shell setVectorDirandUp [[0,0,-1],[0.1,0.1,1]]; shell setVelocity [0,0,-100]

    Does the job and gives it some orientation so the tail doesnt looked wierd. Not really sure on the DirandUp but that gets it reasonable looking.

    This way is effective, thx for your help, :D

    And also thx other responders, :D