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  1. THANK YOU PELHAM. I have some question: Camera.sqs can let player control the camera directly? Thus, how can I forbid some functions (sattelite can't head up and head down)?? And the scripts in 5# seems can't control by player. What's more, I real want to learn how to define the input (such as KeyDown), this is a useful function. :D
  2. dragon zen


    Mark, I have the same question. It seems there are much great ARTY script with complex function. As new learner, I just want to know how to use it simply in my mission. BTW, it seems that ARTY module can't feedback the ID of artillery. For example, if I attach EH-kill to target, it just report killer is obj-Null. Is it possible to teach AI fire directly from far distance?? I saw that in "Battlefield3.utes", there is a function to calculate angle of shot for player automaticly, that's very cool!!! (But I don't know whether AI can use it.) Wait for some brothers to teach us a more easy ARTY scripts.
  3. Haha, I am glad to see Chinese here. VME... I forget whether I have a ID there, because most time I go to SAMREN. OK, it seems that I have much to learn to handle the camera.
  4. Not coming back for several days. I private Diemoney in "Init.sqs", and I think I didn't define this value at other place. ---------- Post added at 07:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:53 PM ---------- freezing up?? reboot computer??:eek: Sorry I don't know what you mean exactly. If there are too much groups, just set it at the begining or change it by 0-0-9.
  5. Hi friends: I just remember I saw a module can detect ACE automatically. I want to ask whether I can use a code in my mission to detect ACE is on or off. If it is possible, it will be easy for me to design the mission. THX
  6. Delete the "diemoney"? I have set diemoney from 1000 to 500, it just worth 2-3 soldiers to kill. I want to save this rule as little challenge:D ---------- Post added at 01:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:54 PM ---------- O, hehe. In fact, the two base is just to decide the direction of battleground. There is no real construction such as Warfare.:p My mission want to present a seesaw battle, not a siege. The reason why there is no "Surprise me" is that I think most area of C-island may not suitable for the battle: too much forest and rugged area. So I let players to set their battleground by themselves.
  7. Alright, a simple question. I just don't know how to create a "FunctionsManager". I try this, but hintformat said fm1 is ObjNull. fm1 = "FunctionsManager" createVehicle (position player); What's the right code?? Thanks for your help. :o
  8. dragon zen

    ASR Grenadier Fix

    Since you made this grenadier fix, I have a question: When AI will use M203?? In my mission, I never see my soldiers use M203 or GP25, they always shoot at enemies. Is this because I add some AI module such as Zues?? What is the default setting of AI?? THX.
  9. dragon zen

    VFAI - AI Extension - ARMA II

    1, Does this auto rearming mod also require "getWeaponCargo" and such OA scripts?? 2, Is this mod used for AI groups only? Or soldiers in player's group also have this function, rearm auto without any order??
  10. dragon zen

    Some things about AH (weapons, AI..)

    THANKS. I'll try the AI. I think, the polit use rockets and the gunner use missile AT THE SAME TIME, which will be more effective, just like BF2?
  11. Of course I'm not the first one to talk about these: 1. I don't know how real AH work, but Rockets being controlled by gunner is real ineffective. 2. I haven't tried OA yet, and I just try some mod which add flares to AA2 (firstly I say THX to those friends). Flare is attached as another weapon, which make it impossible to use it in time. ( It is same for smoke of tank). 3. How to command AI pilot to fly low and slow? I think AH should always keep itself safe, rather than crash into the center of battleground. I really don't know how to control the AI when I edit my mission.
  12. Haha, don't worry. I create this mission for crazy, not for win... at this period.:p In fact, I want to create a farious battlefield, but I still can't get a balance between hotness and difficulty...Nh, maybe I should say I haven't thought about difficulty: When I test the mission, I shoot at enemies, and be killed immediately...:D I am still preparing new version, I think reduce the density of groups so that we won't face too many AI at the same time, which will make us live longer. As I said, use 0-0-9 to adjust the battleground fitting your appetite and suitable for your computer. Somebody like to be a hero or SpecOP, others may enjoy the massive close quarters and being killed without reason. ;)
  13. My mission is created for no-mod players and I just use very simple codes, so I don't think the mission itself will crash with any mods. If you get lots of lag... I wonder whether it is because this mission have too much groups at the same time...:confused: Because my computer is not that strong, so I just set default groups at 5 Infantry+3 LightVehicle+3 HeavyVehicle+4 Inf+3 LV+2 HV = 20 groups? Maybe too much...:D (vehicle team only have 2-4 AI, but every infantry groups have 8-10 soldiers.) I heard some AI such as GL4 real eat the resource of PC, and my FPS gets down a lot if I use some visual effect mod. If you decide to use lots of mods, think about adjusting the size of the battle. I try not to "waitUntil" and give "sleep" between some lines of codes so that it can save the resource. And if you use 2.63, lag shouldn't come from scripts bug.
  14. Sorry my friend, please have a look whether your version is v2.63. I think I have fixed the Fasttime problem.:p ---------- Post added at 11:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 AM ---------- O, that's a good idea, THX. In my mission, I designed in this way: The movement of battleground was calculated about 1 minute every time. And the movement was decided by position of all troops on the ground, dead (emtpy) groups will be calculated as a little far away. May you will notice the global chat report "movement X:xxm. Y:xxm" Nh... I also found that most of time, the movement is not larger than 150m... So I think maybe I should enlarge the length of battlefield and adjust the dead group position. Of course, if player want the battleground move, an easy way is to enlarge the proportion of his own group in whole groups. ;) OK, because the crazy battle is not so stable, I still don't know what is the best setting yet. Even though player can adjust most of the setting, I think I should adjust the default for them.
  15. dragon zen

    ASR AI Rearming

    Friends, When I use your mod, I find it report bug that AA2 doesn't know what is "getWeaponCargo". I wonder whether Arma2 have the code "getWeaponCargo". It seems that this is a code in OA and biki give the same explanation. I don't know whether other players with AA2 only have the same problem.
  16. Sorry I meet some trouble. I only setup AA2 for this period. And CBA 0.71 report a XEH bug: File extended_eventhandlers\initothers.sqf. line 242. _ha=_unit |#|getVariable [_xeh, []]; ---------- Post added at 07:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:17 PM ---------- In my mission, if I close all mod, it run OK. But only if I use CBA, it gets trouble. ---------- Post added at 07:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:18 PM ---------- Alright, it seems trouble has been solved. I find your changelog and download a relative file. It seems that this file is OK, no bug reports yet. But it radio channel chat that "CBA require XEH [3.0.5] or higher, your version is [3.0.3].
  17. A... In my mission, I have completed this or at least similar function. I use Selectplayer+SelectLeader code and use "addAction" to add option to the helicopter. I didn't find any problem such as crash. Maybe I didn't understand what you are discuss about?
  18. WOW, awesome! It is said that it is a good tool to edit mission. Nh, I think I shall learn about it. Thanks for your introduction! Hehe, so, maybe it is similar in some aspects. However, I don't know the detail of WICT. You can try and see whether there is much difference or more similarity.
  19. dragon zen

    [TDM24] Crash @ACE2

    Ha, even though I think Arma can't compare with COD in CQB or TDM, but I wish more furious mission. Good job!!
  20. O, I have never tried WICT-based mission. What's that?? WICT?? Do you mean "World in Conflict"?? If it is, I just saw it once and pass it-- Too complex to me, hehe. OK. If it has better function, I think I can learn some in the future.:D
  21. Hehe, THX. I just fix two little bug (almost no bad influence to the whole game) and updata a new file again.
  22. After 5 months , NEW VERSION RELEASED!! It seems this forum can't change the Title of Thread? It is still "Breakthrough v1.0" now.:confused:
  23. Sorry guy, maybe I'm failed again. I try this in init.sqf: It doesn't report any bug but no FunctionsManager spown, for "call Function"... can't be used. I really don't know what's wrong.