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  1. Thanks Xeno, I have know how to create a flying plane/chopper.

    My question is above:


    When I create a A10(ro Su39) at MarkerA, I add waypoint to Marker B.

    There is a battlefield between A and B, full of tanks and so on.

    Now, I want the pilot to fly directly to B, just like there is nothing on the ground, but fire missile to those enemies.

    Those airplanes seem to change their way and join the battle. Ah.....I'm sorry, not very sure after I try it again. OK, just "theoretic say", plz tell me how make that effect, directly fly and attack. Should I use some "setcombatmode" or "setWaypointType"??:confused:


    How to use "setVelocity". When I write setVelocity after creating a plane, that plane just get that velocity within 1 second, and then lose speed, crash down... :(Who can tell me how to change V to a certain values smoothly?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. But i wanna act as Russian , feels kinda shitty fighting my own although its a game, waiting for Russian version patiently.

    hehe, these days I have worked on the RU part. Give me some time to have a test and fix bugs.;)


    Edit: now new version has been released, bro. You can act as russian soldiers.

  3. To Katipo66:

    Thanks you.

    About the "delay for respawn". Yes, there is no respawn delay. In single mission, there is no respawn at all. If player is killed, the game is over. So I must create a new unit and select him as player without delay. I think, maybe I can use forced camera to create a delay, but I still don't know how to control camera yet...:p

    "fast time", yes. skiptime 0.001h every 0.1 sec. If you don't like to play in night, 0-0-9 should skip 4 hours. Eh...I haven't set a opition to close the fast time in this version...:D I'll add it, thanks.

    "enemy's coming from bases" is a cool idea! In my mission, my purpose is to provide a most furious battlefield, so I want to save the resource of travel. As a trade off, I just ensure the direction: res-pos is always being set between bases and player, no matter where you are. Hehe, maybe you can enlarge the respawn distance to make it seem that troops come from a far position.:D

  4. ===============

    This is old page, new page please go to



    After half year, the 3.5.2 version with big improvement release!! Last version is 2.63(2010.12.19), and now it jump to 3.52(2011.7.5).

    Many new functions add: major of them such as automatic searching for weapons and vehicle, mod replacement, sniper and AH submissions. You can find more little functions yourself!


    Latest version download:http://www.filefront.com/17668639/Breakthrough263.Chernarus.pbo

    No matter which map you play, this mission require AA2, no additional requirment, so it is also suitable for <<AA2:FREE>> !!!

    If you want to play this mission in other map, it is very easy: Just create a soldier as player in editor and save the mission, and then put all unpacked files except mission.sqm to that folder. Pack it, everything done!!

    A known issue is that you must open your parachute at high altitude, if you touch ground and die while the parachute is opening, the game is end rather than respown. Please avoid this.


    Hello everybody:

    This is my first mission. It seems that I have use nearly 300 hours on this mission, for learning, editing, testing.

    In this misson, you are the center of the frontline (just like thumsonb's flashpoint). Your emeny appear in front of you and friends come from behind. Your task is to push the frontline forward. When you reach the target position, you win the game.

    In this game, You can recruit soldiers ,buy vehicles, call artillery and use several tactical supports. You can enjoy the AH or sniper submission.

    Before and during the game, you can set bases of both sides anywhere on the map, you can set numbers of groups for each sides, you can choose different types of skill.

    I don't set a failure condition, you will respown at base after you die. And you'll get basic wellfare if you have little money. I provide the opportunity to fly AttackHelicopter (you can change your seat as you wish), create some unreal support such as Ninja teleport. All of these are just for promoting your game experience.

    Some players say Arma is a little boring because its realistic simulation. My purpose is to provide a furious battlefield. There are still many things to adjust and large room for improvement in this mission. I appreciate if you can tell me your suggestions.

    Enjoy the fantastic frontline and I wait for your feedback!;)



    THANK piko, swagger and other friends in bbs.samren.cn. They teach me lots of skill and help me to solve lots of trouble.

    THANK thumsonb. His awesome mission Flashpoint:Chernarus give me the basic idea how to create and respown infantry and vehicles, and he allow me to use those codes in his scripts.

    THANK Mr.Murray, his handbook for scripts teach me a lot things as I am a new learner.

    THANK ruebe, for his research on selectbestplace code.

    THANK Chicago: He taught me how to use camera.




    a,Fix the potential bugs in submission.


    a,Add Mi17 and UH1Y into AH support.


    a,Add Submission system.

    b,Add submission of AH with automatic searching.

    c,Add submission of Sniper.


    a,Add the function to replace the soldiers and vehicles in battle.

    b,Kill enemy in APC get 50% money, in tank get 25% money.


    a,Add buy vehicle with full crewman.

    b,Change the Calculation of Battlefield Size.

    c,Change the Code of AH.

    d,Optim the Decoy Menu.

    e,Fix the appear of waitlist.

    f,change the code of creating troops.


    a,Add Score Cost to Illegal Soldiers.

    b,Fix the automatic searching of Soldiers and Vehicle.

    c,Fix the position of AH.


    a,Fix a potential bug of AH.

    b,Fix the window-time of Artillery.

    c,Adjust the Economy System.


    a,Better Decoy Control.


    a,Better smoke wall.

    b,Better Opitions and Status Showing.

    c,Skill can be changed after respown.


    a,All types of players use Squard Leaders.

    b,NPC soldiers change from 1 to 3, use Team Leader.

    c,NPC soldiers will save their weapons when respawn.


    a,Add some weapons from OA into standard weapons.

    b,Add Grenade and Mine into standard weapons.


    a,Fix the bug in setting area of battlefield.

    b,Fix the code error in searching the weapons automaticly.

    c,Add coordination for Satellite.

    d,delete X8 and G36 from standard weapon.


    a,Change the support menu.

    b,Change the recruit menu, now system can autodetect soldiers and tank.

    c,Add markers for boxs.

    d,Fix some bugs.


    a,Change Player respawn position (at base and teleport to battlefield).

    b,Add kill-camera.

    c,Fix the bug in calculate the waypoints and the movement of battlefield.


    a,Recreate the weapon-buy menu. now system can autodetect weapons.

    b,Change setting of battlefield.

    c,Change the code of respown.


    a,Add Satellite.

    b,Add SmokeArtillery.

    c,Artillery Area can change angle.


    a,Enlarge the default size of battleground.

    b,Number of your soldiers is increased by your Kill number (Ss=Kn^0.5).

    c,You will lose weapons when respawn, and Diemoney is cancled.

    d,Type of soldier changed, You have only 1 guardman this time.

    e,Decrease the cost of artillery, interval time of ATRY sets to 3mins.

    f,Increase the number of jets as cool background.


    a,fix the lost function manager.

    b,change the code of helicopter.

    c,fix the error when kill enemy in vehicle.


    Fix bug in Fasttime(0-0-9)

    Fix bug that AH cost nothing.

    Change the position of spawning AH, now it have enough distance to battleground.


    a,change soldier type, complete the function they have.

    b,you can on/off decoy and sniper group.

    c,player can change the proportion of Player position in movement of battlefield.


    a,Update artillery system.

    b,Supply truck has own position of statics.


    a,add supply truck, can buy,fix,load

    b,change boxdrop.

    c,now you can buy weapons you like.

    v2.3(forget date)

    a,put sniper team into a special group

    b,fix potential bug.

    c,change waypoints

    d,add setpoints 3

    v2.2(forget date)

    a,fix boxdrop-tree,smoke.

    b,fix group.

    c,fix waypoints.

    d,add 2 kind of detection.

    e,add decoy team

    v2.1(forget date)

    a,Add Quick repair, refuel, rearm.

    b,Adjust the rule of creating team.

    c,Initial place is decided by player, rather than setting at the base.

    v2.0(forget date)

    a,Rewrite the main structure of mission for future development.

    b,Adjust the rule of creating team.

    c,Player can adjust interval time between team respawn.

    d,Change the way in which player can control the battleground more easily.

    e,Add some new dialog.

    f,Make markers appear again.

    v1.9(forget date)

    a,Add some new dialog.

    b,Empty vehicle get damage bit by bit (like BF2), so that player can use enemy vehicle.

    v1.8(forget date)

    a,Change the position of respawn.

    b,Change the timelimit of AH.

    c,Combine =AntiAir= and =Pilot=.

    d,Close the Marker on map.

    e,Enemy also drop ammobox.

    v1.7(forget date)

    a,Fix some bug.

    b,Add NOTE for RU.

    c,Add ammobox droping.

    d,Other little changes.


    a,Fix the bug that east-side AH support create west grp.

    b,Correct the earn-money system.

    c,A-10 and Su-39 join the battlefield.

    d,Artillery-Kill now increase money.(adjust the benefit of grenadier)

    e,Little refresh the NOTE and hints, and other adjustment.


    Now player can act as russia soldiers. This is a big change, so I fix several bugs in v1.4 and v1.5. I should continue to search possible bugs, but to fix sniper error, I release v1.5 now.


    a,Fix a script bug of recruiting soldiers when player act as sniper or medic.

    b,Change the way to buy ammobox. Set different cost for each static defence called by 0-0-3.


    Add a screen "black in" when player is killed, which give a "delay" for respown. Player can change the basic setting during the game(including fast time on/off, number of group, battlefield size, position of base).


    PS: Coming from China, sorry for my english.

  5. OK! Excellent!! I have try this scripts, Real cool!!

    And I will join you to my thanks list when I release my mission with your scripts.

    However, there are still a question:

    When I use EventHandler kill. The killer is still "null-Object". Can't return the killer. How can I know it is my ARTY who kill the enemies? Did you mean that "incoming shells" can solve this problem in some way? Return of killer is what I want, that's the most important reason why I want a real artillery.

  6. Ah... Sorry, maybe I don't understand what is your mean exactly...

    I saw several ATRY scripts in amraholic but don't know which one is yours. It seems that your script is the one in which AI gunner aim to a direction following player? Or the "Advanced Artillery Request System"??

    And I don't know which function you refer to ,"for detecting incoming shells".

  7. Sorry everybody:

    In the page http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Artillery_Module

    They said "BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission" doesn't work in a singleplayer mission. Is that true? I failed to use BIS_ARTY_F_ExecuteTemplateMission in my single mission...

    So, I have some questions:


    How do I create an easier artillery fire without SOM, without control of player?

    I know I can use {"SH_125_HE" createVehicle ...}, but this can't return a killer in Eventhandler "killed".


    If I use SOM, use [["artillery_barrage"], player, [[RIPPER, [1,7,9]]], [true]] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;.

    How can set a 20 rounds "Immediate suppression"-- It just fire 10 rounds.

    So.. maybe I should extract the .pbo of SOM? But I can't find it yet...

    PS: sorry for my english...